Thursday 25 January 2007

First post Ever.

OK, this first post isn't really going to be about anything really except to explain why I'm setting up this in the first place. One good reason is in the misguided hope that it could serve some good purpose. Another is this is probably the best free speech medium around today. Lastly, it passes the time.
If you're after up to date discussions of celebrity culture, Crushed by Ingsoc will not be for you.
If you're the sort of person who ever sees a new domestic appliance in a TV commercial and gets excited, I doubt there will ever be much of use to you here.
If you believe that you only live once and that the free exchange of ideas with other people is one of the greatest things we live for, Crushed by Ingsoc is pleased to meet you.
I'd like to post here on a variety of different topics from current politics to sevolution. That's the plan!!!
OK People, that's about it for now, tthis was just an opener, I'll love you and leave you!