Sunday 29 July 2007

Todays Word is..... Schmooze

I'll admit, I wasn't strictly speaking sure what this word meant either, but I had an idea and I think that idea is correct.
So here is a meme for you, but a meme with a little present attached.
This Schmooze Award originates with these two bloggers, and was kindly sent in this direction, by Beatles devotee, Harleyblues

It pupose is to be an 'award to recognize those people that were exceptionally adept at creating relationships with other bloggers by making an effort to be part of a conversation, as opposed to a monologue.'

My interpretation of this meme, is that the five I nominate should exemplify best a positive spirit of blogging.
Not only should they be the sort of bloggers who keep us interested in what they write, but they are bloggers through whom we discover other blogs, good hosts, as well as good guests within the bloggosphere.

Good talkers, but good listeners too.
Interactive bloggers.

So here's my five.

1. Mutley. Mutley's blog is a great place for bloggers to meet. I think a lot of people discover other blogs through Mutley. A certain type of surreal, anarchic humour prevails at Mutley the Dogs Day Out, and Mutley himself is never lax in his social calls.

2. Lord Sraf-Belfast. The ever changing aristocrat of doubtful nationality always seems to have his finger on the pulse in the bloggosphere. I am sure he must have some facility that allows him to beat the laws of time somehow, but there doesn't seem to be a post anywhere that misses him.
He is also a blogger who goes out of his way to promote other blogs and debate rather than state.
Nourishing Obscurity just celebrated its first birthday- and a virgin blogger could do a lot worse than pick up some tips from its author.

3. Colin Campbell is another blogger who seems to have his finger on the pulse, but more importantly is exemplorary at the interpersonal aspects of blogging. Colin is a keen promoter of the little blogger, and again, not much that happens in the bloggosphere escapes him. A master of networking in the most positive of senses, Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe is also a mine of wit and wisdom.

4. Crashdummie puts a lot of effort into her posts and has not to my knowledge ever failed to reply to a comment. She is also a very good visitor- frequently to be found in many diverse comments sections.
More importantly, and it's an interesting point- she blogs in a language which isn't her native language, something I couldn't do. This deserves credit. I know there are other bloggers to whom this applies, but I suspect Crashie will return the favour to the one that most immediately springs to mind.

5. Lastly, but not least, we have the alluring Jenny. With Jenny, what you see is what you get. A genuine person, with a genuine blog. She never takes herself seriously, but is a great host on her own blog and a busy visitor of other peoples.
Without bloggers like Jenny, the Bloggosphere would be a poorer place.

So that's my five.
It was quite hard, because there are people such as Pommygranate, Helen and many others who are just as deserving.
Someone please nominate them!

Rules are simple, if you're one of the five, you are a recipient of the badge below, but obviously, you now to have to find five of your own to nominate.
Remember you should nominate people with a good blogging spirit, not just people who write good blogs.

As for anyone else, if you've not yet introduced yourself to any of the bloggers mentioned above, you are missing out.
Good bloggers to know, all of them.

So I suppose I should say, let's all get schmoozing!

There's a lot of good going round here at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked! I seriously never win shit...and this is pretty cool! Thanks for my 1st award EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Well thank you kindly. Watch for developments.

Anonymous said...

I saw this word a few days ago but I can't remember on which blog. It's rather a nice idea, I think.

Anonymous said...

Jenny!! is one of my fave bloggers- she is funny and sexy - what more could anyone want? Crashie is great I have read her blog for a long time and swapped comments - I learn a lot about Finland from her (Joke). I am surprised to be in your list... no one ever listens to a word I say. Otherwise all girls would ride to work on bicycles in the nude. Every day... Now that would make the world a better place...

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Highly appreciated. I will get to it after I finish todays Carnival of Cities.

Anonymous said...

Don't know me very well do you!

Anonymous said...

Omg, for once, I’m totally speechless…. Maybe I should just reuse the Sally Field speech and go all: ”You like me, you really like me

Thanx for the award mate!

Anonymous said...

Jenny- May it be the first of many. You deserve recognition for the warn personality you show.

Lord SB- It probably doesn't make up for the awards you withdrew from, but I think this badge is supposed to be for bloggers who add to the bloggosphere generally.
I would say you are a well known blogging personality!

Welshcakes- I'll let you into a secret, there IS one floating around with your name on it, and you may not have to go too far to find it...
It's not as obscure a place as it might sound...

Mutley- Yes, but this is to recognise people who are valuable in bringing blogs together.
It's actually about all the other aspects that DON'T relate to posts.

In my opinion, the main way people discover other blogs is through comments sections. I think few of us really look at blogrolls that often. We look at bloggers referred to by bloggers we read, but mainly, if we keep seeing certain bloggers in comment sections, we go visit.

Bloggers who comment frequently, and by responding to comments at their own sites, by doing so, introduce people to other blogs they'd like.

Colin- :) QED.

Jeremy- A hell of a lot of people fit the criteria, and yes, you almost certainly should have one yourself.
Now, we have a conundrum here. Because Lord SB, returned the favour back again. Does this mean I can nominate five more?
Or is this cheating?

Crashie- A pleasure! You have a very good blogging spirit and a warm personality which shines through.

Anonymous said...

Mutley you just want to get in my least Crushed gave me an award first! He he! I love you both! And Crashdummie takes wicked pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to try out my new name on you, Crushed.

And Jenny - I'm glad you've never won sh-t. It would be very messy. Better to win an award like this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, whatever your name is...this award is much safer to roll around in!

Anonymous said...

I don't do schmoozing.

Anonymous said...

Jenny- Spreading a bit of love, that's what it's all about!

Daimyo- Nigerian? Ghanaian? Kazakh?

Jenny- Ah but you have two now, don't you!

Ed- Ah, come on, everyone likes a Schmoozie.
I hear Verity does.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Crushed!
its me Harleyblues yeah like he said I didnt get that "schmooze" name either but you have seemed to have nailed it C. happygradulations wha? this is NO CON. heheheh so a harleyism of sorts for you "Happygradulations"
smiles around for everyone
I'm talights harleyblues christina

Anonymous said...

Cheers to schmoozers. It is them who make it actually feel like you are writing to an audience, rather than vast emptiness!