Monday 9 April 2007

A Very Shallow Easter.

Bank Holiday Monday.
What did we all get from the last four days?

For me, a huge sense of guilt at failing to make Mass Easter Sunday due to going to bed at 8 AM.
Watching The Passion of Christ for the fifth time is, unfortunately, the closest I got this weekend to emoting with the greatest thing that ever happened.

I've certainly got to thinking that I need some balance to a certain degree. These last four days have been ridiculously hedonistic. If I were to describe them fully, I would shock some of you, so I won't.
But I have been reflecting and it's time that some of my interests were pruned back to moderation.
Now I'm going to be stuck all year with the guilt of not making Easter Sunday Mass.
It's true that I enjoyed myself very much this weekend, but I'm starting to see the warning signs as regards some of my recreational hobbies. You can love some things more than is good for you.
I also know that the joys I had this weekend do not compare to the sense of well being I usually derive from the Easter period. Shallow, earthly pleasure, compared to the true joy of contemplating Christ's sacrifice.

Also, I have yet to eat an Easter egg. There is one sitting on my desk at work, but otherwise, not had one yet. I might buy a couple tomorrow. They'll be reduced then.


Anonymous said...

Buying your own Easter eggs .. is that allowed?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't worry if were you- its all bollocks anyway..

Anonymous said...

Ah, CbyI, you can combine a bit of hedonism with a bit of spirituality and enjoy everything. Never feel guilty more than the once - just learn from it for the future.

Poor old Mutley here. Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

Say you're sorry and get over it! God isn't into guilt.

Did you find reduced price Easter eggs? I haven't ... yet! I'll keep looking. (And I wonder why I don't lose weight.)

Our Easter morning service included an easter egg hunt (for the grown-ups - the children had already gone outside for theirs).