Tuesday 10 June 2008


I just made up the title... to name this place of imagination ;-)

As shadows lengthen their ageless forms,

And a chill breeze snatches my soul away,

The ghost of a sigh echoes in my heart,

Held captive by scores and scores of forgotten yesterdays.

The sigh resounds, triggering heartache,

I sweep my eyes around this barren landscape,

Hauntingly familiar, hovering spirits of thought faeries;

'Tis the place of long lost dreams and buried memories.

Wander I often here, the wind upon my face,

Caught within the eternal boundaries of time and space,

Seeing for one moment, ideals glimmering in a haze.

What place have I here?

But then again, reality tends to disappear...

Hand in hand, skimming pebbles of first impressions,

I walk with old flames, repeating conversations,

Smiling, laughing, my self of the past walks.

I just stand and watch, reliving each paradox...

Lonely, the wind carries silent regrets,

It sweeps through my being; I have to submit-

A feeling of indescribable sadness and longing...

I like it.

To this country will I come when sad or just weary,

Till I return here for all eternity.


Anonymous said...

Eve, simply loved this poem. It has such bittersweet sadness in it which I am sure everyone can relate to. Walking down the memory lane is always an emotional experience, but somehow the sadness surrounding it feels comforting.

Maybe one day we’ll finally find serenity… for an eternity.:)

PS. Wicked title, you should definitly get it copyrighted ;)

Anonymous said...

I really like this one. Says it all :/

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place :-) I love your poetry.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I was tempted to have a sneal preview, when I saw the title. It caught my imagination.

I'm glad I waited.

Very emotive, Eve and I LOVED the name 'Cryzan'- it breathed Celtic fantasy, it screams the otherworld, to me at least. I think there are a lot of resonant hints of mythology in here.

It's an interesting feeling you describe, as well. I think there comes a point when we all learn to accept what you're feeling, a kind of contentness in overcoming sadness and allowing ourselves to just take it in while it runs its course.

I'm actually pretty honoured you didn't save this piece for your own blog!

Anonymous said...

Crashdummie: Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it! :-) Yeah, that's the good thing about dying... serenity for eternity (unless one is in hell... not a nice thought, but a good reminder to us to do our best now to avoid that future ;-)). I've actually searched that title before, after making it; and the word DOES exist, although I forgot in what context...

Nunyaa: Thank you :-) I like to reread it too ;-)

Cherrypie: That's really sweet of you. I'm honoured :-)

Crushed: Oh, I didn't know that you didn't preview the posts...! :-) The place IS Celtic; I pictured a place like Ireland (although never been there, and don't know what it looks like); where there are high cliffs and rocks, and it's cold...
> I'm actually pretty honoured you didn't save this piece for your own blog!
Well, mine isn't really protected, even when I write 'copyright'; yours has a 'creative commons licence' to protect it (I hope it works ;-)), so I thought it'd be safer with you :-)