Friday 15 February 2008

Good and Evil- As Real Concepts

There is truth in religion.
Not in the religion that blows up buildings, or marches in orange sashes through rival council estates.
Or in the religion of the sanctimonious hypocrite.

But in a real sense, it's true. It describes the Why.
It describes the dynamics of the universe, as Science tells us the How.

It explains the point the die hard Atheists cannot admit that here, true Atheism fails.
This is the simple point.
The universe does not, in fact, behave chaotically. The long term effects of this seemingly random set of events known as The Universe, is in fact behaving in a fairly defnite way, along a seemingly structured path towards heat death. A journey, that amongst other things, has produced us.
It's going somewhere, it's doing something, even if that something might in fact be something very simple; burn outself out as quick as it can.

All that's happened is this. We stopped seeing the wood for the trees. We didn't explain God away, we just discovered how God works- he stopped being mysterious.

God IS a trinity. The Laws of Thermodynamics.
That's it, THAT'S your God.

So yes Atheists, God exists. Lord Kelvin proved that.

And Good and Evil are real.
Why? Because time has a direction.
Past and future really are mathematical points that NO laws of physics will allow to meet. The gap in time between first point and last point is the chasm that contains everything.
The gap between good and evil.

It is the paradox of thermoydamics...
How to dissipate the energy, yet use what's left to speed up further dissipation.

The universe keeps finding ways- That thrust forward, is the force we know as Good.
The wastage point, the dissipation, is the force we know as Evil.

Good unites us, to thrust the universe forward, whilst Evil drags us back.

It is the stages we have left behind on our evolutionary journey, the animal traits that built us, as we advanced from flatworm to hagfish, from hagfish to reptile, from reptile to monkey.

And now we don't need those hollow used up stages. But their organic taint lingers, dragging us back to animal ways.
That's Evil.

It's not embracing the evolutionary stage we have reached, of exploting the dynamic which serve our species best in it's continued journey upwards.
Enlightenment, Reason, Love.

Religion shows us what the virtues are that make our species what it is.

These virtues are the skills that turned an Ape into a Man. And will turn Man, into space travelling Superman.

Evil is decay, it is wastage. It is like any other reaction- and life is a reaction- energy is lost. The imperfections in Man, the imperfections in our species and it's culture, are the Laws of Thermodynamics in operation. Perpetuation of imperfections and flaws wastes some of our energy.
But in spite of that, we still progress. Ultimately, the continued advance of the universe towards heat death, is dependant on our advance IN SPITE of the wastage. That's is how the universe- and all chain reactions, which are the motor of the universe, work.

Fighting for good, IS choosing the winning team.

And one that we see everywhere in our society. But the names of the soldiers of Evil, hide their true colours. But we know who they are. Fascists, Nazis, Stalinists, Terrorists, those who corrupt human energy by using it to hold others down, reducing our total human efficiency.

But we know that they won't win.

Striving to be Good, is striving to be a rational, enlightened and loving human being.
Evil is thinking on the basis of what your chemically based instincts tell you to do- just being an animal.

God doesn't have a white beard and he isn't going to send you to Hell on the basis of your love life.
And there is no Devil waiting for you with a toasting fork.

But don't ever think that Good and Evil THEMSELVES aren't real.
They are. They are two most diametrically opposed realities in the Universe.

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We all make choices - usually I choose to dither....