Sunday 29 April 2007


OK. It seem we're almost there.

In new flat. Furniture (mostly) in place.
Books and CDs still in state of disorganisation.
Phone line connected. PC up and running.

Internet not. Virgin say Broadband is not available, BT say they can have it done for me, so Virgin have lost a customer. How long BT will take is anybody's guess, but they better hurry up, I can't use other people's indefinitely.

Flat warming planned for 11th May. Should be interesting. Might even be some posts from the party. You never know.

Was hoping to be online again for Election Super Thursday next week when Labour will lose power in Scotland, possibly Wales, and many English Councils. That may be less likely than I'd hoped.
Good news, I have saved up some good subject matter for some good posts.

Moving IS a thorough pain in the arse, I agree, but I've been a very busy little labourer of late and it's all looking hunky dory now. I even did some picture hanging today, so that gives you an idea of how far on we are.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know how it's going and say thanks for all the kind messages. I've been able to say thankyou to those who have been there or who know me by the name I was christened. Now I'm saying it to you guys too.

Now I'm going to go visit some of you. Don't worry if I don't come your way tonight. I'm coming.


Anonymous said...

My own experience of moving is still fresh in my mind so I think you are doing amazingly well! Looking forward to all the new posts. Auguri dalla Sicilia.

Anonymous said...


It must be a relief to be done (mostly). Take a nice rest and drink some wine.

Anonymous said...

I hate moving with a passion. I seem to do it at least once a year. I will not move this year. I flat out refuse to do it.

The last time I moved I just kept all of my stuff in their respective drawers and chucked them in the back of the car. Made unpacking a hell of alot easier.

Anonymous said...

Moving sucks - it's no joke when they say it's one of the most stressful things in normal life.

Glad it's nearly over for you.