Tuesday 19 February 2008

Dangerous Fireside Tales

In 1309, the Grand Master of the Order of the Templars was burnt at the stake in Paris, charged with heresy.

The Templars, it seemed, were not what they appeared to be. They were no holy order.
In their chapterhouses, they worshipped a three faced idol found on the temple mount.

An idol that allowed them to tap into satanic powers.
The idol Baphomet.

Or, another way of looking at it was that King Phillipe the 'Fair', an ironic epithet if ever their was one, was an avaricious, money grabbing monarch and would burn innocent people, if they were rich enough.

But the Templars were hunted down.
A political lie.

But though they died, horribly, the lie did not.
Not only has the lie not died, it has grown. It has fed so rich in the murky waters of the deception system that is INGSOC, that it lies underneath our culture, proclaiming itself the real truth. It feeds on the hidden feeling we have that we are being manipulated.

And of course, we are. We are conned into thinking we live in the best of all possible worlds, when in fact we obviously don't, and in our heart of hearts, we know it.

We don't, any of us- well, none of you reading this, get back what you put in.

The conspiracy theorist perverts this to his own ends. He creates a new truth.

Reality is, we accept being kept down, because we don't know what else to do, so we pretend we don't realise we are. Just as the bullied child pretends he isn't being bullied.
And those with the power? They just happen to be the beneficiaries of the system. Historical accident, nothing more. They came, they will go.

But not for the conspiracy theorist.

Let me distinguish here between conspiracy theorists. I don't mean those who allege Kennedy was killed by the CIA, or other 'single issue' conspiracies. As an example of a GOOD investigator for truth, let me quickly plug a new blog I've found.

I mean the grand conspiracy theorists. The dangerous ones. The ones who blame all that is all in our society on one recurring plot.

And the adherents of this belief ALL HAVE ONE UNDERLYING AIM.

Their enemy is liberal thinking. It is democracy, it is Marxism, it is Internationalism.

In their minds, the minds of the early proponents of this myth, God ordained the nation state- preferably with a King. All else, is abomination. The social changes of the last two centuries happened, because they were spread by the devil's minions.

This theory originated in the nineteenth century.
The common version, is this.
The Jews, after the diaspora, sought revenge on the world, so formed a Council of the Elders of Zion to enable the takeover.
It took two thousand years (That's one hell of a long conspiracy with no insiders exposing the plot, but hey, logic isn't the key point here).

The Templars were part of this Jewish plot. Later the Templars were refounded and rebranded, as the Freemasons.
Things really kick off in 1786, when Adam Weishaupt founds the Illuminati. Now, most sensible historians will tell you this was a short lived Bavarian political grouping, which was soon disbanded after a failed attempt to assassinate the Elector of Bavaria. It's only real interest to history, is the fact a member of the Rothschild family was an Illuminatus, but also, that it's aims were a United European Republic.

Well, in conspiracy land, it continued, it caused the French Revolution, it polluted Europe with liberal ideas, designed to destroy monarchy, ordained by God to run Christian people, because without Kings, the Jews could just take over.

Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, all paid by the Jews and the Illuminati. The Newspapers? Run by the Masons. America, not really a democracy, a sham state run by Jews and Freemasons, to entice the European peoples into overthrowing Kings. Once that happened, society would collapse and Zion would be here.

The culmination of this underground myth, was this document of 1905, a forgery, but one so many people believed. Including, Adolf Hitler. And most Germans.

Here, was the proof. Countries needed strong rulers. This democracy business, was a Jewish lie.

Well, surely this stuff ended in 1945?


People still peddle this lie, they just remove the Jews from the equation, or at least keep that bit quiet.

But in other ways, the myth has grown. The Freemasons, footsoldiers of the Illumati, still run much of the world, engineering Financial crashes and wars to move further and further towards world domination.
It always looks ALMOST plausable, because usually, these theories explain very well the methods of mass manipulation used. The thing is, they then invent non-existent reasons for these methods, as opposed to individuals in a position of power defending what they have.

And of course, some have the Aliens involved. Some go further. Some say, the Aliens did it all along. They have been running us for thousands of years.

I dare say the Muslims will soon be dragged in. It stands to reason. These sorts of hate based conspiracy theories have a habit of merging.
There isn't an Illuminati, but nor is there a terror network.

But in the minds of the conspiracy theorists, there is.
The EU, the UN, again, all part of it.

Is it harmless? Is it just a few cranks spouting their paranoid delusions? No.
The Nazis showed what will happen if you let these ideas permeate sub culture.

And look at the people who propose these theories. I have yet to find someone proposing that the Freemasons really are run by a sinister circle called the Illuminati, who isn't a closet Nazi. And when I see someone seriously allege that Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital because he was paid by the Illuminati to deliberately poison Europe, then I know I'm not dealing with a balanced objective mind.

This belief can only seriously be entertained by a naive schoolboy, or by a Grand Master of the conspiracy theorist school.
And that school of thought, is the first step on the road to everything it pretends to be exposing.

It leads to a tyranny based on ignorance, hatred and fear.

David Icke may be the obvious example, and yes, he just looks like a New Age Ex-Footballer with some wierd ideas.
But those ideas, are National Socialism in a new package.

So. Put bluntly, if you see an author anywhere using the following phrases in a manner to suggest a correlation; Bilderburg Group, EU, Marxism, UN, Freemasons, Illuminati, Majestic 12, Roswell, CFR, remember.
That train of thought is a cattle truck filled with screaming babies, leading to Zyklon B for millions.

No, things aren't as you are LEAD to believe them to be. But stand but look long enough and you really CAN see. The pricks who are walking all over us, don't hide it. Their golden arches, their red and white triangles, are stamped somewhere in every high street across the globe.

And they laugh, they really do. Because these nutjobs divert attention from GENUINE exploitation and manipulation. Whilst these short trousered social misfits go hunting for further (non existant) proof that the Queen is a reptile, or finding out where the Illuminati temples lie, the ordinary men and women who happen to have found themselves with the wealth of the world in their hands are safe in their unaccountability.

Because the conspiracy theorists MISS THE POINT.

You're right, it's f**ked. What you going to do? Hunt your scapegoats down? And then? Gas them?
And then it's still not right. Maybe you've missed some. Maybe you didn't realise what a crucial role the Women's Institute play in this plot?

Round them up shall we?

Stop creating groups in your heads. Stop your dangerous schoolboy fantasies.
War is REAL. Poverty is REAL. Governments taking power from civilians and creating tyranny by stealth is REAL.
The Illuminati AREN'T.

You've identified the problems and you've identified that we are kept down and lied to.

Now, do you want to change that, or find fuel for your bonfires?

Fight lies with lies, or fight lies with our lives.
You choose.


Anonymous said...

I say, it sounds like you're proposing a revolution, my friend.

Anonymous said...

You seem very sure of yourself Mr Ingsoc.... a bit too sure some would say.

Seriously though, the Bilderberg Group really does exists. How influential it is is anyones guess but a lot of busy people spare the time to go to its events every year...

Anonymous said...

Helen- I'm an ECONOMIC as opposed to a POLITICAL Marxist. Marxism in't a political theory, it's an economic theory of social evolution.

There WILL be a revolution, the final collapse of Capitalism, it WILL take place between 2020 and 2050, so I might live to se it, I might not.

The forces of progress will win, they always do. That has been the history of life, just as Mammals followed Reptiles.

But the more we allow these quasi-fascists to recruit, the more blood will be shed come the day.

Mutley- Yes it does. And in reality, it's got a fairly sensible purpose. I'd much rather those who run the world talk to eachother in comfortable lounges, frankly, about the power games they play, then via strident telegrams, which is how the First World War began.

The Bilderburg consists of private discussions of those who wield the world. No, they don't let us in to their secrets- maintaining the system depends on that.
But at least it keeps you and I out of trenches.

Anonymous said...

lets face it, muslims are the new jews. (and i'll most likely be smacked due to the blunt expression)

human nature to wanting to blame everything on someone or something. Escapegoats are an easy target to blame all your problems - whether you call it muslims, jews, germans, authority, rich, poor, punkers, hiphopper - its all abt finding the root of all evil an eliminating it.

What ppl tend to forget is that we all are a lil' bit of everything - no goodness without a tad of "evil" can exist, itsall abt ying&yang...

Anonymous said...

According to the Atbash Cypher, Baphomet actually translates into "Sophia" which would, in turn, mean the Templars were actually going by a gnostic belief system which would have been considered heresy in those times.

Either way, nobody deserves to die because of their belief system. And nobody should be forced "to shut up" just because they are different from somebody else and have an opposing point of view.

The hard part, is trying to "let go and let God" when you feel violated when someone ridicules you for not understanding their belief system. Yeah, sometimes it's definitely best to stay silent to not "cause problems".

But what the hell gets solved when a person does that?

Anonymous said...

Crashie- It's the same join the dots logic.
Al Queda is in fact nothing more than a late anti-colonial reaction, consisting of perhaps a hundred nutters living in caves.

Muslim extremism in Europe, is a social phenomenon, a mirroe image of far-right extremism, a product of ghettoisition.

Iraq had oil.

And hey, Iran happens to Muslim too, so why not drag them in?

They'd drag Cuba in, if they could.

It's classic INGSOC exploitation of fear.

Shelly- Well, this was alleged, but note that one of the most notablechurches of the world (now a mosque), was the Hagia Sophia, though, just to confuse things, it has been alleged that he Hagia sophia was built on the site of a Gnostic temple.

I suspect the Templars did delve into Gnostic writings, after all, they sought knowledge, but whether they practised them, is another thing.

Averroism was a well respected school of thought in the medieval church. It is based on the translations and further interpretaton of Aristotelian thought by Averroes.
But Averroes was not only a Spanish Muslim by creed, his worldview is strongly agnostic in practice.

My own view on rational debate, is that truth will out, if you let it. Which is why I oppose the idea of holocaust denial being a crime.