Monday 10 December 2007

Everything and Nothing

Feeling a bit annoyed tonight.

Sorry I've not been a visiting, I did mean to, but tonight I have a REAL excuse.

Power cut.

The reality is, PC goes dead in the midst of leaving a comment for jmb, dark flat, nowhere to go except the pub opposite, where candlelight illuminates the beertaps.
Much vociferous moaning by yours truly, leaning against the bar about how our beloved masters could not organise a farting contest in a baked bean factory.

Funny, this power cut business. We got them a lot when I was a kid. But there was a damn good reason. THE MINER'S STRIKE.

Once that was sorted, they passed into history. They stopped being a regular occurrence in our lives.
As we would expect. After all, the LEAST we, the taxpayers and bill payers of the fifth richest country in the world should expect, is that our homes receive a constant electric supply.
Hell, not being funny, I prostitute my franchise to whoever ensures I don't HAVE to put up with third world hardships.


OK, put bluntly, there is absolutely no long term thinking and planning in the UK any more. The idea that I would be without power for 2.5 hours, was unthinkable once. It's just unacceptable in a civilised country.

Aussies. Look forward to ten years of Rudd. It WILL SUCK. Whilst corporations run us, vote for the tossers who run the infrastructure best, under capitalist rules. Capitalist rules are nasty, but whilst their rules are the rules of the game, vote for those who know how to run Capitalist societies. You just voted out a basically decent guy with outdated attitudes for the kind of charlatan who spent ten years f**king the UK over.

Work today. An ordeal. Doubly so. Yes, still feeling ill, majorly so. For a while now, been looking forward to the Christmas break. Not because I like Christmas. I HATE the season, a nasty festival of consumerism, in which the big fat pseud who gives playstations to the rich kids, but somehow forgets the orphans is glamourised. I just want the time off. For ages now, I've felt like a marathon runner whose legs have given way, just crawling to the finishing line.

It's been the same old story. Next weekend will be that magic weekend where you have no social commitments, where you actually get a lie in, to ACTUALLY catch up with sleep (I get six hours a night weekdays). It never comes. That phone call always pre-empts it. Someone, somewhere, always has a plan, and you ain't sleeping this weekend. I REALLY was looking forward to this nice little long weekend I had planned for myself...
No It didn't happen.
Sick as I was, I ended up being dragged up to Manchester by the Baker.

And the Monday- Tuesday?
Why have I chosen to go and work on days I myself have booked off? Am I completely nuts?
I guess in a sense, I am. I love pushing myself to the limit. The break will be more worthwhile knowing I've driven myself to my utter limits.
Will they give me proper recognition for it? Of course not. But it gives me satisfaction, going in and doing the job when most others would have cried off, especially when they had the time off anyway.

As an aside, a lot of RL friends have been concerned of late regarding my physical health. The Baker is worried- worried about my morning cough. He thinks it's nasty. He is worried about the fact that I've coughed up blood of late. He may have a point.

Lastly. Ubermouth. I'm sorry. Sorry in any conceivable way you can think of. But please, enough IS enough.
Life is too short for hatred. Hatred is SUCH a waste of life energy.

This is supposed to be the season of goodwill to humankind.

How about you just forget about all that trivial emotional stuff?
How about we just be friends in 2008?
Of the type who never contact eachother, obviously...


Anonymous said...

A lot to drain you is happening all at once.
A break would do you, good, sir, and I promise it will feel refreshing even if you haven't worked too many days in a row beforehand.

Anonymous said...

I would be very worried about the coughing up blood my friend and go and see a doctor pretty damn quick..

Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the miner's strike forcing lights out. The people still have a modicum of power.

Anonymous said...

You should take Mutley seriously.

Anonymous said...

Pub by candlelight - that's romantic.

Anonymous said...

Feel better now?
If I ranted every time we had a blackout it would be more than a few times a year. The big windstorms bring down the huge trees on the lines and so no electricity for up to 24 hours.
You should get a check-up right now although the blood is probably because you have burst a blood vessel from coughing so hard.

Thanks for my link but it doesn't work. The real jmb not that fake person.

Anonymous said...

Princess P- I am SO looking forward to time off.
Much sleeping planned. But also much blogging :)

Mutley- Yes, but I don't really trust them. I've already had one misdiagnosis off them. (I think that might be in your comment archives)

Helen- They do, if they only realise it.
We can fight them, if we stand up together.

Sean- I should. I think maybe it's down to smoking...

James- Not this pub. But yes, there were some nice girls there (not the most ladylike, but they passed the time).

jmb- I think you're right, the coughing gave me some nasty migraines too.
You are officially my GP- I don't have one in RL :)

Anonymous said...


Can't agree with you on this point

Anonymous said...

Well, life wasn't a party with the Tories in power, you know and they created a "new" gap between rich and poor which I feel will never heal.
But I don't want to argue about politics. I want to say I hope you've seen a doctor by now and that you have a calmer 2008.