Saturday 29 September 2007

Primary Reality- How Universes Work

We are told by physicists that we cannot conceive of primary reality- the fundamental state of existence itself, the fabric of reality within which univeres are set.

Yet I would like to attempt here to do exactly that.
To make basic statements about what reality is, what it is we experience.
And why.

I think I know WHAT is happening.
What universes are.

And it all comes down to Zero.
And (of course) thermodynamics.

What exactly are the laws of thermodynamics?
Because, as we have established, they operate even in a singularity.
They transcend this universe.
From the instant of the big bang, they came into operation gradually wearing this universe down to its end.

But why?

I think I get it.
There was a moment last weekend, where I found myself leaning forward in my chair and saying 'X, I think I've got it.'

OK, Boltzmann's Law.
Entropy is favoured by probability.

But Quantum Mechanics tell us ALL probable universes, exist in some sense.
But we only experience this one.

Because the logical inference of this, is that IN SOME SENSE, the universe which contradicts Boltzmann's Law happens.
The universe where nothing ever runs down.
Where decay doesn't happen.

According to Quantum Mechanics, an everlasting universe, where change never occurs, is POSSIBLE.

So is the universe we experience, simply JUST the one we experience?

I have already said, I don't think so.
I think the universe we experience is the one which stands directly opposed to this.
The universe we experience, is the one where entropy is reached fastest.
The one which empirical evidence suggests we live in.

And if that is so, then there is only one conclusion.

The universe decides, Planck Tick by Planck Tick, the route to pursue. It makes a decision on what to do next, on which reality to follow, to reach heat death soonest.

It gambles on the probabilities, knowing as 'time' (its own empirical experience) progresses, its choices will drive it to the quickest route to its own end.

The universe calculates something into nothing by the shortest possible number of decisions.

The number of decisions made by the universe per second, is truly mind boggling.

Imagine a photon (a Planck Unit). Imagine the distance travelled by a photon in a second (186,000 miles). Imagine how many photons need to be touched end to end to form a continuous string 186,000 miles long.
That is how many times the universe makes a decision every second.

THAT is reality.

So what is primary reality?

Primary reality is Zero.
Zero is the only true quantity.

All the rest are simply products of our universe.

True zero- the primary reality, has no time, no space, no dimensions.

Nothing that happens at zero can affect anything else at zero.
Everything at zero, is an isolated occurence, with it's own time, space, quantities, etc.

In fact, we can't even say that. We only know about one occurence- ours. We can confidently say that there MUST be other occurences, even an infinite amount of such occurences (infinite in the TRUE sense of the word), because zero has no spatial or time properties. It is infinite nothingness, with no scales or schemes of interrelationships.

At zero, anything can happen, therefore everything does happen.
And we cannot conceptualise any of that.

So what exactly is this primary reality?

I would say, rudimentary consciousness.
Bare logic.

If something appears at Zero, it will be calculated out of existence, to restore Zero.
To restore the equilibrium of nothingness.

So our universe is simply a quantity.
A quantity that appeared at zero.
And is being calculated out of existence.

Universes are a glitch- they are a problem that consciousness encounters as it calculates nothingness.

And then solves.

We live in one big calculation- how to turn Everything into Nothing.


Anonymous said...

You do a lot of this equilirium entropy, Crushed? I think this explains your Top 500 ranking - congrats.

Anonymous said...

Your post made me think of this, from the Tao Te Ching . . .

Something mysteriously formed,
Born before heaven and earth.
In the silence and the void,
Standing alone and unchanging,
Ever present and in motion.
Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things.
I do not know its name.
Call it Tao.
For lack of a better word, I call it great.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand this post at all. Instead I will whistle a tune so I do not feel as lonely as I really am.

weee wweee wee wee w eee wee wwww wwwwweeeeeeeee we w ee w wwwee w e w ww weeee!

Anonymous said...

The universe doesn't have to be decimated into an equation, then we miss the point. It doesn't matter where we came from as much as it does where we are going. It's all direction.

Is reality really based on numbers or the feeling of unity in the realm of time and space? We have to feel a part of it to make us feel alive in the universe and not dead weight.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the mathematickalities... but the picutres were nice...

here's something you might like if you're of a cosmic frame of mind tonight. It is really good:

Yesterday on the radio I heard music "made from the dark matter of the universe"... it was a bit "dark" but perfectly pleasant considering no-one had really "composed" it...

Anonymous said...

James- God knows how I got that ranking- I saw it at Daily Referendum earlier, and it- at the very least surprised me.

I do run the odd 'political' post, as I'm sure you know (Hey, we disagree on MOST of them), but they are tied to an overall life philosophy.

I agree with Haeckel that politics is applied biology, but go further by believing that biology is by its nature, applied physics.

Hell, it HAS to be.

Oceanshaman- When I say that your response to me post has not only made me think, it has given me a warm fuzzy feeling, please take me at my word.

Mutley- :( I apologise. I hate to think of you being left out of my posts.
But this has been itching to be blogged about since it manifested itself in my brain.

Alexys- Your response interests me. Seriously.
So much so, I'm not going to respond.
Because I know you really do get it- you just find the implications unsettling.

So do I.
But we need to come to terms with this.

Because ultimately, it helps us appreciate what it is that makes us tick.
What makes you and I, thousands of miles apart, connect like this.

Gledwood- Music of the spheres- a vision dating back to Aristotle.

And yet, true.

The universe communicates and we are part of that.

The voice of the universe?

It's you as much as anything else.

Anonymous said...

You words are the words of a bumbler.

Anonymous said...

Are you the guy that ubermouth was talking about?

That your blog is your whole sad life?

Yeah my blog is going down but I will be back here all the time!!!

You are my new best friend, you old sad peice of shit,

Anonymous said...

So were you stalking her or something?

I didn't get the whole story but I thought I heard you threatened to kill her,

Anonymous said...

sorry I meant 300.


See you soon

Anonymous said...

And that you weigh like 30 pounds???

Anonymous said...

I am with Mutley on this one. Interesting, but I don't really get it. I will just carry on blogging until everything aligns.

Sorry to see you getting abused/spammed. It is just so immature and wearisome for everone involved.

Anonymous said...

You might live in one big calculation- how to turn Everything into Nothing.

Yet me universe be one in which Me tries to find the entropy of verbiage delivered with the appropriate amount of self depeciation and wry enunciation that allows me to make an incredibly beautiful smile appear on me wife's face. - To me, Everything

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that this Angela's idiocy is a hoot! Just don't take it seriously, well, how could you?

All the lonely people where do they all come from...


Anonymous said...

Ian, Angela- I see no Billy Goats round here...
Isn't that what trolls prefer?

For your information I weigh under eleven stone.

Colin- To be honest, most of these theoretical posts are more for my benefit than anyone elses.
It's just somewhere for me to write these crazy ideas down.

Yes the trolls are a pain, but hey, if it amuses them...

Ubermouth- :)Thanks.
That comment meant a lot to me.

Ubermouth 1
Trolls 0

If we can be nice to eachoher, there's no excuse for anyone else.

Scary Monster- Well, of course, communication is the most beautiful thing we do really.

A meeting of minds is the greatest union in the universe.

As for Angela, well, frankly I try hard to fit blogging in, I make the effort to do so, because ultimately I find it rewarding.
I can't see how trolling can be worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

There are things happening here, a sub-text, which neither Mutley nor I understand.

Anonymous said...

Lord Higham-Murray,
You're struggling with the sub-text.....I'm still trying to navigate the main text.
Mr Crushed, are you aware that the quantity of matter in the universe is now greater than the quantity of anti-matter, even though the Big Bang presumably produced equal quantities of both?Think about it.
'musta been quite a head injury you suffered, hun.
I am a more respectable ranker than Crushed. So there...

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm with Mutley on this one. Very lost here but I did struggle through bravely to the end.
It does seem that the universe is designed to run out of steam eventually, but maybe it's more like approaching infinity in reverse rather than zero.
Going away confused.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Stan and James and Mutts and everyone who ranked at all. Quite an achievement.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Crushed - as I've said before, Dr S Hawking must be worried about you! I'm afraid I'm with Mutley and CC - too scientific for me!

Anonymous said...

James- It simply comes out of attempting to comprehend the laws of thermodynamics in operation at Quantum level.

Botzmann's Law is based on this premise.

If you open a bottle of perfume, there are huge number of possible moleculat combination that the perfume can go in.
Staying in the bottle is only one of them. We never experience this option, because it is so improable.
But if all possible universes in some sense happens, then a universe must exist, where this ALWAYS happens.

Where heat death NEVER happens.


Stan- No. Matter must have had the slight edge.
Which is why we experience it.
Otherwise, it would be an anyi-matter universe.

Positive and negative must be directional though, I think.

Only photons have no anti-particle, which further suggests to me that all other partcles are somehow photons in disguise.

If you really are that fussed, I have actually got a calculation which i think kind of proves it.

jmb- Well, the Everything number, I would say.
The scales just swing.

Times the total amount of energy strands at the begining by the total amount of options that can happen to them (as in to the power of itself), and by my reckoning, that is the amount of planck ticks it will take to reach heat death.

Uber- A lot of good bloggers around. That seems undeniable.

Welshcakes- I really did fry the Baker's head with this one last week. He does usually follow me on this theme.
But not this time.