Thursday 30 October 2008

Me, You Lot and Free Love- where We All Stand

I think this really is a good time for a clarifying post.
This blog has had problems in the past which I'm determined it will NOT go though again.

First things first.

Yes, the ultimate aim of this blog is to promote a revolution.
Very definitely so.
I'm quite open about that. Did anyone NOT notice that a global revolution, in both political and cultural terms was the stated aim of this blog?

How it is to be attempted is here.
What I hope it will achieve is here.
The ideals behind it are here.

The blog is quite definitely written with the clear aim of selling you- and I'll use the word again- selling you my ideas. Too damn right it is. It's that important.
You wouldn't really expect me to hold back on selling my message as effectively as I can now, would you?

Ultimately, I hope all this will bear fruit and enough people will see the logic of what I'm saying for real political action to be possible.
Not violent action. I mean mass protests and mass civil disobedience.

I believe we CAN bring this system down by simply refusing to obey. And the prime objective of this blog is tell you why you should stop obeying and show them the same V sign that I do.

This is a bit more than a hobby to me. It's my raison d'etre.

Since I started this blog, I have never felt so sure of anything; that I have found my calling in life. Promoting this message, the message that ultimately this blog promotes, is what I want to do with my life. To the exclusion of anything else.

This blog holds the place to me that the Church holds to a priest, or a wife does to a husband.

This is my life cause, by this I will be judged.
And I have absolutely no intention of failing.

For sure. But nothing was ever achieved WITHOUT faith in the seemingly unachievable. But it does require total dedication.

Now I suppose it helps for me to be blunt about certain things. This blogging business is a vast use of time. However, it's a far wider reaching platform than me sounding off every night at The Star and Garter or the Westcroft. Hence, it's worth the dedication.
I clearly do not do this just for fun. The aim is to ram home messages to people. And I take great care in choosing my words, my images, the lot.

Yes I am deliberately and consciously SELLING you my ideas and my perspective on the world in the sincere hope some of you will buy it and come on board.

And I'm doing it openly.

This is no cult I propose, with myself as dark, Satanic master.

It's a popular movement dedicated to changing the world for the better. A movement open in its aims and open in how it goes about it.

As many of you will see, I visit a variety of blogs. Blogs of all shades of opinion, but blogs of ordinary people too. Because it is the people that this change must take place. when people stop leaving politics to the politicians and understand that POLITICS MEANS PEOPLE. That means, we all need to take responsibility. Time to break down these barriers.

I actually read all your posts. I comment on the ones where I have something to say.

Now I guess it's best I'm up front about my relations with all of you. There are some blogs I visit just because you're bloody nice people. Some I visit because they're well written and thoughtful. And some I visit just to see what the brainwashed dupes of the system are bleating today. To get an idea of exactly which totems need a good kicking in a post.

Several of you mail me regularly. I have many in IM too. Several of you I chat to almost every day.
And I think it's good we get certain things clear.

First, though I prefer being called Crushed online since that is my online identity, I'm not going to continue deleting comments where people accidental call me Joe. Indeed, if anyone noticed I let one stand where Crashie called me 'Oey', because that's what she calls me and I figured it didn't give the game way. Comments containing my full name will still be deleted obviously, but I don't think it's much of a secret now that my name happens to be Joe.

Now I don't think anyone is bothered by my relations with male readers, but some people really get their knickers in a twist over my relations with female readers.

Firstly, if people write about sex on their blogs, guess what, I'll write about sex in their comments sections. My guess is that when people write posts about sex, they expect comments to be about sex. Furthermore, I will visit blogs which write about sex, since I believe our attitudes to sex as a society is one area where a massive paradigm shift needs to occur. So I am really not apologising for the numerous count of sexually explicit comments I've written.

None of them were on the lines of the 55 year old who left a comment on the blog of a 23 year old girl to say 'If you want help getting pregnant, either I or Crushed can oblige'.

Now THAT, that is sleazy.

Now it isn't in fact sleazy for me to make the odd innuendo, where appropriate, firstly because of my age, thirty, secondly because I only offer innuendoes where it is clear the post is written in that vein, and thirdly because I make no secret of the fact I don't believe in sexual chastity or monogamy.

You will notice my Blog Policy has been updated to include the new policy on Free Love offers.

Basically, I've put that in to clarify matters. No, I don't blog to get laid. Because in terms of energy put in, it's really not a very effective way to get laid. I can just cross the road to the pub.

But, by the same token, I'm quite easy about these things. As I say, I don't believe in sexual chastity. I actually think monogamy is an unethical concept in many ways.

Now I think all women who ever chatted to me online (bar Ms Fruitloops) will confirm, sex rarely rears it's head in conversation. It just doesn't. It appears far more in my posts than in one on one discussions. If it does, it's by and large philosophical. However, I'm not going to deny that some of the IM conversations I've had can get a bit fruity. Never sordid though. It seems the women I IM are of the better sort. In fact, the majority I wouldn't dream of talking dirty with. But if people want to talk dirty, I'm happy too.

Basically, I take you all as you find me. And in that sense, it really is true, if you mailed me and said 'I'm in Birmingham this weekend. Fancy meeting up for sex', the chances are, I'd consider it. After all, I have no reason in principle not to.

It's certainly a good way of interacting and emoting with readers- so yes, I wouldn't reject the idea out of hand. For that reason alone, if nothing else.

Now the problem is always going to arise- as it did before- of readers who may want more.

How do I cover this honestly and fairly?

Many people out there want to settle down and find a life partner. I actually don't, particularly. As I've said before, in reality I've structured my life to make it one where I don't actually need one. That doesn't mean I wouldn't consider the idea, just that it really isn't my main priority. I'm not LOOKING for someone.

It's been observed by several bloggers that often blogging is a singles game. People often tail off if they find a partner. Well, you have to remember in my case, that ain't true. A life partner isn't in itself a selling point. I can do perfectly well without one. The fact remains, partner or not, I'm still going to post nightly, still going to visit the same amount of blogs, still going to interact with everyone else online as if said partner does not exist.
And I'm still going to have pretty much the same social life.

But it's more than that.

The last year has certainly taught me, you really have to put your money where your mouth is.

I believe the total opposite to what most people believe. To me, sexual chastity is a vice. And sexual promiscuity a virtue.

And I want to state that publicly.

This blogger is committed to fighting the whole hypocritical, dual standard, outmoded approach to human sexuality.

And I've realised, that when you're running a blog dedicated to fighting monogamy and sexual chastity (amongst other things), you really can't live a private life which actually consists of you practising what you publicly state to be a vice.

Because the fact remains, I'm urging you all to avoid sexual chastity.

One of the concepts I want to spread is a new wave of feminism where women REFUSE to be sexually chaste, where women turn round and say 'If you want me, accept my lovers too'. It's the best way, in my opinion, to break sexual chastity and the dual standard for good.

I will not put myself in a position where my dedication to overthrowing monogamy and sexual chastity can be questioned.

So the best way I can do this is by stating the following;

I will not accept from any woman any offer of sexual chastity. Furthermore, I will not accept any woman who does NOT have other lovers.
Regardless of any nagging sentiments of jealousy I may have, they can be overcome and I will do so because such sentiments are the result of social conditioning, and do not rest in the human heart.

Furthermore, I will not offer any promise of sexual chastity myself.

It is my intention that if I do settle down, it is with a woman- or women- who have other lovers and preferably give birth to a nice brood of coffee coloured children, all of differing parentage.

Because that is the world I want to see and am committed to.

So I'm openly stating now for the record.

One of the chief causes of this blog is to overthrow sexual chastity.

To create a world where nobody feels the need to pledge sexual fidelity to one person, where sex and love are separate, but where sex and love can be still be united, but still do not have to mean exclusivity, where men take pride in the number of lovers the woman they love has, rather than feel resentment.

So yes, one way I'm thinking of standing by my principles, I've already told you. I'm minded to set up a house where myself and three other guys- two of us white, two of us black, all live communally with four women, two white, two black, and all create one big mixed race communal family.

The other is to actually commit to and marry a highly promiscuous white girl who publicly sleeps with as many black guys as she possibly can , and trust me, I'd publicise it. I'd even set up a private blog where you could all watch it.

And I'd love to see the expressions on the faces of the doctor's and the midwives at the hospital when Child 1 pops out...

You see, none of this would shame me. You know why? Because it accords on so many levels with my principles. To me, it's a positive way of showing how much I despise the vestiges of women as property and black people as second class human beings that still pervade our society. So much so that I'd be proud to show how much I despised the traditional dignity most men treasure.

Whereas, I am thoroughly ashamed that ANYONE ever could have thought I would even pay lip service to the idea of a faithful sexual commitment to a woman who'd return it. And put the desires of one solitary woman above my principles.

And I am so glad I am free of such nasty concepts.

Love does not own.

Spread the Love.

Promiscuity is a Virtue.

Footnote: This time last year I had to deal with the shame of a woman running round the internet telling everyone we were an item. I have never felt so ashamed in my life. With this post, I feel I have regained my pride.


Anonymous said...

Bummer, I was hoping for a dark satanic cult. Oh well, I'll settle for sex and revolution, rage on, Crushed. Oh by the way, did you know "no anonymous comments" just means no comments by anyone who isn't aligned with the dark overlords of Google (ie us wordpress users)?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can vouch that in our few emails swapped you've been nothing but friendly, polite, caring and nice. Just plain nice.

Obviously I'm missing out on a whole lot of more interesting convo's!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kate, that comes later after you're warmed up.

I don't consider chastity a virtue or a vice. It simply is as much as sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Kate, that comes later after you're warmed up.

I don't consider chastity a virtue or a vice. It simply is as much as sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Now Crushed, I sense your heart is in the right place with your promoting free love. I accept you have an ideal, and good intentions. But I guess you forget what the road to hell is paved with?

You say ”I will not accept from any woman any offer of sexual chastity. Furthermore, I will not accept any woman who does NOT have other lovers.”

That is ok if you don’t demand women have lovers. And you can choose to be with someone, or not to be with them, as long as the desire to be with them is mutual.

But don’t go dictating because women are as entitled to have only one lover at a time, as to have none, or three, or whatever.

They should get to choose. If you don’t want to go with them because of what they choose fine.

The state should not dictate, you should not dictate.

As for not putting ”the desires of one solitary woman above my principles.”

Love, almost by definition, if it is true unselfish and healthy sometimes involves putting the desires of someone else ahead of your own. If it does not then is it really love?

At the risk of being accused of sexism... That is the sort of thing a Guy would be much more likely to say.

Though if I think about it, it does not really feel so much like putting your desires second, because your desire/pleasure/happiness is to make happy/please/nurture the one/s you love, even in the small things.

Maybe especially in the small things.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, just to clarify, are you to be the leader of this New World Order?

Anonymous said...

Paul- The thing is, cults don't achieve much. No genuine change can be achieved by one.
This revolution needs to be a genuine turning of the wheel by everybody.

I find the fact that Google and blogger are linked is quite useful for logging in at work.:)

Kate- Generally, I am a nice person, I think, unless people rub me up the wrong way.
I think i'm fair.

By the same token, I can be a complete bastard, no two ways about it.
But only when I have no other choice, I think that's fair to say.

I have some very interesting conversations online. Some highbrow, some, like tonight, on crucial topics like Christmas puddings.

Music, I often chat about that a lot. That's the great thing about IM, you can just stick the links in the conversation.

X-dell- I'm quite versatile in conversation, seriously.

I quite enjoyb a conversdation that meanders through a panorama of topics.

X-dell- This has happened to me a lot recently, this double comment thing. Not sure why.

Moggs- Yes, I know. I'm struggling with this bit as well.

I admit, my thinking on this is not entirely altogether clear.

But let's be honest, its mainly theoretical.

Reality is, my actual sex life is largely a ships passing in the night business...

The desires of one solitary woman above my principles...

Yes, I realise that sounded a bit preachy.
The sort of thing I would say.

I agree, how to reconcile my principles with reality isn't something I've come to a final conclusion on.

Femme- No leaders, that's the point.

It's a genuinely Democratic Communistic system.

Without a power structure in the sense we know it.

I hesitate to call it anarchy, but what I actually mean is that ALL the people in their entirity form the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

And so all the fuckers that hack people to death or intern them refugee camps are going to all of a sudden be overwhelmed by a sense of brotherly love? Pah. I think not.

With the greatest respect, it does not make a scrap of sense. Have you ever actually worked with people that have seen real suffering? Seen there mother raped and burned alive? I dare you to go and spend a year in Sudan and then come back here and give a critical analysis on your "Democratic Communistic" program.

You say this is the central reason for your being? I say quit smoking cones,(literally or metaphorically) get your back pack and go and help in the real world. Take your pick, there a LOT of places to choose from where you could make a difference.

You're bright, but either incredibly naive, incredibly arrogant or incredibly loopy!

PS -The legislation introduced after 7/7 will probably nab you under the "inciting hatred" provisions!!! Don't think the Gov takes too kindly to talk of violent revolution these days.

Anonymous said...

I am in Birmingaham this weekend - fancy meeting up for sex?

Anonymous said...

La Feeme- I think it has a lot to do with the way we live, seriously.

The problems in Africa ultimately boil down to not having an infrastructure geared to seve the needs of the continent. It really is that simple. he way we live, we can, because of the system we have in place.

Really, that's all that needs to be done. The change needed really is in the infrastructure and the operating systems.

Worlf government ultimatly is the answer, but one where decision making power rests in the entire populace.

I'm trying to think if any of the linked posts were written after a joint. I'm not sure actually. On the rare occasions these days that I do smoke a joint my mind does to wander off on this theme, it's true.

It's not a violent revolution- that's the point. The aim is to achieve it through passive resistance.

Mutley- I have considerd the offer on its merits...

Are you bringing Bonita?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you don't mean it this way, but you really come over as quite patronising.

I am someone that prefers answers to be grounded in fact or speculation to be based on experience and reasoned judgment.

As for your comments on Africa, and again, with respect. They are completely off the mark. I've been there. I've seen it. There is some merit to what you say if you are talking about aspiring to a western style universal equality, but I look at my own Country, where the decimation of indigenous Australia has been one of the greatest tragedies in history. What about the significance of culture, that is at the very heart of life for many indigenous groups and that goes back tens of thousands of years.

I think we will have to agree to disagree.

But you do seem a little chaotic and the length of your posts makes them hard to follow. I mean what is all this stuff about this being your higher purpose? Do you believe that you are lead this, as you put it, passive revolution? I am not trying to cross examine, which can be a side effect of my profession, I just really don't understand.

Anonymous said...

La Femme- :)
Sorry, one of my main flaws, I realise that.

I do realise that some might think there is something a little 'Brave New World' about my outlook, but I do really believe that a lot of humanity's problems are to do with infrastrucutal inefficiencies and inequalities.

That, and private control of sections of the infrastructure.

I think we need to remove completely the idea that anything not clearly a personal item can be owned.

The problem with Africa is twofold, one it has an infrastructure designed primarily to export wealth out of the continent rather than actually transport and communicate within the continent, secondly it's independence is largely on paper, it remains a continent of western economic colonies which the west no longer really pay to develop, but instead provide guns for thugs to run for them and as long as the trains keep the wealth flowing out to coasts and off to the developed world no one much cares what these thugs do.

There is a consistent overall outlook, but it's hard to explain it in one post. The linked posts do so better.

Though really, this topic generally is one I could debate for hours and I'm sure both you and I would find that challenging, but rewarding.

I don't believe anyone will 'lead' it, I'm pretty convinced it will come anyway, but we all have a part to play. Every contribution counts.

The way I look at is this;

For want of a nail a shoe was lost
For want of a shoe a horse was lost
For want of a horse a rider was lost
For want of a rider a battle was lost
For want of a battle the war was lost

So I see myself as a nail.

I bet you're quite thorough in your cross examinations as well...

You intrigue me, you know that?