Monday 2 April 2007

A Situation I might actually Campaign in

I have already suggested that there is a good chance we may end up with the charming Charles Clarke as PM, should Gordon Brown become unacceptable for Scottish reasons.
Now it seems, that a Clarke bandwagon is gaining ground.

What a thought.
There are more than a few useless people in this government, probably higher than is average, but this is one Labour 'heavyweight' about whom I cannot think of anything positive to say.

I can't stand the man.

I'm sure most of us have our own reasons for disliking this garden gnome who's lost his hat, but mine is simple.
He's a humourless Philistine.
This is the man who said basically, that University education was 'unsuited' to todays job requirements. In some cases true, but when he singled out medieval history as an area that was overstudied, I lost my rag a bit.

If there is no place in our society for the study of knowledge, what are bothering to train people to work FOR?
Is the period which saw the rise of most modern European nation-states, the period which saw the development of most of the modern cultural identities, the period which saw the birth of modrn literature, the roots of modern empirical science, the development of the Christian West to become the force of globalisation worth less than 'Media studies'?

Well, Clarke has not failed yet in confirming my already low opinion of him with everything he did later at the home office. But I have loathed him since his ugly gargoyle head grunted these ill-thought ideas all those years ago.

If he DOES become our PM, I am volunteering my services to the Norwich South Lib Dems for the next election. That would be the best place to carry the fight.
With the majority he has, there's a good chance to put him out. It's about 7% or so, I think.
Sitting PM loses seat?
Anyone else care to join me?

British politics will be a much better place when he's gone.


Anonymous said...

I can't see Clarke becoming Labour leader and PM, no way, he's just trying to encourage nerdy David Milliband to come forwards. David Milliband almost certainly will if there's a contest, whereas at the moment it's undecided.

I personally imagine Milliband is holding back from declaring his candidature until the event is declared, or Brown and the press would have more time to attack him. This is the norm for serious leadership contenders in all the parties - even in TV's House of Cards show. The idiots in Labour haven't seemed to discover this yet though.

Anonymous said...

It's simple, he doesn't want anyone to gain independent thought. The school system is there to churn out wave after wave of domesticated workers to join the workforce and not rock the boat.

Why let anyone study real history and realise that the world we live in today is only temporary and turning into a great failed experiment.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your problem, CBI. I thought everyone agreed that education had a definable social or financial purpose: surely Clarke, the big bastard bully, isn't alone in thinking that learning for it's own sake is "a bit dodgy"??

Alright, poor irony mode off. The man is a fucking bastard and the second up against the wall when the drummer's revolution comes, just as soon as I've turned Lord Falconer into so much chip fat.

Anonymous said...

Ah, TD.
So you are putting your faith in the revolution too?
NOW we're talking.