Wednesday 14 May 2008

Wake Up- They Got You Fooled

Forget what happened in Russia.

That's the lie they spin you.

They point to Russia.
That was Communism, they say.

That was when Marx was put to the test.


Marx developed a definite Economic theory.
Marx glorified Capitalism. He saw it for what it was, the latest and brightest chapter in human development.
And by watching the patterns in human economic cycles, he predicted exactly what would happen with the Capitalist cycle, exactly how it would come to an end, and what the next step would be.

What happened in Russia was they cut down ripe fruit before it went rotten. They couldn't introduce true Democratic Communism, because as Marx pointed out, Capitalism had created a global economy for the first time ever. The next paradigm shift, would be global.

And in 1917, Capitalism was still ripe fruit.
It was still driving the world forward.

So Russia was Dick Turpin, not Robin Hood. It robbed the rich, but forgot to feed the poor. The supposedly temporary dictatorship of the proletariat NEVER BECAME TRUE DEMOCRATIC COMMUNISM.

Just Fascism with a red flag.

That wasn't what Marx had in mind.

What he was thinking ahead to, was NOW.

The days when Capitalism starts to fail.
The days when protest can only be quelled by creating imaginary demons where they don't exist.
A terror network. Raves. Sexual Freedom. Immigrants. Gay people. Anyone not sitting in their little box, watching a box.

They make you scared of your fellow human beings, so they can take away your right to protest.
So when the system fails, all those corporations who paid you a wage to move their assets around, and now cannot get the food to the supermarkets any more, and cannot pay you, because ALL MONEY EVERYWHERE NOW HAS NO VALUE WHATSOEVER, BECAUSE THE TOTAL MONEY IN THE RED EXCEEDS THAT IN THE BLACK, they got the guns, you and me ain't.

That day is coming.

And your government knows it. The banks know it. Every Board of Directors of every Blue Chip company can see it.
But keep you watching Big Brother, hopefully it won't occur to you till it's too bloody late.

They own the world, you earn the right to exist in the infrastructure your ancestors played a part in building.
And one day, they'll just say 'Oh shit, the system has collapsed. Good job we own it. We can feed ourselves. You lot work it out yourselves.'

Marx knew why capitalism came about. For it's day, it was the answer.

It toppled Kings, it freed slaves, it gave ordinary people access to things they'd never had before. There are no feudal princes, no peasants and no slaves in the developed world.
We can all live to seventy with lives of happiness and joy our ancestors couldn't- well that's a partial lie, those of us with jobs in two and two halves of the world's continents.

Capitalism built railways, roads, telegraphs.

It created the world of today.

Because it was BETTER than anything that had been before. It organised infrastructural innovations BY GIVING PEOPLE CHOICE- the free hand of the market- which meant that we all had a strange kind of say in the changes that were made.

In a sense, it made change democratic. That's why it worked.

It was more efficient. It cut down on the amount of human energy needed to do the rudimentary tasks of feeding and housing us.
Marx saw, that each change in social/political/economic mode of existence happens, because it offers an advance. It frees more human energy, and that free energy can be found new uses.

Society started when we started staying put. Don't follow the herds, pen them in and grow crops. More time for people to be poets, or sculptors.

Each advance, has done the same.

People misunderstand the point of Marxism. It's not just about inequality, it's about THE WASTE OF YOUR LIFE.
This system no longer delivers.

All it does, is use up energy to no purpose.

Produce and distribute.

We produce OK.
But distribute? We waste most of our energy as human beings on the most crazy system of distributing what we produce that can be designed. Designed to move the stuff around as much as we can, so that certain of us can build up huge reserves of social credit and the rest of us be grateful for what we've got. And it STILL can't find things for all of us to do.

And that's bearing in mind, that the infrastructure of planet Earth is extremely patchy. It's inefficient. In many parts of the world it's practically broken down.

It's the energy wasted on distribution.

OK. Here it is. Spend ten years of human energy creating an equal infrastructure across the globe.
Truly democratise everything- in terms of production and distribution and lo and behold- shock horror- everybody has the living standards of wealthy First World Nations, and if we actually allocate everyone an equal share of labour obligation to be put in to basic infrastructural tasks, TRUST ME, what we need to do as human beings to feed ALL of us, house ALL of us, clothe ALL of us, give ALL of us the comforts of life you and I now have, needs as about as much energy as most people spend on DIY.

That is the state of human technological development.

Of course the corporations, who own the political parties, don't want you to wake up and see how OBVIOUS this is.
Right now, they own you.

Body and soul.

But can't you see what we can achieve if we can free all that human energy for something better?

The proof Capitalism worked, was it rose to challenges.
Ships would spend six months sailing to Australia, to advance humanity.

With nuclear powered rockets, Mars is two weeks away and Jupiter six months away.

Jupiter- and all the Gas Giants- offer a permanent solution to mankind's energy problems.

Enough energy to dispel the need to worry about an energy crisis. Enough energy to turn Mars and Venus in to homes for humanity, within decades.

All it needs to do that, is a social, economic and political system more capable of managing human energy and natural resources, than we currently have.
And one which you and I control. And now that's possible. Human technology makes direct democracy no longer a dream. Capitalism succeeded because it gave you more choice than once you had.

True Democratic Communism means we ALL make ALL choices.

Capitalism can no longer take humanity forward.

And that's why we need to fight to change things.
And we need to start now, wake humanity up, before the money becomes meaningless, the armed thugs of the state gun us down as we try to feed ourselves and four billion years of evolution risks ending in a blaze of mushroom clouds.

The sixties ideals were a generation too soon. The system bought our parents, as it is buying us. Don't let it buy our children.

The time for the revolution is NOW.


Anonymous said...

You've impressively interpreted some of Marx's key points, and how they differ from general understanding of what Marxism is--and it's difference from, say, communism. One of the reasons why the USSR (and other states) really could never have been communist in Marxist terms was because Marxism assumed an industrial base of predictable production and consumption. Russia, Cuba, China, etc. wre agrarian economies that depended on the fortunes of nature from year to year. Thus, Mao, Trotsky and others really didn't create a Marxist state. Rather, they juryrigged Marxist tenets to fit their society.

Part of what that meant was, in the case of the USSR and China, an instability, fostered by royalist factions for the former (the White Russians) and the western powers for the latter.

Although we probably don't see eye-to-eye on this, I think your assessment of capitalism is reasonable, and wouldn't argue against it. I would say, as Marx did, that capitalism would provide the means to its own ends. I would furthermore aver that we are not living in a capitalistic society here in the West, anymore, but rather a post-capitalistic one, where mergers, and monopolization have undercut captialsm's saving virtue: a system held in check by internal competition.

I think that this dominance has led to the place you've very aptly described, where the vanquished have really become afraid of each other. The scenario of watching the box inside the box (which, these days, also watches you back), is an example of what Jeremy Bentham called a panopitcon, a stucture where the individual subject's attention is focused toward central authority, but is in n ill position to communicate with peers. Meanwhile, the authority has access to each individual at any given time. One example of a panopticon is a classroom. The teacher is at the head of the class, with all the desk facing forward. He can see each pupil, but the individual student can only really see the face of the person to her right or left. This way, the student cannot as easily communicate with other class members at large without the teacher being able to intervene. This artificially enhances the power and authority of the teacher.

TV is a more abstract version of the panopticon. But where you really see it in full force is in prisons. If you haven't yet, you might want to read some of works of Michel Foucault. I think you'd find him fascinating.

Anonymous said...

x-dell- Most people don't get Marx, and I find it quite frustrating sometimes.
Some time back I ran a post explaining the driving motor of Capitalism- interest/usury, whatever you want to call it- and how common sense tells you what you are looking it, a system designed to fuel speculation on the assumption that fresh resources can always be found to drag in to the economy. It depends entirely on fresh markets. You cannot sustain it once the system TRULY has globalised. Globalisition is not only the ultimate objective of Capitalism, IT ALSO REPRESENTS IT'S CONCLUSION.

It depends on, I borrow 1,000 squidoodles, I have to repay you 1,500 squidoodles, but my sales trip to flog cotton shirts to shirtless of Bombay nets me 2,000 squidoodles.

Today, the only way that can work- because we're all in the same economy is BY MAKING UP THE MONEY.

And one day, we'll have to admit- come the nexy proper crisis- it's all made up now. All that actually happens is the SOCIAL CREDIT of the haves increases, and the rest of us become more and more enthralled.

Democracy means nothing when we don't control the means to feed ourselves.

Corporations can tell us who to vote for, just by saying 'We'll move our factories- thereby meaning that 300,000 people cannot pay their mortgages- if the other lot win'

That is not democracy.

But Russia wasn't either.
Russia meant just one Corporation; Mother Russia.

Marx meant true Democracy- and True Democracy is the same as true Communism.

It means; All our history. All our species. All our infrastructure. All our toil, sweat, blood and tears. All our future. all our children's future.

It means, we inherit the planet as it is. We were all born into it, we all get a say. What we do with our say is up to us. Go work it, go prove it, but stop owning bits of the Earth so you can lord it over fellow human beings- we're Homo Sapiens, not Gorilla Gorilla.

Get out of it, what you put in in terms of social recognition and proven right to make decisions on behalf of your fellow man, because your fellow man has recognised, through your talent, that you have a moral right to do so, by virtue of your talent and your track record.

It is Democratic Communism (Of the TRUE variety, not Soviet Communism) that satisfies those conditions for us today.

We are in the position medieval Europe was before the Rennaiscance.

We have failed to realise that Marx is the LOGICAL CONCLUSION of Capitalism and Party Democraxcy, mthe next step beyond, not it's antithesis.

And we fail to realise it because some have a vested interest in us not realising it.

And they use their control of EVERYTHING to make sure we don't twig.

It's important.
Important in a way nothing else can ever be.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're on to some very useful ideas. I wish we could have a beer and explore in depth some of their components but alas, I'm across an ocean and not much for internet chat or the like.

I like to ponder how a more widespread evolution of the mind - the escape from omnipresent survival/domination instinct that only exists in rare individuals thus far - could give birth to new political forms based on harmony, rather than the illusion of harmony.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I don't know anything about Marxism, but I've been saying for years that the United States is no longer a democracy, but a capitalist state, run by the large corporations. The whole system is headed toward a breakdown, sooner than later I think. And I feel it will take the globel economy with it, and wondered what will happen after that occurs. Perhaps your vision will come true, it sounds like it could be very promising...

Anonymous said...

Like in most cases, Communism was good in theory but proved not plausible in reality. Most good theories are drafted on paper and not sustainable in the real world.

But hey, the moment they come with stiletto combat boots, I'm gonna take the world over and write the rules as I see it. It'll all be better, trust me! ;)

Anonymous said...

FWG- There is a general overall thrust to my ideas, which can be a bit much for a lot of people- but the basic idea, is just how much perception changes over time- and how radical paradigm shifts are. It's hard for a lot of people to realise just how fleeting the totems of today can be. Having studied medieval literature at degree level, one is amazed at the almost inversion in some cases of the values of those days.

And I think Marx theories are valid, they show the tendancy in which human social- and technological evoution is moving.

The basic point is, the best system is that which provides as many minds involved in decision making processes as is compatible with rapid decision making. In ancient Bablyon, that means best to have one man make all the decisions. Today, technology means there aren't huge time delays involved in asking everyine ALL the questions.

The second point, is the point of social evolution, continued freeing of more energy to create greater infrastructures, occupying larger areas of territory, capable of supporting more human life forms, living longer, in states of greater comfort, developing increasingly efficient methods of problem solving.

For example, faster than light travel. Possible or not? No one is sure. Knowing the answer, DOES make a huge difference. but not a lot of minds can really be freed to tackle such an obscure problem. Cost-benefit analysis says it's a waste of energy that can be better used elsewhere.

But change the system of production and distribution so we stop running round like lunatics and the priorities change.

Than humanity can actually afford to spare a couple of thousand human minds to research this point and nothing else, until an answer is found. And do you know what, gut instinct tells me, we'd find a way. Human ingenuity does seem to have no bounds.

Heart- It was ahead of it's time, but Marx said that anyway. He never meant it to happen in 1917. He was thiking more 2200 AD, as mosr real Marxists point out. But I actually think he overestimated. I'm thinking 2050 as the date beyond which capitalism just can not last- and 2020 as more than likely.

Well PART of the revolution I have in mind DOES include what I see as the Third and final phase of the Feminist revolution, which also coincides with the second phase of the sexual revolution- so bring it on sister! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it will so be brought! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes everything is getting ready for that big collapse and it won't be pretty when it happens.

As you say money doesn't really exist , it is just a paper exercise these days!