Friday 23 March 2007

Work related stuff of no interest to people not in Sales and Marketing

Don't much like back stabbing, me. If you don't like something I do, have the decency to tell me. Not that anyone reading this would.

In the pub just now with a work colleague and they told me what another work colleage had said about me. They had been quite upset about it, and wanted me to know.

Apparently, I am an 'unprofessional cowboy', who doesn't undertstand that 'there is a professional way of dealing with people in business.' This because, I am very much myself with clients, down to earth, chat football, flirt with the female ones, etc.
I retorted that if this person thought that, they were working in the wrong sector. We don't work in the civil service or banking. We work with people. So talk football, holidays, flirt, do anything to get your business. It's about people and it's about human interaction. Basically, we are paid to make people like us, and that ain't done by preserving 'professional barriers.'

If I'm dealing with a female client, I put extra curls in my hair and talk slowly, in a low voice. If I'm dealing with a Rugby Club member, It's manly talk time. That's the difference between a paid salesman and someone who loves marketing. Call me a cowboy. I don't care. I am. But that's my style. Like it or lump it. It gets results.

I asked my informant 'And what did you say?'

The reply says it all. 'Yes, but he gets results.'

So Lesley, darling, don't forget.
You work with people, hun. Keep on the right side of them. If you'd said what you said to my face, darl, it would have been forgotten by now.
But now I know you're not on my 'to be trusted list', maybe you should compare my track record to yours and start pondering on your future...


Anonymous said...

Thats so true! I work with people too and I do find that you change your ways to deal with the people you're talking. If I can identify with them on any level, I'll use it to get the job done, or connect with them.

I'm not in sales so its not a profitable exercise, but making that connection certainly opens lots of doors and most importantly, a good relationship where they benefit.

Nice post mate!

Anonymous said...

Darling, I laid that post for a reason, to make sure those who have something to hide know I have'nt.

No one takes me on and wins, sweetheart. That's life. You rouse me whenever you want because I'll be there for you.
HEAR THAT BLOGGOSPHERE, hear that Jessica, position stated/
Me Birmingham, UK, her Adelaide, Aus.
You Think about your position or I'll make you wish you didn't even have the net.
I mean that mate. Think about it, because I'm on you/ You upset her again, I'll REALLY upset you.

That's direct mate, I've stated my position. Think VERY carefully before you answer because I WILL NOT ACCEPT hurtful manipulative, attention seeking closet homosexual (no offece intended to fellow humans, I have a Sexually inadequete teenager to ta;k to here,)
Don't f**** with me. dude. You make one more comment about 'daddy shaped holes' amd if I find you with your writing style (whih I have already had registeed software wise), you WILL wish you had never come across me.

Listen to me, Dude. I mean it.

Anonymous said...


Is it just me, or is the temperature here hotter than hades

I came looking for a post on thermodynamics, but wasn't quite expecting this

Anonymous said...


You might be referring to the one I did on thermodynamics as a n explanation for life?

I spend far too much time worrying about entropy.

OK, people, no more angry comments from little me.
Are you stuck, if you're into the Big Bang and quantum mechanics etc, I'm happy to chat to you mate.

Anonymous said...

If you're getting results, it's working. They are probably just jealous.