Wednesday 18 June 2008

In Plain English

You're asking why.

Come on.
You all want to know.
That's why you sneak over to take a peek in morbid fascination.

You come over to see what all the fuss is about.

And you go away asking...

IS he trying to found a cult or what?
IS he just luring in women to sell some dark subversive message?

Or is he damn certain he's right?

Is THAT why he carries on, though his real life has been raked over the coals online, his anonymity is no longer worth a 1923 Deutschemark, whatever he is, all the views you care to hear, can be heard being ferried around, the silent whisper.

Cracked, Crooked, or Correct?

That's all you REALLY want to know.

In other words, you want a summary of my belief system, in full, in Plain English, so as you can judge which of those three is the case.

So here it is;

Ultimately, it rests in logic. Logic questions the necessity of a primal cause. Thing is, it's not quite the right question. Doesn't matter what started it (and the question IS irrelevant, because we are outside of time). Fact is, something exists. So there MUST be a primal mechanism. And there is. Ultimately, EVERYTHING has one property, so there is one thing we CAN say is a pre-condition of existence. Everything follows logical laws.
Logic. Logic is the primal, logical condition of existence.

Logic, basically, is conscious.
Logic, is the primal consciousness, and that is its SOLE property.
That is your God. God is logic.

Existence DOES need a primal mechanism, and that is logic.

It exists outside of absolute time in an infinite zero.

And it infinitely creates quantities. Problems, if you like. It creates quantities- as in quantities of energy strings- and then dis-assembles back to zero, in the shortest possible combination of routes. It creates everything, than turns it back to zero, infinitely.

From Big Bang, to heat death, basically.

The method of solving, is the laws of thermodynamics.
Do you want to know how many times the universe makes a choice per second?
It's a planck tick. Each planck tick, is the universe choosing, out of all possible options, which one is the quickest route to heat death. That means, imagine the size of an electron. Imagine a line of electrons spread out end to end for as many miles as exist in 186,000 miles. That's how many times.

The universe ALWAYS drives forward. It forces through, the most radical solutions, inventing ever more complex ways of speeding up the rate of dissipating it's energy.

It loves to create chain reactions. Basically, it's the principle of water flowing down a hill. It wears grooves along the shortest route, than sinks that groove to become a river.
That's how the universe works.

And here, in sequence, are it's cleverest moves.

  1. The invention of the nuclear chain reaction. This enables one initial sequence set off in increasing number of self-perpetuating, energy wasting reactions. Great idea. And the gravitational attractions of these are immense. We talk about our lights wasting energy? That's the way the universe likes it. Partly why we're here.
  2. The creation of viruses. Great thing, these hydro-carbons, in atmospheres where they form, They can self-replicate. Again, another great chain reaction, smaller in effect, but bigger in size. Can get to eating away the rest of the otherwise inactive matter. These can form on any solid, non-reacting body.
  3. The creation, on Earth, and possibly on other locations, too far distant from eachother to ever have relevance to eachother at these very early stages, the creation of something like the Eukaryote cell. The possibilities of multi-cellular life, Life that needs to feed, to breed, to burn energy in expanding the total of matter absorbed within the process. Vast bodies of organic matter, burning energy at faster and faster rates.
  4. US. Humanity. Life that is rationally conscious in itself. Matter capable of SEEING INTO the mind of that primal consciousness. The best idea the universe ever had. It used the matter of the universe to manifest its consciousness in matter. Us. Humanity. It means for us to do so. We are the culmination of its thought, and now we are the consciousness of the universe within it. That's been the reality we've been figuring out over the last ten thousand years, and coming to terms with that has been what religion and philosophy have all, always been about. Us preparing to come to terms with what rests within us. We personified the universe as being not unlike ourselves for a reason. We postulated a human universe. Yes, God made Man. That's the point. It's always been the point. And it has scared so much, we've been constantly shifting closer and closer to it, whilst scared of the awesomeness- and awfulness- of everything that means.

Because we've been worshipping a man for two thousand years.
That was really his message. I'm Jesus. Love me like a God, and maybe you can learn to love eachother as men and women.

But to TRULY love eachother as men and women, you must learn to love yourselves. Don't feel low about being mortal dieing things. It doesn't stop you being God now. If you can get your head round thinking I'm God (meaning Jesus, not me obviously), you can get your head round realising- It's YOU! Humanity. And then, you'll have grown up as a species.

Human history has been our adolescence.

Time for us to grow up now.

Getting our heads round this reality is called for now, so we CAN build Utopia.

We're meant to.

THAT'S why I'm still here.


Anonymous said...

(1) I've always seen us more in a state of incancy, as a species. Our tendencies toward war and genocide the cosmic equivalent of us sticking our fingers into the wall sockets (or receptacles).

(2) You might want to think hard about that cult thing. They're quite profitable:-)

Anonymous said...

The only thing I really got from this was the importance of recognising we are all part of a giant system and we owe it to each other to stick together instead of killing one another and fighting against one another and trying to subvert nature.

Anonymous said...

just precisely how does an inanimate universe invent anything? Is this another illustration of the simply fact you are a complete fruitcake?

Anonymous said...

Baht At- Read the post. Properly. Read the bit about primal consciousness.

The universe is conscious, it's just one huge calculation, everything into nothing. And thermodynamics is the route.

Let's face it- the REAL issue is, you just lack the intellectual skills to comprehend, or the patience to read properly.

Anonymous said...

Man is his own worst enemy.

Crushed, fruitcakes take time and they are enjoyed by all 'classes' of society :-p

Anonymous said...

I see the earth/universe as living growing and as Nunyaa said man is his own worst enemy and the earth has to readjust..

Anonymous said...

Existence DOES need a primal mechanism, and that is logic.
It exists outside of absolute time in an infinite zero.

I have always believed something, or somebeing has been in control.

Logic, basically, is conscious.
Logic, is the primal consciousness, and that is its SOLE property.
That is your God. God is logic.

I like how you put this Crushed.
Good stuff to ponder...