Friday 11 July 2008

Not Bad For a Thirty Year Old

Still don't look too bad, do I, for a thirty year old?

Don't think my physique has gone to pot yet.

And thats after half a life of serious bodily abuse.

By the way, don't be e-mailing me saying you can see the ghost of Jesus in the mirror.
That really IS my T-shirt...


Anonymous said...

Oops, I did do just that before reading the post....kidding. At least you're not carrying your tummy around in a wheelbarrow lol.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about the T Shirt ;-)

Anonymous said...

really? Bummer! i thought it was somekinda divine intervention.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, who's that cool kid? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nunyaa- No, I think I've still got a reasonable waistline.
I look at other people my age and realise I'm doing Ok.

Still got a full head of hair and can still stretch my frings to my chin :)

CherryPie- Yes, in fact I doubt many people would be able to get into that T-shirt, period. Its very tight fitting.

Crashie- No, sadly not.

Heart- :) Don't look TOO bad, do I?