Tuesday 6 May 2008

Three Tracks I LOVE to Rave on About

I can't be arsed tonight so I'd thought I'd leave you with these. Three of my all time favourites.

I don't think I need to name the songs or the artists- but if I do, feel free to ask.

Yesterday's post will be deleted tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music :-) It has given me some nice memories as I go to sleep xx

Anonymous said...

Good plan about removing your details...

Oh and nowt to do with music but… re: “can't be arsed”

It is amazing how English evolves. I first came upon the term “can’t be asked” used in identical circumstances – too much bother. Much later I noticed the arsed version displacing it, like red squirrels receding before greys. I can only conjecture that as it was spreading the pronunciation of asked was mis-heard and it morphed into arsed.

Still I shall preserve this particular small beleaguered red squirrel whilst I may, in this instance I can be asked.

But who could argue other than that English is a vital and evolving language?

Anonymous said...

I shall look at these from another pc, you tube slows my pc down heaps and takes forever and a day to watch , all good :-)

Anonymous said...

CheeryPie- I love my eighties music.
When I lived in Small Heath, I always used to play 'Planet Earth' before going clubbing- Ijust used to hope on the 15 and get off in Digbeth, all dolled up in my tight blacks.

But coming into the city centre from the East, the way Duran Duran used to go into town, seeing that totally urban landscape that defines Brum, I think it is officially one of the least green cities in the world, but thee something when you looked around feeling that what you saw, was what the song was about.

Phil- It always part of the plan.

A bit like parting shot. Originally, the phrase was Parthian shot, a reference to the way Parthian archers continued firing in retreat. But it got dumbed down.

Nunyaa- Poor Nunya :(
I must confess, I love YouTube. It's great what you can find.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Brum is very Urban!!!