Friday 4 July 2008

We Are Family

Such a BAD picture in the general sense, I don't mind publishing it.

I doubt you'd know any of us from this picture, if you walked past us in the street.

Yet, it's a good picture.
A majority of the people who matter to me are in this picture.

And you can SEE us. How we are. If people ask me about my 'family', this is the pic I show them.

Regular readers will probably know WHO is WHO.

What you see of me in that picture, is the real Crushed. Crushed, at ease with the people who love Crushed. Crushed with the people he'll fight to the death not to lose.

And this is the point.

Look at that picture.

My life is full, thankyou. There is only one vacancy. In the front row, arms around the shoulders the Baker's Mum ISN'T holding, the Chimney Sweep with his hand on YOUR waist, not mine.

That's the job description.

If you can't fulfill that, don't bother.

It's the only position on offer.

(special prize for the first person to tell me the occasion of this picture).


Anonymous said...

Take it from a photographer Crushed, the picture doesn't always have to be in focus to tell a crystal clear story.
That is a great photo, and I don't have a clue what the occasion is.
My guess is an birthday party...

Anonymous said...

The birth of the baby?

Anonymous said...

you all look so happy :-)

Anonymous said...

The picture was taken shortly before Christmas.

Fusion is closest.

It was the Baker's Mum's fiftieth birthday.

Yes, we were all quite happy then. It was a good occasion.

Basically, I've had problems using the USB cable to upload pics off my phone, but I've just discovered I can e-mail from my phone, so hence, you get to see RL pics on this blog at last.

I've got some more of Baby which which will be coming up in tomorrows post, I think. Or the day after. I've been studying her a fair bit :)