Thursday 1 March 2007

Apologies for Absence

Just a quick apology in advance.
I had a subject in mind for tonight which was going to precede this apology, but work related issues have meant that I'm going to have to leave that for Sunday afternoon.

I have to go out tonight- there's a sexy redhead called Jo I need to seduce.
Tomorrow I am going off to visit my friend who this blog has entitled The Baker.
If any of you are in Subspace in Manchester tomorrow night the 5ft7 guy with brown curls dancing on the stage will be me.

I will be returning to the bloggosphere on Sunday. I am just going to say a quick Hi to all the class people around here and I'll see you all very soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say, CBI, that I won't be going anywhere near Madchester tomorrow. I would kind of like to, given that I've just learned that Man U fans sometimes chant "Giggs, Giggs will tear you apart, again", which would just be soo cool to hear or even sing.

Still, good luck with the redhead and let us know how you've got on. At first I thought your post was called "Apologies for Abstinence" but I guess that's the opposite of what you have in mind.

Anonymous said...

I wish I were in Manchester. Those curls sound inviting!

Please give us or me separately intimate details about Jo, the redhead. I'm curious :)

Anonymous said...

The redhead is an ongoing issue...
I would have seen her again tonight except that I only got back an hour ago, so that plan went out of the window.
I have the added concern that I seem to have given her ex partner the idea that he can win her back. Why I do these things to myself I do not know.

You are right, TD, not much abstinence happened this weekend on any front. It was supposed to be quite a moderate weekend, but neither I nor The Baker are by nature moderate people.

Didn't dance as much as I would have preferred.

Ms Smack, you will be informed of any intimate details on the Jo front as soon as there is anything worth telling.
Plenty of sordid goss though, if you want some.