Wednesday 18 July 2007

Have A Look Around...

There's always a lot to see in the bloggosphere and a lot to get involved in. A couple of things are worth mentioning quickly.
Firstly, Pommygranate is interviewing a number of bloggers at the moment, and Yours Truly was first in the hot seat.
Pommygranate is worth checking out generally. A transplanted Brit, Pommy gives both an Aussie view of Britain, and a British view of Aus, but more importantly, its a blog which creates discussion about liberty and its implications.

Nourishing Smuttiness, described as a 'festival of smut' continues, ably organised by Mutley.

Ian Appleby is being held hostage by the Piltdown Man, Lord Straf-Bilderburg/Coventry, and Gracchi.

And Electro-Kevin is back, by popular demand!

Lastly, I can't complain about bloggers who post Nietzche. And there's often much to discuss here too.
Two Wolves is a new BP member worth reading, although leaving a comment can be tricky!
Life on the Far Side is fast becoming a daily read for me, and I've recently discovered Grendel too.
Edland is fast making a claim to serious political punditry.

So many good blogs out there, it's hard to do them all justice, but it's worth finding the time to do so.


Anonymous said...

The excellent Piltdown piece needs a link. Here it is:

This post needs reading!

Now, as for Mutley's Nourishing Smuttiness - well, really! Phishez, Jenny and the other honeys would be shocked. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Commenty thing should now be working again, if not please let me know so I can pull my hair out in frustration and try again.

Anonymous said...

serious political punditry

Perhaps not, I have put you in my "right-wingers" category. Would you prefer not to be there?

Anonymous said...

There are really so many good blogs out there, including your own...thank you for introducing them to us!

Lord Straf-Bilderberg:
Did you read my entry yet?

Anonymous said...

Lord SB- Glad you liked the adventures of Piltdown Man,what's funny about him is, first time I heard of him, I felt sorry for him at his unmasking!
Sorry for a fossill! And a fake one at that!
Phsishez, maybe. Jenny? Possibly less so.

Wolfie- I did try to leave a comment at the Mona List Post. I wanted your opinioon on the theory that Da Vinci painted TWO painings, The NMona Lisa and La Gioconda, and that La Gioconda hangs in The Louvre, the Mona Lisa in Isleworth.

Ed- It's not a wrong categorisation. I have posted before on the problems of left-right categorisation.
Within the context of Libertarianism, then I would appear to the left, because whilst most Libertarians simply see the battle against State Control as the sole enemy, I see Global corporations as just as big an enemy.The Left-Right spectrim offers us a frying pan- fire dichotomy, whereas I believe there is a third option, which I see as real democracy.
By that I mean the whole people together making decisions together for their mutual benefit. With live and let live the ethos, and everyone free to find their own route to happiness, within the constraints of working as a group to better the future.
You can't talk of freedom or democracy when the vast majority sell their labour to a minority to live. They don'y buy our votesw directly, but they DO tell us how to vote.

But within current constraints, classifying me as right of centre is right in that I oppose big government and I am more likely to take up cross dressing than vote New Labour.
Of course old Deeply blasphemous would count me as extreme right, due to my conservative Catholicism!

Jenny- It's worth noting, though I'm the worst for not following this through;
The blogrolls of blogs we like contain blogs the blog we like, likes.
Or like that blog.
There's therefore a good chance that if a blogroll on a blog we like contains fifty blogs, we'll like at least ten.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I get it now...nevermind the what!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the name check, I’m honoured Sir.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Crushed. I will have a look at the ones that are new to me.

Anonymous said...

Jenny- It does take some thinking about, but I'm glad you got it :)

Grendel- Pommy asked me to post a link to his interview, so I thought I'd throw some other good blogs in.
There always seems to be something somewhere.

Welshcakes- I try to find a few new ones each week. The best ways I find is firstly looking at new visitors (if they visit you, there's a good chance you'll like them too), then I sometimes look at regular vistitors to blogs I like.
It can be fun.
It's something to do if you have a free hour or two at the weekend