Tuesday 12 June 2007

Typographical Errors in Previous Post

The Bournemouth Nationalist has pointed out to me, and I think he may be right, that a fair old comedy of errors seems to have taken place involving tired, mutually suspicious bloggers last night.

He has pointed out- and e mails to myself from bloggers who certainly DO NOT support his views have suggested how this might have happened- that his hyperlink was intended to be just that- but that he made an error.

He also observed- and he may have a point- that the post I made at the time was possibly equally erroneous.

Indeed, in the light of fresh information, I can spot many typographical errors which need correcting.
So here goes.

'Intimidate', both in the title and in the line below, should read 'comment'.

The words 'Shut down this blog by attempting to gain the password to it, via' should be excised from the sentence.

'dirty and nasty' should read 'competitively'.

'nasty these misfits' should read 'dedicated these nice people'.

'suspicious' should read 'linking'.

'sinister' should read 'politically opposed'.

Sorry for the unusually high level of typographical errors contained therein. It seems that our friend from the south coast is not actually a hostile internet foe, but merely came here with the sincere intention of discussing his opinions. Which is what is the bloggosphere is all about.

Having read the article now that he says he was trying to link, and which I will include for you here, I have one comment to make on it.

I dislike that lot too, Mr Bournemouth. Not as much as I dislike the BNP, but I dislike them.
As with Wayne, I don't regard holders of opposing political views as being personal enemies, so your views are welcome here.

As I said at Central News, where readers can see more of the slow process of enlightenment (and mutual distrust), I really hope there is some return to normalcy here after the polls finish tomorrow. Whilst I quite like having healthy discussions with bloggers of opposing views, the current situation is clearly having an effect on the way we view other bloggers which is not good for any of us.

None of this alters my opinions regarding UK News and Politics and their place in these polls.

Now go vote in the Blogpower Awards.


Anonymous said...

Well Crushed I'm pleased we got that sorted out and it does appear it was a typo that caused all the fuss although I think your spellings corrections might have gone a bit too far the other way, but I suppose I shouldn't complain.

To clear up any confusion, your post "They Must be Lobotomising People" struck a chord with me and I said at the time, couldn't agree with you more. Then a few days later I saw Richard Littlejohns piece and enjoyed that very much too, even with it's sarcastic references to my party. But I thought you'd like it as it kind of runs in tandem to what you said hence the post with the link (albeit faulty)

I'm also aware that you have a intense dislike of Labour and that pleases me no end and whilst you may find the BNP's stance not to your liking, that is your choice in a democracy and I do not mean you
any harm.

The same can't be said for pinko liberals and perhaps sockpuppet as well though

Good Luck in the voting

Anonymous said...

But have you contemplated that most Neo Nazi's are actually NOT Aryan and make complete idiots of themselves aupporting a regime that would turn on itself and exterminate it's own proponents?
So,unless you are blue eyed and white blonde,you should take up knitting!

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: Most of us couldn't give a crap about the aryan race and fyi Iranians are the real aryans.

We are not into the racial superiority crap that people think we are.

Anonymous said...

This is the Labour party you are talking about Freya.

Mass uncontrolled immigration, high taxation, sexual deviancy and individulism are all the ingredients one needs to stop a race of people from propagating at population replacement levels.

Notwithstanding all the hard fought for freedoms we are losing in this. country to this marxist dictatorship.

The neo nazis are here already, they just call themselves Nu Labour, just ask your loved one.

If it wasn't for the availability worldwide of demographic data, we the Caucasian race would be none the wiser. We don't seek supremacy we just seek equilibrium and survival

Anonymous said...

YDKM is correct concering the term Aryan. It does indeed refer to the indigenous inhabitants of Iran- who migrated from the steppe circa 2000 BC.
A sub-branch invaded northern India at a similar time. Sanskrit, Persian and Greek diverged about 5,000 years ago.

All this is largely irrelevant, however, if we look forward rather than back.
In 500 years, there will be no racial distinctions. They are unsustainable in a world which has reached the technological development and speed of transport we now have.

Much as we may all like the idea of defending our differences, to do so fights the tide of the laws of reality.
We need to look at global solutions, not solutions for one section.

Anonymous said...

In 500 years, there will be no racial distinctions

Can I borrow your crystal ball please crushed.

In all seriousness you cannot possibly forecast this as there are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration such as.

1. Oil - Global travel has been made available on advances in technology and the abundance of oil. Oil is a finite resource and will run out one day and unless alternative means are invented that will allow us to continue our globe trotting, when the oil runs out globalisation ends. Another point about oil, not only does it fuel virtually everything that moves, oil is needed in the process to build the very things that transport us. Our reliance on a finite product is very dangerous and fool hardy
Much of my political stance is built upon our over reliance on black gold and only the BNP have the awareness to talk about the "peak oil crisis" amongst other things of course

2. Multiculturalism - Is a failed experiment, even Trevor Phillips has admitted this and the evidence is everywhere all you have to do is look for it. To try and force this experiment on the planets population will result in the kind of genocides never seen before on Earth. You mentioned in one of your earlier post about tribalism in man and how to use it for good. Lovely idealistic sentiments but tribalism will only work for the good of a nation so long as that nation is largely homogeneous. A further indication that the differing tribes and ideologies that have been forced onto an unwilling people can be seen in the way the politicians talk about and pander to the various different ethnic communities that have grow in this country, such asian community, polish community etc etc. This separatism within Britain has occurred on a purely voluntary basis and highlights the tribal nature of man.

3. Demographics - If current population trends continue, in 70 years time Europe will be under 50% Caucasian but Africa will still be 99% African and Asia will still be 99% Asian. This is a one way movement of people and will not create a global society of mixed race people that the Utopians dream of. The cause of the is the fault of the liberal luvvies who cannot see further than their noses and fail to consider the consequences of their actions when they rush over to third world countries to save the lives of millions of children to make themselves feel better. The consequence of this is that families who used to have 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, children in the hope that 2 or 3 survive to adulthood and have not been educated in contraception, continue to have large families, only with the medical aid many if not all the children survive creating a population explosion in the last thirty years in these countries who come under ever increasing pressure to feed and care for them. They obviously cannot cope and so encourage their younger citizens to seek a new life in westernised nations. This fact is not lost of the global capitalists who have a far greater control on our governments and have colluded with them to create open border policies to allow these new consumers to come in and keep the profits of big business increasing. Certainly these global capitalists cannot be regarded as racist as they will use anyone and everyone to earn that extra penny without a thought of consideration to the consequences of mass population movement, the clash of ideologies and the stress of over population. I'm afraid their greed will be the downfall of us all.

Those are my thoughts on the matter and thanks Crushed for letting me express myself or your blog.

Take care

Anonymous said...


This is an excellent book showing our genetic descent via mitochondrial dna and shows how closely related the whole of humanity is...very readable..my mum even got dna tested to see which clan we came from!

Anonymous said...


The Seven Daughters of Eve (2001, ISBN 0-393-02018-5) is a book by Bryan Sykes

Anonymous said...

Thanks BN for your considered response.
I'll deal with your points one by one first.
1.Your oil point is pertinent to a certain degree, as relates future transport. But you seem to be envisioning some sort of complete social and technological crisis. I find these gloomy warnings to be fairly ridiculous, bearing in mind we that we know how to split the atom. Colf Fusion remains a very real possibility, as do other technoogies.
I really can't see a future where we can put men on Mars, but not get them to Australia.
Or do you really see us having readhed our pinnacle as a species?

2. Multiculturalism is a failed experiment, you say.
Exactly because we have made no efforts to forge a common culture out of the melting pot. Look at all the ethnic groups who founded the 'British'. Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Welsh, Gaels, Picts, Normans. The differences between nations are themselves becoming largely irrelevant, divisive and unhelpful to acheiving global solutions to what are now global problems. Like it or not, Africa IS the West's problem, because their problems affect us, in terms of illegal immigration (which your party is strongly against) and the simple threat to our security of life in our ivory towers.
The Muslim extremism in the third world is not just about cultures. In a global sense, it is the anger of oppressed poorer cultures at beingdictated to by a wealthy elite, that is largely composed of people of one skin colour.

3. Your point concerning demographics again looks at sectional groups. I think I have probably covered this point above, but if you feel I haven't, let me know.

It's fair to add that in my view, the complete blending of the human race is something to be striven for. When I said that in five hundred years we'd all be one, brown race, I admit, I do mean, only if things work out well for us. For that will mean that my descendants live in the bright future I wish for them.

If racial distinctions still exist, it can only be because we have reverted to pre-industrial age society, matching your gloomier predictions.

I sincerely hope not.

Lilith- Thanks. It is actually one o those books I mean to buy. May I also recommend The Ancestor's Tale By Richard Dawkins. Cracking Read.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I do love a guy who knows how to apologise.

Is it me or am I getting hot in here?