Sunday 18 May 2008

Loved Up!

Tonight's music selection has been chosen for a reason.

Good Dance Music always hits A spot- just not always the SAME spot.

Tonights choices are all about feeling loved up. Each of these tracks has been chosen because, well, they tend to remind you of those sorts of yearnings. It tends to be when tracks like this are playing that you find yourself almost melting into the limbs of a radiant goddess and disappearing from the dancefloor for some much needed privacy...

Each of these choices IS actually devoted to a particular female blogger, each of whom, in their own way, has become a part of the life of this blog.

And why not?
Spread the love is what I say :)

I'd be interested to know whether you- or they for that matter- can identify who was the inspiration behind each choice...

Well there you go. I'd be interested to see if people can follow my logic...

On a more serious note, Mutley has asked me to pass on the fact that he is devoid of an internet connection at present.
He hopes to be back with us as soon as he can, but also asked me to pass on the fact he has started his new job.

He even sent a videoclip so you can see how successful he's being.

We miss you Mutley! Hope you're back soon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you... :P

This would be so presumptious of me, to just assume I'm one of those songs, but that's me ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss Mutley from when he was on Wacky races. I take it he finally ran away from Dick Dastardly.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't really appreciate this music as you can imagine, not being a dance fiend like you but I hope the young ladies recognize their tributes.

Say hi to Mutley when you talk to him and that we hope he is back with us soon.

Anonymous said...

I would have no idea, I like the first one best. Reminds me of music you would hear at the strippers, so I read somewhere LOL.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my anonymous love.. one of those is for me isn't it..?

Anonymous said...

Heart- :) And would we want you any other way?
But don't give the answers away...

x-dell- He's on the run from him now. I think Dick Dastardly DOES have a blog somewhere.

jmb- There is logic to my choices- I think trance can be quite evocative. Certain tracks do FIT with certain personas.

I'm not sure how long he'll be. Not long I hope.

Nunyaa- Not my favorite mix of that track, by any means. There are several versions. I have three myself, and none of them are this version, which seems to be the only one on YouTube.

Do you know, I've never been to a stripjoint? I would say that's because I'm a fine upstanding citizen, but that would be a lie.

Kimba- Erm- I kind of thought it was a little too soon in our acquintance for me to be able to suit your persona to a track.

However, I shall post a track just for you, on the basis of my current conceptualisations...:)

Anonymous said...

Loved-up is a good feeling to have. Pity it doesn't last very long.

Mutley not online ? Disasterous.

Anonymous said...

I never been to a strip club, seen the Chippendales few times, Manpower from Australia a few times, and Men of Australia twice.... was interesting. I laugh more at how you see women in the light of day are all prim and proper but at these shows, they act like they never seen a guy wearing a g-string or those tighter fitting boxers. They act like dogs on heat and go out of their way to try and grab and touch the dancers. Even bar staff will tell you, women are worse than men. Yeah sure they are good to look at, but they just a fantasy not the kind who you would want to wake up with, they be competing with you for the mirror :-)