Saturday 24 May 2008


I'm not sure if I've posted this one before.
It's my favourite Depeche Mode single apart from shake the Disease NOT to be found on Violator. I know I've posted the entire Violator album and I know I've posted Shake the Disease.

But this track is definitely one of the best.

I will post something serious tomorrow I promise- unscheduled social activity kind of prevented a post today.


Anonymous said...

This is good! Depeche Mode is always good!

Anonymous said...

you can never go wrong with DP :)

Anonymous said...

I actually bought Violator because you recommendeded it. I even liked it. I don't go for all your recommendations but some.

Anonymous said...

Heart- They are ALWAYS good. Can't think of many DM tracks I don't like. A few on the first album, maybe.

Crashie- No, you certainly can't. I'm wondering if this blog contains the most Depeche Mode YouTube downloads.

jmb- It's an amazing album, it really is. Not a weak track on it. I think it marked their conceptual highpoint. I refuse to listen to it piecemeal, I always play it start to finish. I think a good album is like an opera in that sense, has to be listened to in it's entirity.