Tuesday 24 March 2009

Crashie, Gone But Never Forgotten!

It is with some sadness that I have to record the departure from the blogosphere of one of it's happiest luminaries, Crashie.

Crashie's blogging has perhaps been sporadic of late and her retirement not therefore a shock.

Time was, of course, when she posted frequently and when she did, she was a little star.
She posted on this blog too and when she did, her posts were of the highest quality.

Perhaps it is partly vanity that makes me say that, because quite often, you lot thought they were mine- Crashie, Crushed, I guess it's easy to get confused :)
And I'd correct people in comments, but a part of me wished I could take the credit, because they were great posts.

But Ruby herself comes into that category of people who are more than just another blogger. She is one of my oldest blogging friends and someone I've enjoyed many long and interesting discussions with on IM. On a wealth of fascinating topics. Religion, Art, Music. She's actually a very bright person.

And amazingly bubbly. Not one to be easily downcast or daunted. She has a quiet, inspiring strength. The good that is in her shines through.

She was the first person to let slip my actual name in my comments section and me to NOT delete the comment. Admittedly, only I would spot it. She called me Oey, which is a kind of baby version of Joey, I guess. Some people might have thought it was 'Oy', so I let it stand.

With some people, one doesn't have to try too hard to see the good in them, it's trying to find the bad that is the conundrum. I haven't yet found it in Ruby.

There is so much I find refreshing about her. Like a little ray of sunshine, really. Non judgemental. With a powerful ability to sense REAL good and REAL evil. Sensible. And actually quite a deep thinker, beneath the seemingly ditzy surface. Often I found she'd make me see things in perspective with a simple remark.

I'll let you into a little secret as well. I hope she doesn't mind me telling you, I know she didn't tend to make it public on her blog, but nor was it something she hid.

For any of you who think Islam is of necessity a dark, sinister, barbaric religion, please go read Crashie's blog. For any of you who think Islam is of its nature a woman hating religion, please go read her blog.

Crashie is a modern woman, with her own flat, with a good job in a good progressive, forward looking business sector (Yes, it's a similar sector to mine), but she is also a sincere and devout Muslim. Please note as well, she stood up strongly in the comments section of this blog once against some rather unpleasant homophobic posturing from a certain commentor. One who has some blog somewhere languishing in obscurity.

There have been many times in fact I've wanted to say one of two things. One has been when I've read remarks elsewhere making blanket remarks about Muslims, I've wanted to post the link to Crashie just to refute their Islamophobia. And other times when I've had commentors adopting a particularly illiberal position, ask them how they feel about the fact that a member of a supposedly backward faith has more liberal opinions than them.

She is somebody that I don't mind saying, I feel a lot of love for. As a true friend. Someone who, if there is a Heaven, won't have to stop off at Purgatory on the way.

If you never knew Crashie the Blogger, please take a look at her archives, perhaps leave her a comment to say goodbye.

She is a loss to the blogging world, a star missing from the blogging firmament.

Comments sections will not be the same without her warm, bubbly optimism, her generous spirit, her profound goodness.

People say this medium is in trouble. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Actually, I think that is in our own hands, it always has been.

Crashie aspired to be the best of this medium; a true citizen journalist, a valuable contributor to debate, she was everything a blogger SHOULD be.

She set a standard in both posts and comments many would do well to emulate.

And though she is not gone from my life, she is gone from my blogging life, and for that I guess I am a little mournful. Not forever I hope.

There is a Crashie shaped hole in the Blogosphere today and it will take time to heal.


Reeny's Ramblin' said...

I haven't read her blog but the name is familiar through your comments section. She always did seem to have something insightful to say. I'm going to check the ol' blog out now....

X. Dell said...

I think anyone who's done a fair share of blogging can relate. It seems to go in cycles. It's about fifty-fifty whether or not people will return, and if they do whether they'll return for good. But in many ways, this too echoes the relationships we forge in meatspace. They all have shelf-lives. Some are much shorter than others. And we do miss them while they're gone.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Crushed.
You are very fortunate to have such a nice friend. A sad day for the blogworld for sure.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

I saw her comments from time to time.

XDell has a point People do seem to fade away from blogging, One of my friends seems to have done. I guess it is life getting in the way of it, like with sl sometimes.

A point, since you raised it, not picking a fight or taking from your post.

Lots of nice intelligent insightful people are religious, some like one flavour others prefer another. I guess Crushie is one of these people.

It does not alter the fact that much of the Islamic world is patriarchal and to my eye often oppressive to women.

Yes there are some Christian groups that this could be said about too (see some posts on Nobody Important) but it is nowhere in the same league.

To my way of thinking it is unacceptable, no matter who and for whatever justifications.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm a bit sad too, I really liked Crashed! She certainly appeared what she seemed - kind and bubbly and sweet.

Crashdummie said...

ha, you are not getting rid of me that easily mate ;)

the whole blogging has surely been a great journey, and who knows, maybe our paths will meet again one day.