Thursday 25 October 2007

Pleasure Distribution- How the System Works

Human society is based on a very simple premise. You can analyse as much as you like the differing motivating factors that influence people, but put simply, we are driven to experience pleasure and avoid pain.

We know when we feel good.
We know when we feel bad.

And that of course, is what the whole thing is all about.

Marx was almost on the right lines when he noticed that all human history is about distribution of resources- the power lies in the hands of those the rest of us permit to control resources.
But in a sense, his critics are right. He DID get bogged down by materials- it's slightly deeper than that.
Power rests with those who can allocate pleasure, or pain.

In early cultures, social cohesion could only work if everyone pulled together and knew the deal.

Till the fields for ten hours, get fed. It was fair. EVERYONE was doing their bit, if you didn't, you didn't get fed.
As societies got more complex, various groups needed to be removed from these labours. Someone had to be spending time thinking and planning- societies needed Generals, Poets, Philosophers, etc.

They also did their bit, and received a share.

To maintain society in these hard days, it had to be made clear.
Work with us, get pleasure.
Work against us, get pain.

Society became more efficient as the capacity of the distributors to distribute both increased.

Kings sitting in piles of gold, could give any man who really helped him, a limitless capacity for pleasure.
Whilst those who opposed him could expect a slow and painful death.

What was important, for this to really work, is that for most people, pleasure MUST be rationed.
The rate of exchange of work to pleasure must be such that most people have no choice but to obey. Otherwise, they starve.

Even if your society has progressed to the level that no one actually needs to work QUITE that hard to maintain it, that surplus labour can be used wisely. The surplus wealth created can be accrued by the pleasure-pain distributors.
As society progresses, their power capacity increases.

Another great idea was the rationing of sex. Sex, after all, is a pleasure. Society is rigged so that sex becomes forbidden, except for procreation. No man shall make love to several women, CERTAINLY no woman make love to several men- and men with men, or women with women, that serves no useful purpose, so NO.

Love making shall be rationed, like all other pleasures.

You shall marry to do it. And you need to prove yourself a hard working citizen before society will let you do that...

Conditioned, like lab rats...

Have you ever wondered why we still work all day to put a roof over our head after thousands of years of technological development?

It's simple- though the actual material wealth of our species and its capacity to feed, clothe and house us all has increased a hundredfold, that capacity for comfort and pleasure is stored up and rationed out to us, keeping us like rats on a tread mill.

You've worked hard- you can afford to go for a pint.

While Bill Gates sits on 33 Billion.

Unused pleasure tokens. He'll never use them.
How can one man EVER use 33 billion dollars worth of pleasure?

He uses it to buy PEOPLE with.
That's the point of wealth- to hold it over people, tokens they can spend.
The Corporations employ us, they pay us, we use the tokens buying THEIR goods.

Most of what we do is COMPLETELY pointless. They use up our energies, to keep us slaves- the real power game is between them, Microsoft, HSBC, Walmart, they play it every day, the real superpowers of the world.
The day to day battle to see which corporation owns most of the world. That's your precious capitalist system. That's the REAL war. The rest is an illusion.
Your governments are chosen by them, because through their newspapers and their TV stations, they TELL you who to vote for.

YOU are their foot soldiers, whether you count their money for them, sell their goods, keep their assets safe for them, process our children into more good wageslaves, or help amuse us in our hours off, we are ALL tools.

They say jump, we say how high.
Because our homes, our meals, our loves, our pleasures ARE ALL DISTRIBUTED TO US AT THEIR WHIM.

We live in a world where people work three times as much as they need to, yet most of the world's capacity for pleasure and happiness remains untapped, unspent tokens in the hands of the distributors.

They condition you. They tell you that love must be rationed, that you can only love ONE person.
They tell you all drugs are like heroin- rubbish, what really scares them is easy access to pleasure they can't control. That's why they hated the rave scene.
They hate anything that causes people to bond socially with heightened brain activity.

They press down on your nerves and keep forcing you back on to that treadmill.

And when you notice, they create imaginary fears for you.
Reds under the bed, or Islamic suicide bombers. Get real.
Who has all the nukes?

Who PAYS for all the nukes?



Rats on a treadmill.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at Gates' success, especially since he makes one of the most ineffective operating systems in the world. His wealth continues to increase as we continue to accept his less than mediocre product. I guess it's all of that treadmill running that causes our brains to malfunction where we don't discern that we are buying an inferior product. So much for the sheep consciousness, hail to the rats. Gates should be forced to give his pleasure tokens back to the rats that made him the big cheese.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. And cool. *thoughtful*

Realizing this, one can rule the world with the reward-punishment concept. Manipulation. As you say, we are conditioned by the linkage of what we get with the reward and punishment centres in our brains...

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the world, climb up the ladder to the top and change it. People only get manipulated because they allow themselves to be manipulated. It's not pleasure that people seek it is comfort, and people allow others to screw them over in return for a warm flat and three hot meals a day.

Bill Gates makes money because WE give it to him! Footballers make money because WE give it to them! Politicians arse about and screw us over because WE let them!

Anonymous said...

I like the lady with the headlight fanny! Tee hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Maybe slime, the ebeneezer geezer could get them a loan?

Anonymous said...

A very thought-provoking post, Crushed. I've always thought it suits governments to encourage nice little twosomes who have to work all the time to pay the mortgage - people are less likely to have the energy to rebel that way.

Anonymous said...

Alexys- I'm reasonably impressed with Vista, but I admit, he certainly rules the roost in IT terms, and I think there are better products around which he keeps out of the market by the usual tactics.

We don't of course, REALLY have a free market, jost an oligopoly.

Eve- Eve, that IS how they rule us, it is a central part of all power dynamics.
What is on our heads CAN let us down, if we aren't logical about it.

Ed- You can't change it, because you will NEVER own the resources. The idea that people rise to position of power, is often a lie. Tony Blair was a tool, because he needed their handouts. Noy just his party, but him personally. So his power was an illusion.

All we can do, is wait.

Mutley- She looks happy doesn't she?
And why shouldn't she?

SS- He is a tool in both senses of the word.

Welshcakes- Yes, exactly. Its certainly the reason they REALLY promote the marriage ideal. It divides society in tiny units that don't genuinely interlink with eachother.