Tuesday 27 February 2007

Making people keep connected

Ok, this isn't going to be political or philosophical, it's going to be quite mundane.
It's going to be about your voicemail.
Why, you say?
That's pretty boring.

Well, if that's what you think, don't read any more, but the fact that you think that means you are missing out on something quite important.

If someone rings your phone- I don't bother with a landline- there's a good chance they'll get voicemail.
In my case, if I'm at work, you'll probably go through to voicemail.
If the phone's recharging, I'm probably in another room, you'll get voicemail.
If I'm out on Friday night on the danceflooe, Hell, you're going to voicemail.
If I'm watching CSI, gone to the loo or you're a witheld number, voicemail.

Simce the caller could be anyone, your voicemail has to be respectable, professional and welcoming.
And more.

In my case, the majority of people who call are either friends or people I have met socially.
I give my number out to many people I meet on my weekends. These people have met me socially, when I'm on party mode and they too are in party mode.
When they call Monday night and they get voicemail, what do they think.
At this point, whether or not they leave a voicemail may well decide whether that acquintance turns to a lasting connection or you lose it for good.
They may never call again.
That's a party you don't get invited to, or a woman you never romance.

Me and my best mate have a running joke. For the purposes of this blog I'm calling him The Baker. When I leave a message on his phone, I say, abruptly 'Left a message.'
When he leaves one for me, He says 'Hi, Crushed by Ingsoc (well no, he does use my real name), I'm taking care.'
The reason for the joke is eachother's message. The Baker's is simply 'Hi, you've reached the Baker. Leave a message.'
Mine is (typically Sales and Marketing) Hi, you have reached Crushed by Ingsoc, I can't take you call right now, so please do leave a message and I will get back to you at the earliest available opportunity. You take care now.'
Cheesy, sure.
But I never have missed calls that don't leave messages.
And think about it, how often do you leave messages on a phone with an unfriendly message?
If your message basically says 'Not answering. Leave a message if you want', would you?
If you'd only met that person at a party?
I don't.
But if the message says, 'Wish I could have taken your call, please do leave a message, I want to talk to you.', then don't you?
I do.

Don't waste your connections to people. People are valuable, they're what life is about.
I'd be lost without my voicemail.
Think about what your voicemail says.
And think, is it the best YOU that you can show to someone who is tentatively making steps to add you to their list of friends.

Crushed by Ingsoc means this from the heart.
Love you all.

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Anonymous said...

And who would NOT leave a message for those eyes?