Wednesday 4 April 2007

Marx- What he REALLY said.

It has been said- and it is probably true that even most Marxists have not read Das Kapital.
I think it's probably true.

The simple fact most people think it's a political work proves that.
It's not.
It's a two pronged work. Volume One is pure Economic Theory. Volume Two is mainly Observation, Volume Three is Political.

It first gives you Marx's anaylsis of how Capitalism works , it's strengths, weaknesses and where he thinks it will lead.
Then it shows you the downside of the system.

Then it provides an alternative to replace Capitalism when the collapse he predicts in Volume One, actually happens.

The Twentieth Century has seen the results of people trying to acheive the ideal of Volume Three before the collapse of Volume One has happened.

Well, here's what I got out of Marx.

I don't agree with the political proposal of Volume Three.

But I do think the failure of that political ideal obscures us to the fact that the other two volumes are pure reason.

I believe his economic analysis of the system is reality and his prognosis is obvious.

I post this partly for Mr Higham, who may feel I answered his gloomy statement of the current situation rather vaguely, so I'll clarify.

Apply this analyis to your points and everything fits in.

Capitalism needs economic growth to survive, that surplus of consumers over producers.
It is what drove the colonisation of Africa, it is the false motor that drives consumer debt, as the market economy turns and eats itself.

So I don't want Marx's answer.

But his working is correct and the world is ready to kick the rotten door down.
And that's why they are protecting themselves, those who pay us against those who think they own what the banks really do.

The theory is right, the solution isn't.

And I'll leave you with that till next Monday.


Anonymous said...

Next Monday... a long wait for answers. I guess we all know that the young Mr Blair read the volumes. All very best, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Much of volume 3 is correcting the errors he made in volume one ... surplus labour and all.

Anonymous said...

Marx has a lot more to him than Das Kapital. He was operating for a bunch of people who brought about a lot of destabilizing measures to Europe. He was a complete a--eh--e. Read his stuff on Christianity.

Anonymous said...

hello :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Animal Farm sum it up? The theory was good but the corruption and greed of those who implemented it was too great for any set of principles to sustain.

Anonymous said...

David, the surplus labour value theory was a common red herring which waylaid many economists of the day. Marx was not alone in following the interpretation he did viz; profit as accumalated labour power.
I don't think that the experience of the twentieth century is in favour of his political ideals, but the economic analysis is spot on.
Faxct is Capitalism needs continuous exponential growth to maintain its central dynamics. Everyone tactitly accepts this anyway.
But the world is finite.