Thursday 22 March 2007

Just for Jessica.

Jessica, special post just for you.
Please go down to the post you visited last time and see if you agree my comment.


Anonymous said...

whoa, whoa, whoa take a chill pill there, hop scotch.

i don't recall being homophobic or anything. what's your problem? :(

umm was it when i said this:
"I hear you indigenous people get a pretty 'tidy' welfare handout, yeah?"

it was not a statement i made. it was an observation, followed by a request for confirmation from a source who should know better then me.

is that what's twisting your titty so bad? coz seriously, i do hear that all the time.

i am not saying i believe it. but when i am in the dole line, a lot of people go on about that.

plus, one or two of my fellow dole-ee's do look a bit indigenious, so maybe they do have a point. or they could be Paki's - you never know.

sorry if i meant offence. it was not intended to sound like that.

just as you were doing in your original post, i am just telling it how i see it. commenting on a system, you dig.

sorry for the drama, ingsoc. you are 'alright'. hope we are 'cool'.

Anonymous said...

Jessica. Don't play games. Don't pretend you don't know what you were doing.
It's rare I will log in whilst at work, but May I reiterate, DON'T play games, not with me, not with anyone else and you know who I mean, don't you?
Right now you are staying on my good side- just.
Keep it that way.
I think I read you pretty well, 'Jessica', so I know the result of confrontation you might seek.
Don't bother.

Anonymous said...

On the otehr hand, I welcome a jessica on my blog. I love bitches like her!
Wash your "sheets" before you come along though Jess.