Wednesday 23 July 2008

Become. And Believe

Believe that Good will ultimately triumph over Evil.

Believe that Love is more powerful than Hate.

Believe that no matter how inexplicable, no matter how painful, everything happens for a reason.

Believe that you heart tells you true.

Believe that your life serves a purpose.

Expect nothing for yourself.

Give everything you can give.

Take only what you need.

Give your love freely and do not ask for it back.

Take as much pleasure as is needful, take as much pain as you can endure.

Lose yourself.

Be no longer ruled by your nerve endings, be no longer ruled by your self-image, be no longer ruled by your desires, be no longer ruled by your fears.

Be ruled by logic. Be ruled by will.

Transcend the fleshly form you inhabit.

Hunger for immortal death.
Feel the world that you are part of, the world of which your mind is just an angle, and embrace your life, irrelevant as self, indispensable in purpose.

God faces you in the mirror.

And believe.


Anonymous said...

Be ruled by logic. Be ruled by will.

Up to this point yes I agree, but moving on a little it would be I look God in the eye!

Anonymous said...

Sounds so simple when you put it like that but the reality is so different. Still we keep trying.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a benefit for those who believe in these things.

Anonymous said...

True, true, and I would add:

Encourage others to become and believe.