Saturday 21 June 2008


Some say evolution no longer takes place.
Some doubt that we ourselves are already directing our own evolution.

Not true. We are both evolving, and affecting our own evolution, by adding things to the equation that never existed before.

Survival of the fittest in totally new conditions.

I say that for one simple reason. I live, I breathe, I pass my genes on.
And I doubt I'd be doing either of those things out on the savannah.

I live, because man changed the rules on who nature says lives or dies.

And I get to survive under man's rules.

I breathe because under man's rules, a child can be kept alive artificially for a week, even though the child isn't breathing.

Really, I was a strangely healthy child. Even know, I rarely get ill- and even if I do, it's rare I take time off sick for it. The only time I've had off sick recently was due to getting pissed and oversleeping (As an aside, I was actually candid about it, and bizarrely- they paid me the day, on the grounds at least I was honest- didn't lie about a sick baby or something).

But I'm not sturdy, that's for sure. In terms of physical endurance. Well, if you mean going long periods without food or sleep, then yes, I can do both for days, I'm talking about exerting large amounts of physical effort for extended periods of time.

And heat. I'm unnaturally heat sensitive. But also to bright sunlight. I have to wear sunglasses most of the year. The combination of both in the summer, means I can't be outside for too long, or I'm prone to get giddy and faint. I think my respiratory system may still be at fault somewhere.

Adolescence hit me early in some ways. I was shaving at thirteen, and had the full five o'clock shadow look by sixteen. I never got asked for ID, in spite of the fact I never really filled out as a teenager. In fact I don't really think I ever did. I still think my physique is quite adolescent. And I don't have the hands and feet of an adult male.

It was wierd, in spite of being so little, when I was in my late teens, I was usually assumed to be early twenties.
And I've stayed pretty much the same. I still look much the same as I did ten years ago. Strange.

I think one of my problems has always been that visually I attract women with strong maternal instincts, and the problem is, I've adopted a mode of behaving which plays up to that. Basically, to be blunt, you know the way a certain kind of girl affects girly mannerisms to play up to those insincts in men?
Well, I do the same a lot, I think.

And don't we all? The modes of sexual selection are not the modes of the savannah. How you move on the dancefloor, how you perform in conversation, timing in inviting her to a party, attention to detail at the party, these are what we will be judged on before getting the green light. New rules, man's rules.

Ability to communicate and demonstrate the survival skills of man's game. Can you talk? Can you think quickly? Can you impress face to face?

Because that's our savannah.

You see, we are, all of us, always looking at this on two levels.

The first is, do our genes want them?
And second is, do WE want them?

And the selling points to both those are no longer dictated by the needs of the savannah.

Communication has become the key mating ritual. 'He has a lovely smile, lovely eyes.'
Hello? As I say, it's all about the communication.

So here I am. Back in savannah times, I would not be selected to even breathe at all. Today's technology allowed mankind to save the physically frail, because once they survive babyhood, they are at no REAL disadvantage in a world without PHYSICAL hardship.

And I get to play survival of the fittest even though I lack all the physical advantages necessary to live on the savannah.
Because every advantage I have, I have ONLY in the game MAN lives.

We live by our minds and our consciousnesses.

Thank God.

But anyway, it kind of got me thinking.

Here we all meet up regularly and in some cases it feels like we've known eachother ages.
Have we met, or haven't we?

I don't know, is the honest to God truth.

In some cases, I feel like we HAVE.

Anyone else get that?


Anonymous said...

We're always evolving, and you're right, the rules are changing, we don't live in caves anymore.
That illustration of the future evolution of mankind is seriously messed up, but it could happen, you never know...

In reguards to your last question, I think we've all met others IRL that remind us of bloggers here. I know I feel closer to some friends online than off.
Now if you mean literally, as in other lifetimes, who knows? Could be. The talks we have on here remind me of ones I used to have with my best friend before he died in 1982...

Anonymous said...

The conditions for survival and evolution has changed. As you mentioned, we do not have to compete on the same permissive as we did in savannah, but no matter how much we think we have evolved, we are still controlled by our primal instincts.

Regarding your last question: Sometimes a heartbeat is enough to connect with someone and to get to known them, while with others you can spend a lifetime without even getting a glimpse of the real them. Its all relative. I also think that in VL you are able to easier & faster connect on a deeper level since you open up yourself easier than you would if you meet someone IRL.

Back to the question – do you know “me”? Yes, I would say so. But do you really know know “me”? I would have to say no here – most of us are trill trying to know ourself. Layers my friend, layers.

Anonymous said...

And nowadays they save even younger preemie babies and their lifelong problems can be very severe.

It must be funny to think about the fact that you might not be alive, save for the technology of those days, now advanced even farther.

Sometimes I wonder how we would all feel if we actually met. Would we revert to our normal selves behind the mask? Or would we continue to be open with those we have opened up to out here? Would we pretend it had never happened or would we continue the discussions as if were online?