Wednesday 7 March 2007

Just a quick one.

Nothing of any real complexity today. Time management meant I had to go visit other people's sites and I am due in the pub shortly. (Her name is Donna by the way and No, it most certainly is not a date, she is attached still I think, though we'll see..)
Just thought I'd leave you with this.
Australia isn't a continent
It's part of the continent of Australasia or Oceania, depending on your view.
The world's largest island is always listed as Greeenland.
Australia is much bigger than Greenland.
So clearly, by that description Australia is NOT an island either.
So if it's not an island and not a continent.... what the f*** is it?

Or is it only a continent for the purposes of NOT being an island?
And vice versa.

Solutions, please, on the back of a postcard to Mr J Howard, Canberra, Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Australia is Australia. Duh!