Sunday 25 February 2007

And this concerns me...How?

Crushed by Ingsoc has developed a canny knack of filtering out uninteresting news. By that we mean anything that relates to unpleasant crimes, accidents or celebrities.
Especially the latter.
Stephen Hawking- Famous for a reason.
Jade Goody- More Famous for absolutely no good reason.
It makes us annoyed.
Or it would do, but we have developed a knowledge filter which can go through life ignoring non-entity news- most of the time.

Here's a case in point. Two weeks I was standing in the bar of my pub forlornly attempting to seduce the barmaid (still work in progress), when the news caught my eye. I discovered for the first time who Kate Middleton was and that she might become engaged to Prince William.
Fact is, she's been in The Telegraph on several occasions. How could I not have known who she was, you ask.
Firstly, I hardly watch TV.
Secondly, I had seen the headlines about intrusion of Kate Middleton's privacy and merely presumed she was some celebrity being hounded by the Media because of some Cocaine revelations or something (possibly getting confused with the lovely Ms Moss).
I knew without looking that either way, it was something I wouldn't care about.
And now I know who she is, I still don't really care. I was right to skip that article and go to the political news.

Why I point this out is because Britney Spears has been hogging very blogspot and news stand for the last week because, for some reason I can't quite fathom, she's shaved her head.
And I don't really want to fathom it out.
It's not news, it's just to hide the real news.

The shrill piping of the telescreen...

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