Tuesday 10 April 2007

The Sexual Overtones of the Far Right.

Ok, just to let you know before I start, I'm eating an Easter egg now.

You probably already know that the Far Right are something of a bugbear of mine. I mean in a sense, I do think the concept is a bit of a catchall. I don't actually think there was as much uniting Mussolini's Fascism and Hitler's National Socialism, apart from common foreign policy aims, as people often think. There's quite a lot in Mussolini's Italy that wasn't all bad. Furthermore, if I'm honest had it been 1936 I would have been more inclined to Franco, without the retrospective judgement of history to influence me.

But the Nazis, well they're a different proposition.
It's hard to see a lot of love in their message.

It is true that not all who were attracted by their creed were evil, but it is true that a lot of their early recruits were not- well adjusted.

Nowadays, there is certainly an underground connection between Heavy Metal/ Satanism/Nazism. It is as if the misfits of the world want to embrace the values despised by the world which labels them misfits, to proclaim themselves as 'evil', because they are denied the joys of this world.
No girl, no friends, no job? Because I'm crap? No, it's because I'm EVIIIIL.
This of course is what modern Neo-Nazism is about of course. Being everything that they don't want you to be, because hell, you can't be what they want you to be anyway. It's about sexual repression and social inadequecy.

But wasn't the original?

Isn't the rise of Nazism the result of a nation which had been kicked out of the powers club, humiliated, bankrupted, a nation which deep down felt itself a failure? A nation coming to terms with the collapse of tight lipped Prussian militarism and trying yet failing to be comfortable with the sexual liberation of twenties Berlin- then the most swinging city of it's day?

Was there not something collectively unhappy about a nation which was happy to be rescued by an army of leather wearing Brownshirts?

Is there not inherent in all this Nazi stuff right from the begining, a deep Psychosexual Sado-Masochistic element, which played out till the final days in the bunker?

Listen to 'We don't need this Fascist Groove Thang' (Heaven 17, 1980). I think they tap in to something.

It's a great thing people can come out of the closet now. It should mean Neo-Nazism dies out.


Anonymous said...

I never realised that, you learn something every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog so where do you live then? I'm in Texas!

Anonymous said...

What a disturbing image. I have visions of... well, you don't want to know. Nazism is a form of dominance, I think you may be going a bit too far down the Freud route here though (although it has some truths).

[german accent]Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar [/german accent]

Anonymous said...

I don't think that many people nowdays realise how the world pretty much pushed Germany into Nazism. Most people immediately think Nazism = evil, without realising that Germany needed to break the treaty of Versailles.

Peoples ineducated state on this is a form of racism in itself. Maybe you'd call it extreme politicism.

This is pretty much the only political topic I'll comment on. I'm too ignorant of pretty much all others to know what to say.