Wednesday 11 June 2008

Passive Revolution- How We CAN Overthrow The System

Well, I guess is this is what my critics want to know.

What is it I really want to see?

Because I clearly WANT a revolution.

I eat, drink, sleep and breathe it.

Of course I do!
And I want it to happen before it's too late.

Timing is everything.

In my view, THIS World Order is coming to an end.
As I say, INGSOC, Mushroom clouds, or Revolution.
That's it.

And the people need to be ready when the time comes, to act.
And that moment needs to be just BEFORE the system finally collapses, I think.

That way, we can avert the crisis.

And the great thing about THIS revolution, is it CAN happen, without bloodshed.

All systems have governed by divide and rule.
So has this one.

In the past, all revolutions have been bloody. Violent regimes have been overthrown by violent actions.
And the blood of these revolutions have meant that the New Order begun it's life, it's hands stained with the blood of the old.

This time, it doesn't need to be like that.

The era of mass communication has shown the way people can change things.

They've only had limited success up till now, because divide and rule has always worked.
But humanity has learned two things that have the power to stop the system in its tracks.

Passive resistance.
And strikes.

And we've never REALLY explored their potential.

I think- I believe- I HOPE, that we can do it by forcing a passive, global, revolution.

And it's very simple. We all withhold our labour.
We all withhold our contribution.

We all sit at home and say 'We ain't doing it. Offer us a better deal. All of us. We're not putting our energy into the treadmill to have you lot press and prod our nerves and play mindgames with us. Give us a deal. This is OUR planet, it all belongs to all of us, ALL our ancestors were involved in setting up this infrastructure you use to swap power tokens around with. Not any more. Tell us what we all need to do, to work the thing so we all lead better lives than you're now offering us. You want the system working again? Fine, give us a deal.'

All the people. EVERY EMPLOYEE, whether private or public, whether white collar or blue, not just in the western world, but ACROSS THE GLOBE.

And don't worry about not getting fed.
Trust me, within a week, the New Deal will be on the table.
And the first deal they offer, we must say no.
Because it won't be much better.

We withhold our labour till they give in.

Till they agree to direct democracy, abolition of private control over the means of production and distribution, unilateral global disarmament, a Federal World Government, community powers to legislate and an equal labour quota for all.

And I propose we do this openly. This doesn't have to be a cloak and dagger revolution.
We just set a date, here and now. Spread the word.

Because life is going to get worse.

So, why don't we just say, here and now;

May 1st 2025.

And we spread the word. Spread it across the world, we've got seventeen years to spread this message and give the system time to respond.
Let them know that the deal the people are offering them is this.

Sort this out, give us back our world, stop manipulating us, because we see through you.

Sort this world out, because if we don't like what we see by May 1st 2025, we're just going to stop obeying ANY of you.
What we're going to do is REFUSE to acknowledge your money. We're just going to sit there and wait for better arrangements to be made.

May 1st 2025.

The Global Strike starts.

Spread the word.

The people have seventeen years to decide.
Then let them make their verdict.

Spread the word.

On May 1st 2025, let the people choose.


Anonymous said...

A little - er- radical. That indeed. Workable? Well it's pretty difficult to get people to cooperate in huge numbers on anything much it seems for a prolonged period, except a war.
The other thing in all of this there needs to be more than we don't like this system and we won't cooperate without offering good solid workable alternatives. That definitely has to be part of such a plan.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll be washing my hair that day.

Just joking! (not meaning to mock this)
Have you thought about other ways to get this message out other than the internet?
I think what you are saying holds a lot of merit. Capitalism is just getting out of control and the divide between rich and poor is just so obvious - there does have to be a turning point.

Anonymous said...

Sit your ass at home then CBI :)

You withold your labor, they'll withold the paycheck and then give your job to someone else.

Considering this 'system' seems to be working pretty good for a lot of people, good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds plausible. The problem is that you would have to take so many steps before actually embarking on the strategy. As you can tell from your commenters, people aren't generally ready to accept that some actions can change the balance of power between classes and nations. And you would be relying on virtual consensual solidarity.

It's like a chess game. That's your dfinitive move. A revolution would have to set itself up to do that.

Anonymous said...

Its a bit late - I shall be 61 in 17 years!! Can I start early? I am brining down the banking system by refusing topay debts on unsecured laons... now how about a "Credit CardDebt - cant pay wont pay" day of action...

Anonymous said...

jmb- It HASN'T been, but the internet can change that. It's possible to spread a message, slowly.

Basically, I'm assuming that things WILL get markedly worse in terms of quality of life, and over seventeen years, this message CAN be promted. And I think over seventeen years, here on the internet, THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES can discuss alternatives. I'm trying to offer my own views here on what I think WOULD work better, but they're not infallible, by any means.

But we can do it openly, and without resort to violence. Passive revolution is possible.

Kate- Not really got that far yet. But, yes, I am serious. To be honest, I'm not unrealistic enough to think this post is going to change the world- there a one in a million shot that as a result of this, we wake up on May 1st, 2025 to find a Global Strike taking place.

But I really think it's worth putting the idea out there.

Lord N- Well, if everybody thought like that, then it would never happen.
It would need voluntary agreement in advance- and the knowledge beforehand enough people were committed.
Kind of, like a pledge.

X-dell- Yes, but what I propse is an open, passive, revolution.

It could be orgainsed, you'd have a petition. Over seventen years, people would add their names, committing themselves.

Once you hit a certain point- say a hundred million, it then becomes viable to declare that it WILL take place. Once that becomes so, then the growth of the petition would be rapid.

Mutley- Well, I'd be quite old myself, chances are I might not be alive in 2025.

Just remember, the debt situation is already ropy. Not sure they'd dare call half of it in, even now.

The only thing that keeps the economy growing, is debt.

Anonymous said...

Things will get worse in the 17 years, but as lord Nazh has shown in his comment there are always two opposing points of view.

I have just fought a long campaign about keeping jobs. Along the way people changed their mind about what they wanted when the money carrot was dangled, some were quite aggressive. So there does need to be a goal and a plan to achieve the goal.

Anonymous said...

I'll be 66 that year, but I won't take any photos that day, ok?

Seriously, I think your idea is sound too, but getting the message out there and the masses to do it, that will be the real challage. But you know Crushed, I think you might just be the guy to do it.
Be the nail, mate.

Anonymous said...

I'll be 35. I will do it, if I hear by word of mouth about this from somewhere else. Because then I'll know that your message has spread.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Crushed, I guess I was with you through direct democracy, I really was, right up to: "abolition of private control over the means of production and distribution".

Because individual empowerment and property rights are part of the solution, not part of the problem and a Federal World Government might just end up being the dictatorship that just keeps on giving, that there is no getting away from, because there would be no outside example of how things could be better.

No rock 'n roll, or Levi jeans in your brave new world order... just Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

Who knows, by then things maybe have already changed radically. A revolution before the planned passive revolutiton.

The idea is good, but to be able to do this i believe something has to awaken the masses and unit them. Knowledge is power and I think there is a will to change, but sorry to say, most ppl are to passive & comfortable to actually become involved in a revolution.

But then again, where there is a will, here is always a way.