Sunday 23 November 2008

Seventh Crushed Sunday Memusetica

Courtesy of Judd Corizan

Fill in your favorite for each of the following:

1. Political show: The Week in Politics with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Diane Abbot.

2. Picnic food: I haven't been on any lately.

3. Mixed drink: Double Jamesons and Coke.

4. U.S. President: Let's invest that honour in the one we're about to see!

5. Kind of student to teach: Those that can do....

6. Hobby you do or wish you still did: Paintballing. Used to love that.

7. Sports commentator: Has to be John Motson!

8. Sport to watch on TV: I only watch one, football.

9. Animal to have as a pet: Dog. Obviously.

10. Halloween costume you have worn: Never worn one.

11. Kind of dessert: Chocolate eclairs are good.

12. Comic strip: Asterix.

13. Ice cream flavor: Strawberry.

14. News source: Pub gossip. And blogs.

15. Vacation spot: Pool. In pubs.

16. Wine: I don't drink it.

17. Way to waste time instead of working: Flirting with female staff.

18. Reality show: Don't watch them.

19. Childrens movie: Krull.

20. Celebrity you wish would retire: Jennifer Lopez.

A lot there I kind of opted out on...

Oh well.

Better than making up answers, I guess...


Anonymous said...

Pot Noodle Original

Pot Noodle Spicey Curry

Pot Noodle Bombay Bad

Is that enough of a list ?

Anonymous said...

Yep, better they were short and sweet than made up!! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor JLo might as well be retired. Great answers!

Anonymous said...

E-K- You- er- seem to like Pot Noodles.
I actually don't like them much.

Kate- I thought so.

I actually find selecting music the fun part. I think it's more of a challenge for something like this. With ordinary posts, I kind of have an idea much easier.