Tuesday 3 June 2008

Most Yorkshiremen Aren't Like This, I'm Sure...

Shame most decent Yorkshiremen get tarred with this brush, eh?

Stereotypes are bad, in many ways. Most Yorkshiremen are nothing like this. Shame some choose to live their lives BEING this sketch.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen that particular one, although I've seen the character before.

You can always tell a Yorkshireman, but you can't tell him much...

Anonymous said...

It's a funny thing about stereotypes.

Although they AREN'T always helpful, comedy like this wouldn't work if it wasn't the fact that people look at it and think 'Yes, I've met a Yorkshireman like that.'

Just as Father ed works, because any Irish Catholic has met Ted, Jack AND Dougal.

And my grandmother IS Mrs Doyle. Seriously.
In fact, so are most of my older female relatives back in the Emerald Isle.

I think the problem is that sometimes sterotypes ARE right, because they ARE an observation about a CULTURE which has developed, in a certain region.

I think in this day and age, movement of peoples and mass communication blunts this, so that people such as yourself could come from anywhre really. I don't think I'm OBVIOUSLY a Brummie, though I think sometimes my Irish roots show, I think in character, I have a lot of the stereotypical Irish traits.

Of course, if you're an unemployed, NHS specs wearing, balding social inadequete living somewhere near Ilkley, I guess your world is a lot narrower....

Anonymous said...

Actually, I had seen this sketch, I just hadn't watched enough of it to click, when he did the line about having seen sophistication because he had been to Leeds. That made me laugh the first time round even before I had even been to Leeds, let alone lived there.

(Leeds is a fine place, by the way.)