Wednesday 28 March 2007

A Short Game of Join the Dots.

I think they think we're stupid...
Let's see if you are...
1. What were they doing there?
2. Is this not very convenient?
3. Is a legacy involved here?
4. Could this be Brown's Iraq?
5. They couldn't do it again, surely?


Anonymous said...

And 6) Has it happened before?


Anonymous said...

hmm, I think we should be asking what the Iraninas were doing more than the British.

1) Why? Because they knew they could.
2) Why? To provoke America by proxy.
3) Why now? To show that our will is weak.
4) Why now? Because the UN is imposing new sanctions on the country.
5) Why British? Because we are not American.
6) Why British? Because they knew we wouldn't fight back

Anonymous said...

Amen, David Anthony, Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

The hostage situation is indeed very worrying, although I am without doubt that the the marines were in Iraqi waters, and not Iranian waters. This is because the original grid reference given by Iran was in Iraqi waters, as the BBC confirmed last night and as discussed on my blog ( Iran then later came back with a new grid reference, after they had seen their mistake. Where we go from here, who knows?