Tuesday 27 May 2008

I Offer You- The Red Pill

This blog has a point. A very important point. Want to know what it is?
I'll let Morpheus tell you.

I think most of you who come here regularly have got that far. You took the red pill and you're still here. Sometimes you go away from here reeling, sometimes you go away shocked, quite often you don't agree with me, but hey, you're taking the red pill, so that's all good as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, taking the red pill isn't as easy for you as it was for Neo, but...

Right. So it's sinking in. Now what? I'll show you. Because if you really HAVE swallowed the red pill, than surely you realise what we're up against?

I'll demonstrate.

It's true. People don't want to hear it. They really do want to stay in the Matrix. And SOME, some will stand there crying and putting their hands over their eyes and shutting their eyes 'Don't let the truth get to me!'

Some people come here and go away wishing they had taken the blue pill...
They'd even sell out to Agent Smith to hide from the truth they fear...

THAT's what we're up against.
THAT's the level of emotional investment everyday people have in the established order that their hopes and dreams are founded on, the order that is falling apart before their very eyes and they haven't the moral courage to come out of the past and face the future.

The Western Capitalist system has created a Matrix of Party Politics, Pseudo-Democracy, Family Values, Patriotism, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Holidays on the Costa Del Sol, The Queen, Pokemon, Walt Disney, Mastercard, Conservatories, Waitrose, Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, FASCISM, it's a Matrix.

And most people will cling onto it until the writing shines out on the wall in Neon lights.

So. You.
Blue Pill or Red Pill?


Anonymous said...

Blue pill.
What we have right now might not be quite ideal but I don't much fancy a lot of what you've got in mind either.

Anonymous said...

I took the red pill some time ago...

Anonymous said...

Oestrebunny- But how long do the blue pill takers get to dream?

Sure taking the blue pill, means you get to live the dream- but the dream is a lie.

CherryPie- :) Glad to hear it. There is SOME hope in the world!
You restore my faith in humanity!

Anonymous said...

Red pill or blue pill? Hmm. Which one is the acid tab?

The exchange between you and Oesterbunny's revealing. Depending on what has, or is content with, or can cope with, the blue pill is fine, as long as he or she doesn't remember taking it. Then again, if you don't like where you are, or where the world is, then you would probably prefer everyone take the red pill.

Of course, if this is the matrix, and our senses have been trained to deceive us, then how do we know our red pills aren't blue? If there are Morpheuses out there, where would one go to look for them?

Anonymous said...

Me. I am of the Matrix ;-) well sl anyway. Still maybe we need to take care of business outworld to make sure we are able to enjoy inworld?

Maybe that means taking responsibility for our own selves and not letting the government tell us what is good for us and give us permission to do things.

So keep both your pills.

At least until we figure out how to pull the hole in after ourselves… ;-)

Anonymous said...

That depends entirely upon whether or not the red pill offers the truth. You push the red pill because you believe what you say to be the truth and a better alternative. But who's to say that it is? We only have your word for that. And who is better for? Everyone, or the self professed reformed hedonist such as yourself?

Anonymous said...

X-dell- The point is meant figuratively, but yes, I think that pretty much sums up reality.

I suppose really, the point is, do you have anything to lose by taking the red pill?
Most people do, I guess. Because the lie can keep them happy. The red pill can never offer that, of course.

Morpheus? Well, we can all be that to eachother- just open our eyes...

Moggs- Well, that ultimately would be the idea.

Direct democracy and TRULY accountable executives has to be the ultimate hope.

No pill at all...
Interesting choice...

Oestrebunny- Better alternative? Not quite. I say the system will come crashing down of its own accord between 2020 and 2050 ANYWAY. And there won't BE any pills, blue OR red. Just choices.

So what does Blue Pill and Red pill mean?
Put simply, you can probably have a very good life, work hard, pat your taxes, never question, settle down, find love, marry, nice house, holidays abroad, etc. When the crisis comes and there are riots in the street and the Police state TRULY does become an Orwellian nightmare, you may well be too old for it to matter.

Taking the red pill WON'T make lives happier for those who take it. Of course it won't.
But is it the responsible thing to do? Yes.
It means planning for the future NOW and sacrificing your own happiness for the happiness of those to come.

Anonymous said...

You have such apocalyptic views. I find it very difficult to comprehend why you have them.

1984 was a book. A work of fiction. All be it a very good work of fiction, but a work of fiction none the less. Like the morality tales of old, it's had it's day. It was a cautionary tale, not a definitive guide to life.

This is not 1949 and you are not Winston Smith.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't have apocalyptic views.
Personally, I believe mankind can surviver the crisis, as you know.

I think a bright potential is in store for the species.
But that involves some people dedocating themselves to make sure that happens, and it's too late for me to take the blue pill anyway.

Anonymous said...

All i can say is: Red is blue.... :)

Anonymous said...

The Western Capitalist system has created a Matrix of Party Politics, Pseudo-Democracy...

Fuckin Amen Brother...