Sunday 28 September 2008

2nd Sunday Memusetica

It's that time of the week again. Yes, it's the Crushed Music slot, the second of our revamped, enhanced, semi-memetic, music slots- courtesy of the irrepressible Mr Judd Corizan, hereafter to be knows as The Sunday Memusetica.

I'm guessing not much here will be new to anyone- but if it is, now you know.

My favorite age: Early twenties. Old enough to know how to enjoy being young.

My best friend(s): The Baker, The Chimney Sweep, Haydee.

My celebrity crush: Rihanna. Or Keisha Buchanan. It depends on the day.

My defining characteristic: Absolutely no sense of shame. Whatsoever.

My most evil moment: My brother probably wondered for years why his punchball gave up the ghost and just deflated. Well bro, now you're going to find out. The rubber didn't perish. I stuck a pin in it. Why? Just because. And don't say you didn't do stuff just as bad- you did.

My favorite food: A good fry up; Sausages, eggs, bacon, black pudding, mushrooms, hash browns, fried bread.

My grossest injury: I had a girlfriend once where we had an-erm- slight problem getting things to go in. So we had to use baby lotion. Only we ran out once and I tried using shampoo. Never try this at home. It's not good. It swelled up and had blisters on it.

My biggest hatred: Aston Villa Football Club.

My most illegal activity: You all know this. I have a conviction for Ecstasy.

My need for justice: Get rid of this awful system that's grinding us down and turning the world into a wasteland. Time for the people to stand up and take back the world that ALL our ancestors took part in the building of.

My most knowledgeable field: I'd say I know a little about a lot rather than a lot about a little. But history, political philosophy, etc are probably my stronger points.

My life’s goal: Help change the world. Be part of the revolution this world truly needs- or at least do what I can. That aside, be able to live comfortably and happily and die still being as close to those close to me as I am today.

My mother’s influence: None. Don't take that wrong, I don't resent my mother I get on with her great these days, but we're not close in a mother son way and never really were.

My nerdiest point: Middle Earth. I AM the Middle Earth encylopedia...

My oldest memory: Sitting in the pushchair wondering why I could see everyone else but not me.

My perfect date: To be a honest, go and see something interesting, like a historical building, or an art gallery, then have a pub meal somewhere is good enough for me.

My unanswered question: Greenland is the world's biggest island, but Australia is actually bigger. Since Australia isn't a continent in its own right, what the hell is it?

My random fact: The shortest reign in history was that of Louis XIX of France who technically reigned for less than an hour in 1830.

My stupidest decision: For reasons of diplomacy, I'm not going to go into that, but let's just say it is to prevent the like repeating itself that I have a blog policy...

My favorite television show: CSI. The original.

My style of underwear: Boxer shorts, usually with cartoon characters. Today I have Cartman.

My favorite vegetable: Do bean sprouts count? Don't see why not.

My weakest trait: I have a highly addictive personality.

My X-men power: I think I'd have to fake having one. This begs the question of why I'd want to, but I guess I might have been trying to impress Halle Berry whilst drunk.

My strongest yearning: I have bored you all posting incessantly about her so I won't mention her again...

My moment of Zen: Realising that in fact, Christ, Darwin, Marx and Nietzche really ARE totally compatible. Between them they show the way forward.

That's it for this week :)


Anonymous said...

I too have shared your moment of Zen. I just call it an ephinany.

Totally down with you on Middle Earth.

I'm a fan of House and The Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Your most evil moment....siblings make us stronger people I think. If you can with stand the pain and mental torture your brothers and sisters dish out whilst growing up. You know you're going to be able to survive anything.

Brothers and Sisters. Teaching us to fight dirty since the day they were born.

Anonymous said...

Wow am sorry but I had to laugh at the shampoo thing, that will teach you, and doesn't that burn?

Anonymous said...

Gotta admit it takes guts to admit you have absolutely no sense of shame. Thought-provoking answer on Christ and the others as well...

Sunday Stealing with Judd Corizan ~ Me Me and Me??

Anonymous said...

Sorry but have to disagree with you there. In my opinion Nietzche was a Nutjob. He either sent himself insane or he was insane to begin with.

Also just discovered that Chrome won't let your page work properly. Kept wondering why the videos never worked, so went over to FF and it's all ok now.

Anonymous said...

I think my most evil moments were things I did to my brother too. In my defence no one else was ever allowed to do anything bad to him!

Anonymous said...

Enemy of the Republic- It certainly was a monent of peace. I remember it vividly.
I could lterally feel the pieces click into place.

Bunny- They are certainly love-hate relationships, that's for sure.
I used to try and convince him he was adopted as well. But I hear that's pretty normal.

Still, he panned out to be the sensible one...

Nunyaa- It wasn't funny. It lasted about a week.

Yes, it did teach me.

Mimi- Life's too short to life it by other people's rules.

I don't see the point in being ashamed of who you are and what drives you.

I think you should only be ashamed when you break your own code.

Ginro- Some of his later stuff is les coherent, but I still maintain a lot of his viewpoint was pretty inspirational.
I think he challenged lot of totems and culturally accepted norms and often he was right too.

Incidently, if you google 'Nietzcheist' guess what the first entry is ? :)

He did of Syphilis, which drove him insane towards the end. Oddly, he didn't catch it from sex, believe it or not.

I like Firefox and can't see any reason to move, I like the way it keeps your windows all slotted in line.

CherryPie- Yes, same here. He was certainly the golden boy...

I have yet to hear about siblings who WERE nice to eachother. Except Enid Blyton ones.

Anonymous said...

Often he was wrong as well. A guy I knew at Uni turned to his writings and went completely off the rails, and Hitler's Aryan race idea was based on Nietzches superman.

And yes I Googled that word, lol.