Thursday 28 August 2008

Waiting On The World To Change

Everything changes. The seasons, weather, emotions, people, thoughts, relationships, sometimes even realities. According to Heraclitus, the weeping philosopher, change is central to the universe - "All is flux, nothing stays still".

Yet somehow we all find ourself stuck in moments that we just cannot get out of – bad relationship, bad job, bad state. We tend to blame that on outer factors and lack of control, but the truth is, in most cases even when things are bad we tend to chose to stay there simply cuz we are afraid to leave our comfort zone and leap out onto the unknown. Sometimes we simple get accustomed and used to the pain, the hurt, the hollow feeling, thinking we are getting what we deserve, cuz surely we do not deserve more than this.


Life should be lived by choices, not chances. Sometimes you don’t have many choices, but you always have to make a choice, even when it is between two evils. The fact that you are the one choosing should change your perspective, cuz you are the one controlling your destiny. We don’t chose the card that have been given us, but we do chose how to play them.

Charles Darwin said that “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Everything changes, and so must you. People often talk about changing the world, but very few of us thinks of changing ourself. Revolution might be needed, but you have to start with somewhere, so why not with yourself? If you really want something in life, you cannot just sit around and wait for someone to change the world or for divine intervention, you have to be the one getting it.

Easier said than done, I know. I am currently finding myself standing on a defining crossroad, not certain which road I shall walk upon. Should I take the safe road, knowing that what I will be getting won’t be enough, but at least I will know what I’ll be getting. Or should I take the unknown road, which on the map and writing sounds like something that could be an opportunity and the beginning of something really grand. But am I really ready for that immense change and the uncertainty that follows – can anyone really ever be ready for it?

Sometimes living out your dreams isn’t as easy as it seems, but it shouldn’t keep you from at least trying. Nothing worth having comes easy.

I suppose all that is left to say is that instead of waiting on the world to change, we should ourself become the wind of change.

Quote of the Day:
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” / Gandhi

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Anonymous said...

You make your choices based on the chances you have been given, or have made yourself. So I guess it is lived by both.

Not sure if you thinking in terms of taking advantage of the chances opportunities that are available to you or just taking chances.

Sometimes you can’t know and just have to screw up your courage, resolve to take your best guess, jump and deal with what comes of it.

Like if you get married, or start a new school. You don’t really know what you are getting into, you sometimes need to become plastic and go with the flow, let the experience adapt who you are.

New friends, new places, new habits, new skills, new pastimes, new life, new person in some ways.

You might suddenly find you are not quite the person you thought you were. Maybe one you like better if you are lucky?

Anonymous said...

The decision you make is always the right one.

Anonymous said...


Good luck with being the wind of change, Crashie.

Yes, sometimes we do have to adapt to your surroundings, this is true.

But never forget GB Shaw;
'The reasonable man will change to suit the world, the unreasonable man expects the world to change to suit himself, therefore it is to the unreasonable man we must look for for hope.'

But take a leap, Crashie, take a leap into the unknown.

Anonymous said...

Give it a go! Or toss a coin... or just get pissed and see how it pans out... thats how I have made all the decisions in my life...

Anonymous said...

RE: Mutley's comment, I always find after a few the choice is always easier to make ;-)

Anonymous said...

moggs tigerpaw - That’s the thing, life doesn’t have guarantees, sometimes you just have to make a choise and see it trough. Sometimes you make good decisions, sometimes you make bad, but at least it would be your mistake to make. Sometimes ppl just need to stop overanalyzing everything and just feel and go by their gutfeeling. Life’s to short for regrets, and most often, its not what we did but what we didn’t that we end up regretting.

electro-kevin - True. Once I thought I was wrong, but I realized that was just a mistake.

crushed - That’s kinda what I am trying to do. This post it more like a peptalk to myself ;)

mutley - Your wisedom never fails to suprise me, muts. You’re like my own anti-yoda ;)

cherrypie - and if it turn out to be a mistake, you have always something to blame on.

Anonymous said...

Mmm! I don't know about the blame, I always find the choices I make give me a chance to learn. I reflect on that and find a way to move forward :-) xx

Anonymous said...

Very true! Great post to read.

Anonymous said...

My Mum always used to quote, saying that 'God helps those that help themselves'. When I was younger I disagreed with her, but as I've got older and understood better what she meant, I believe she was actually right.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to step out of that comfort zone, don't take the chance and be left in limbo of never knowing. Chances are there to be taken.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note. I was married for 17 years - at least the last few were miserable but I failed to do anything either to get out or to try to make it better. I just did the putting up with things bit like you say. In retrospect I wsih I had addressed the prolem not just buried my head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

An inspiring post.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the world changes with glacial speed. It's society that changes more rapidly. But it doesn't happen on its own. People are the agent for this. And people who try to change the world are hardly as passive as you suggest. They wait for nothing.