Sunday 4 January 2009

Don't Co-operate an Inch More Than You Have To

They will try convince you to sell out.

They will tell you that one day you have to stop rebelling.
To 'grow up'.

Be 'responsible'.

Thing is, by doing that, you're not actually being responsible.

Because you're trying to make their framework work.


Fuck em and their law.

Let me just state that clearly. If you co-operate an inch more than you have to, you're being irresponsible.
What you need to be doing, is sabotaging their system every moment you can.

It's very simple. This scene, here in The Matrix Reloaded, is fairly crucial. It sums up what we need to do. And we learnt that in the Rave Scene. Stick two fingers up to them, with both hands. Party. Show you're alive. Dance and drink and screw. Because the values of the culture you live in are worth jack shit.

Show contempt for their system and its appalling system of values every moment you can.

All you need to do is remember this; 'Render unto Caesar'.

That's what you do. You go to work, you do your job, you pay your taxes. And you follow their laws to a degree where they have nothing on you.
But you spit on their values every chance you get.

You owe them nothing. They do not offer us a fair social contract. They do not govern us by our consent. So make it clear, we offer them the obedience of slaves, and no more. They do not ask us what we want. They never ask us what we want. They merely ask us to tick boxes every few years.

So make it clear; you have us in flesh, but not in spirit.

We give you your pound of flesh, we give you our five day week, we pay our taxes. But don't expect any more than that.
We want to bring you lot DOWN.
We want to bring your values system DOWN.

Don't play ball.

Let me just state that clearly. If you settle down the way they want you to, marry and raise kids, if you find yourself playing ball, doing 'the right thing', you're helping the system work. If you find yourself spending your money on home improvements, on going to Garden Centres, on conservatories, you've sold out.

Don't try make that sort of lifestyle work. You're giving validity to a world which depends on people trying to make it work. DON'T MAKE IT WORK.

Why should you play ball? Why should you accept the social contract as it stands?

Don't do it. They don't play fair, why should you?

You're supporting a world in which we point nukes at eachother, in which we tolerate an entire continent of misery existing, in which an underclass in the west is written off to heroin, a system which tacitly supports racism, sexism and homophobia. A Fascist Police State system which wants you sitting in your box watching a box.

Render unto Caesar.
No more.

Then do what you damn well please.
And if it undermines society as it is, keep doing it.

You have no obligations to anyone. The only obligation you have is to humanity. And you do that best by doing your damnedest to FUCK THIS SYSTEM UP as much as you can. Staying within the rules of their game.

Dance and drink and screw.

As much as you possibly can.

Fuck em.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...


As you probably know already - I have a very special fondness for the Matrix movies. Almost every single element of them are metaphors for my own experience and my own society as I see it.

Anonymous said...

I am most certainly reside of the "fuck em" side of things, HOWEVER, one has to play the game a little from time to time. I live life, for the most part on my own terms, aside from having to compromise my time etc with the work thing. It is my dream to one day run to the hills and build a suped up crazy treehouse where I can live peacefully, surrounded by the people and things I love and also have the power of throwing coconuts at any invading forces.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I agree. I have refused to grow up for a long time now, and have made it work for me.

Anonymous said...

I think, yes, it said it all, didn't it?

Passive resistance.

We actually have to live the 'Make love not war ethos' in spite of them, till we die.

And make it clear we won't compromise. If our living 'Make love not war lives' fucks up their system, all well and good.
Change the bloody system, that's our answer.

Anonymous said...

I think I basically agree with you here. Never tell them anything you don't absolutely have to. Don't make it easy.

But I figure you have confused "the man" with society, or people. Society is all of us, some bits of it we try to make ourselves for ourselves. I think you need to distinguish.

Like marrying or having kids. Having kids is what we are built to do. If we don't do that there will not be any more us. Marrying sgould be a matter of choice. who are you to tell us we have to, or that can't do it if we want?

Aunt Reeny makes a good point.

As for your underclass being "written off". That social worker thinking.

They are people. They have will and choices, no one honest ever said life was easy. Only a fool thinks the universe is fair.

Hey, none of us are getting out of here alive... ^_^