Wednesday 11 April 2007

In the Bloghouse

This blog has a definite enemy.
She's watching The Bill now.

To me watching The Bill is a thorough waste of life energy.
To her, this blog is.

I suppose I was away all weekend up to no good. And I do spend a lot of time on the net.
But she's not very good at coming up with alternative uses of time.
I can't just sit there and watch TV- I hate TV. It's a one way medium providing you with a limited range of thought.

She doesn't like going out much either.

And I know what you're thinking, but you can't do that all evening every evening.

This blog is in the bloghouse, as far as she is concerned.
To rescue it I'm going to have to make it up to her somehow, which means I presume, sitting watching drivel for an hour or so.

Pity me.

Won't even be able to drag out the book I'm reading.
Kant- don't ask- fault of another blogger.

How can people just sit there and watch that thing all night?
People live like that, you know.


Anonymous said...

Husband frequently comments on the amount of time I spend on blogging. But the way I look at it: it's free, harmless and it could be much worse. I also learn loads from other people's blogs, so it's educational. Much better than the television.

Anonymous said...

I didnt even realise The Bill was still on TV ... shows how up to date I am.

Anonymous said...

I'm also accused of creating a blogging widow; strangely enough, more so now that my Imaginary Friend has given up the moderating role she had on a forum she frequents...

As Liz says, blogging is educational, in so many ways. But, mainly, I would urge everyone to bin the TV, that's where the future lies! One of the best things we ever did.

Anonymous said...

Make her a nice dinner.

Women like that.

Anonymous said...

LOL I am a TV head too and I have to make myself limit the amount of TV I watch Thankfully the summer is coming and everything wil be in reruns. I could live without Tv but never without my stereo. My name is interesting you say and i will tell you that my real name is Mary but so is everyone else in my family so we all have nicknames.I am Poody to my family and Mary to everyone else. It's a Texas thing. My baby brother well we call him Brother. I mean everyone does cousins aunts uncles etc. Once when my nephew was in KMart with my brother he lost him and was freaking out hollering for him saying Uncle Brother where are you ! Gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I only use my tv to run my mps's through it.
I would kick her out if I was you ( especially if it is true you are a dancer) :)

Anonymous said...

Well, we have agreed to a compromise now. We have divided the evening ito time slots. Well.
I have.
Ruthie, I'l love to, but she has this bizarre idea she can cook.
Poody, I'm the same. I love my music. I currently hve over 400 CDS and have music on continuosly. If I could have it piped in to my brain 24-7, I would.
UM, Yes, I like to dance. On stage, actually. I'm a bit vain.
Sample of my kind of dance music above.

Anonymous said...

My other half has just bought an enormous TV - I threatened to put a hammer through it - the way others have gone before !!

I feel seriously contaminated, but have a morbid curiosity - especially when it came to recent news reports. A bit like watching a car crash.

Long live the blogger - at least you are contributing to social history !!

Anonymous said...

My wife dobbed me in to the kids the other day. "Your dad is a blogger a bloody blogger." Much hilarity. She also likes to sit and watch television and specifically The Bill, which is on twice a week here. I am happy to have tlevision on in the background. We have the computer in the same room and it means that I don't have to act all hermit like as I cruise around visiting "all my girlfriends" as she likes to joke.

Anonymous said...

If there was anything decent on free-to-air TV perhaps the internet wouldn't be so popular.

Personally, I think the days of TV are numbered. As broadband increases in capacity it's only a matter of time before TV-On-Demand evolves out of the likes of torrents and u-tube so perhaps we're all headed for the bloghouse :)

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, my curiosity is just eating me up: What is "The Bill?"