Sunday 8 June 2008

That Was INTENSE! Let's Chill Out!

The last few posts have been a bit intense.
If the subject matter was a bit heavy, and well, depressing, I apologise.

I also owe you all an apology for being a lousy visitor this weekend. Regular readers will know that my best mate The Baker and my ex-flatmate are expecting. The baby is expected any day now, so we were enjoying what may well be our last chance to spend time together as friends without a baby being on the scene.

So I'm leaving you with some of the few Depeche Mode singles I don't think I've posted yet.

Once again, I don't think I can emphasise enough just how quality Depeche Mode are. But have a listen, see for yourself. Listen to the music- it's why I posted it. :)

The recent series concludes tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have found your recent posts really interesting :-)

I wish your friends good luck with the birth of the baby xx

Anonymous said...

I must find my old copy of teh Some Bizarre Album and listen to Photographic.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the delivery goes well as I'm sure it will. Depeche Mode, mmm, my favourite. :-)

Anonymous said...

Those post haven't been depressing at all IMO. Quite the opposite. And very interesting Crushed.
But thanks for the music in anycase...

Anonymous said...

The series of posts have been riveting reading, I found them interesting. Can't listen to the you tube stuff as it slows my pc down and then I get cranky pants !

Anonymous said...

Ah, fresh blood to corrupt, i mean enlighten ;)

I'm quite sure all of your readers are happy and proud that you actually shared the series with us. It takes alot of guts to be able to be objective regarding such a personal side of you. Guess it just gave you another layer.

Depeche Mode, what can be said about them besides "I like" :)


Anonymous said...

CherryPie- There weren't posts I ever thought I'd write. When I got out someone suggested I about it- I said I didn't plan to.

They STIll haven't settled on a name...
I'm rooting for Conan for a boy, Emma for a girl. These names still seem to be on the table- none of my other suggestions are :(

Jams- The orginal version was better than the one on Speak and Spell. It's on YouTube though- I did check.

jmb- I suspect it will be relatively straight forward. I think D's almost resigned to the pain just so she can FINALLY have a cigarette :)

Fusion- I'm glad you think that- I hope that they've at least encouraged people to see the wider picture a little.

Nunyaa- I'm glad you found it interesting. I do think it is something that people don't really confront, it's easier to see it in simplistic terms. But it's anything but.

:) Well, at least you won't become a YouTube addict like me...

Crashie- It does change you, no doubt about it. Not in ways that are immediately apparent, but it does.
I guess that will become apparent in the final post.

Depeche Mode, well, they are the greatest band ever. What more can I say? :)