Sunday 28 October 2007


It's been a long weekend, and Sunday's Music post is a bit late.
But here are three of my favourite Radiohead tracks.

The first, Creep, is the classic First Love angst track. Or maybe that's how ALL love should feel. I don't know. But I felt like this with my first love.

The second is from The Bends and is Radiohead at their finest, I think. It's just very atmospheric and evocative. Beautiful, really.

Lastly, from OK Computer, possibly their finest album, we have Karma Police. I quite like the lyrics, but I also find it a very atmospheric track.
In fact BUY the album, it really is great- if you DON'T own it, you are missing out.

Radiohead ARE good. It's as simple as that, really.
The best thing to come out of the late nineties, outside dance music.


Anonymous said...

I vividly recall my indie-kid mates of the mid/late 1990s going nuts for Radiohead...

Anonymous said...

ha! hello Crushed
actually I have this video posted on my blog too "creep" Love Radiohead, but I posted it for Barry bonds departure from the San Fransico Giants! damn cannot stand the guy not to mention he is such an asshole to the media and fans! True story lol

Anonymous said...

I love Radiohead, I was a bit too young to enjoy them mid nineties but now I love them :)

Creep is one of my all time favourite tracks, it finds it way on to pretty much all of my playlists.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a nice weekend Mr Ingsoc!! As did I! Went to see "Stardust" today - very good fun!!

Anonymous said...

creep is also one of my favorite! thanks for posting the video...

Anonymous said...

Gledwood- They were a trail blazer.
Have you listened to Muse?

Harley- I fel the same about Jose Mourihnho, Former Chelsea Manager- Good riddance to pure arrogance.

Oestrebunny- When I split up from my first true love in 1998 I played Creep on repeat for HOURS.

Mutley- It was a very nice weekend, the sort that makes you feel drained Monday, but that it was worth it. This in itself re-energises you.

Samadhi- Any time! I must admit, I find You Tube a little diamond.

Anonymous said...

Have you listened to the new album?? Another solid one, for sure. Although I do have a soft-spot for their earlier stuff, a la Creep and Just.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crushed

Glad to see you're a Radiohead fan. The Bends and OK Computer are two of the finest albums of all time. But they have written utter garbage ever since. Have you heard the new album?