Wednesday 27 August 2008


I'm not doing a long post tonight.

Had a crap day.
And I'd rather talk to Haydee than post.

It makes me feel better.

I really do have nothing at all I can ever possibly offer her.

Nothing whatsoever.

I can't offer her financial stability, I'm pretty sure I can't offer her a sex life of the quality she's used to, I'm wildly unpredictable, highly volatile, unreliable, spend money like water, have absolutely no practical sense and I'm not even really that good looking. I'm like ET, you think at first I'm cute until you realise that actually I'm an ugly little thing with puny limbs and a sunken in chest.

I'm difficult to get close too, I'm evasive, I can be callous, I'm defensive, I'm dismissive.

And I'm quite brittle. REALLY brittle.

If I was a woman, you'd call me 'High Maintenance'.

I'm damaged goods. Unfortunately, I'm non refundable.

I have absolutely nothing to offer her. She deserves to be loved by someone worthy of her. And that is SO not me.

But love her I do.

And somewhere a part of me thinks that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't make her life miserable.

Because I really do believe that she, and only she, can redeem me.

And tonight, she's more important than posting.


Anonymous said...

I love her too - do you think she would be up for a threesome?

Anonymous said...

Tell her and stay positive :)

Anonymous said...

I love some of the images you post. They can be lovely, like the one of the angel. Oh and don’t forget We still love ET despite what you say. He has a heart that glows and a cute way about him.

What are you like with flying bicycles? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oey, did i just hear you badttalk ET?!?

take that back!

Anonymous said...

Yup I am with Crashie ET is cute!

Anonymous said...

Mutley- I tried arguing your corner, but the answer sems to be no...

Nunyaa- She knows and I am :)

Moggs- I do try take care picking my images. I prob spend on average 15 minutes choosing post images. I find if you type in 'X images' you usually find something you like.

I find him quite annoying. I find it hard to believe he'd have been much use on that spaceship.

Crashie- If you insist..

CherryPie- Ok, I took it back!

ET is quite definitely an example of a lifeform we should all hope our space travelling descendants come to ressemble...