Friday 11 July 2008

Do You Truly Want To Enter?

Do you?
Then let's go.

Do you see the walls of adamant, stretching to the blackened sky? Do you see the searing lightning bolts, do you feel the torrential rain?

Walk carefully across the bridge, it's wide enough for one. No rail to stop you if you slip and the chasm has no floor.
And watch you are not disheartened as you hear the dragons roar.

Walk on at your peril.

Do see the iron gates, do you feel the minotaurs breath?
Do you dare raise your voice and ask for permission to pass?

The password, the password.
And do you know the words?

Do you see the carven runes above the gate and can you heed their meaning?

'In the midst of darkness, there is light. Out of death comes life'.

Stride on, stranger.
The passage is dark, the echoes haunting. Do you feel the cold, do you feel the shiver down your spine freezing your very blood?

Do you see where you have come to?
Do you see Pleasure to your left and Pain to your right?

Euphoria, Euphoria. The calm at the eye of the storm, dancing on the stage, blowing kisses to the crowd, holding court at parties, screaming at the touchline, punching the air as a deal is closed, lovemaking, Depeche Mode concerts, Joanna, the dogs, pubs, mates, highs, Lord of the Rings, Music, feeling ALIVE, LIFE is for the living. You're a long time dead.

Now face the other way. Do you see it?
Do you WANT to see it?

It will chill your bones.

Do you see the aborted child, do you feel the tension, can you hear the clanging of iron doors, the smell of sweat and urine, can you feel the panic, the disquiet, the unease?
Do you feel you dance with the devil in a life that is not your own?

Feel that whip crack across your back, feel the nail catch your cheek.

Do you feel the weight of the world weighing down upon YOU?

Do not look too long into the abyss, it looks back into you.

Move on, traveller, move on.

Let's see the citadel.

Can you see it? History?
Can you see the flame of the Big Bang? Can see the volcanos of the Hadean? The emergence of cellular life? Can you see Trilobites, Ammonodonts, Dinosaurs, the KT extinction event, can you see the Mammals evolving?
Can you see the emergence of big brained man from small brained ape?
Do you see man cultivating emmer wheat, do you see him carve his idols, do you see him building Jericho?

Egypt, Greek myth, Babylon, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Buddha, Rome, Christ, Catholicism, Byzantium, Charlemagne, Islam, Anglo-Saxon England, Norse myth, the Middle Ages, the Rennaisance, Conquistadors, slavery, religious wars, civil wars, Galileo, Newton, the Rise of the British Empire, Rousseau, the French revolution, Capitalism, Darwin, Marx, Nietzche, The First World War, The Second World War, The Cold War?

And can you SEE it? Do you see the side branches, can you see it as a whole?

Do you see Today? Do you see a continent with transport systems that serve only to take the resources from within to the ships waiting at the coast? A continent administered by madman and their tribal mobs, armed with weapons that cannot threaten us, but can keep their own people down?

Do you see the underclassess of the west, written off to heroin, crack and prostition?

Do you see yourselves running on a treadmill to rent a life from those who use you as pawns in a daily game of power stakes, where the aim of the game daily, is to own a larger share of the world's actual material infrastructure than you did the morning?

And can you see how few people sit behind the chessboard?

And can you see how they do it?

Can you see the hate they spread?

Turning us against eachother so we're too busy fearing eachother to realise, we're being screwed.
Humanity in chains.

But can you see the vision?

Can you see the vision?

Mankind and Womankind unchained. Where the colour of a persons skin, means no more than the colour of their eyes. Where what consenting adults choose to do to find fulfillment, is judged only in terms of harm done to others. Where the world and everything in it is governed for us all, by us all.

Where Mankind and womankind are not kept down by fear of a vengeful deity, or fear of the armed thugs of a police state, but genuinely understand- because they can see it to be so- that the efforts of all, will make us all better off. Because we're all getting a good deal. United we stand, divided we fall.

A Humanity no longer looking seeing itself as a kind of poor version of a perfect person, nor embarrassed at being descended from animals, but proud of itself as the pinnacle of creation, striving forward to continually achieve more and better, to reach for the stars, to BE the beings it once thought created it.

Do you see that vision?

Come, let me show you the inner sanctum.

It's OK. Just this once, the guards will let you past.

Do you see the pedestal?
Do you see the goddess on it?

And do you see the child kneeling down in front of her?
Scared, frightened, alone?

You wanted to see.
I showed you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I see everything. I can say that I've been on a life's quest to do so. Alas, I still don't see all. Yet, I see more.

I can see, for example, men and women unchained. I am certain that day will come. In fact, history tells us that we are moving towards that, despite the current (and previous) steps backwards.

I see the day coming when our species finally matures--if it can manage not to kill itself in the meantime.