Tuesday 17 July 2007

Roll up, Roll up, It Could be You!

Most of you are probably aware by now, there's no escaping memes. If you see one circling, evasion is futile.
This one consists of five facts on five questions.
So, deep dark revelations!
The direct origin in this instance is Harleyblues

The Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, and then add yourself to the bottom. (Them that asks no questions, don't get told no lies)
What Floats My Boat, Homespun Honolulu, Who’s Yo Mama and Life in the Fast Lane, Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band purplemelon, Crushed By Ingsoc

What were you doing 10 years ago (5 Things)
1. Just finished First Year University exams.
2. Working at a hotel, paying off credit card debts
3. Political Activism.
4. Partying
5. Angst.

What were you doing 1 year ago (5 Things):
1. I think the World Cup was still on.
2. Working for a couple of con artists.
3. Regular weekends trips away to see friends.
4. A few women issues on the home front.
5. Attempting to plan where I was going.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:
1. Spicy Chicken Slices.
2. KP Skips.
3. Dairylea Dunkers.
4. Spicy Monster Munch.
5. Mini Pork Pies

Five Songs That You Know The Lyrics To:

1. Enjoy The Silence- Depeche Mode
2. Never Let Me Down- Depeche Mode.
3. Shake The Disease- Depeche Mode
4. New Dress- Depeche Mode.
5. Halo- Depeche Mode.

Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire
1. Buy a big office block in Birmingham and live off the rent.
2. Travel.
3. Set up a Ten Grand per annum payment to SPUC and Dogs Trust respectively.
4. Get plastic surgery.
5. Give my mates some. (What's the point of me not having to work, if everyone I'd want to spend my free time with, is working?)

Five Bad Habits:
1. I smoke.
2. I put things off.
3. I avoid making decisions.
4. I go on music buying sprees.
5. I never miss CSI

Five Things You Like To Do:
1. Read non-fiction.
2. Spend time with mates.
3. Go to Live Football Matches.
4. Listen to Music.
5. Have intelligent conversation.

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:
1. A nappy.
2. A polo neck.
3. A tank top.
4. briefs.
5. A baseball cap.

Five Favorite Toys: Not sure I can really remember.
1. Lego (?)
2. Super Soakers.
3. Water Bombs.
4. My toy cars.
5. Transformers.

Five things you hate to do:
1. Paperwork.
2. Food shopping.
3. Give someone bad news.
4. Mornings.
5. Wait for trains.

OK, that's me done. Favour passed on to Mutley, the master of memes, Jenny, because she doesn't get enough of memes, she says, Electro-Kevin, just to celebrate his return, and...
Let me think...
Phishez Rule and Crashdummie.

Have fun!

By the way, if you haven't taken a look already, Mutley is running a festival of Smut at Nourishing Smuttiness. It's worth taking part if you haven't already!


Anonymous said...

I have already done this meme...damnit...why can't you give me a knew one??? Here is my post of: http://geewhizjenny.blogspot.com/2007/06/tagim-itand-lame.html

Would you enjoy mornings better if I was there with a cigarette and some meat pies???

Anonymous said...

here you are mate

Can you post it as a link.


Anonymous said...

LOL Hey Crushed
um please explain what all yuor favorite foodies our? and I see you really LOVE Depeche Mode lmao
btw well done!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you told us everything???

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! You tagged me for a meme! I never saw that coming.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this. Another glimpse of 'you'. Wish there was more! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jenny- You could do it again?
OK, maybe not.

I probably would enjoy them better, I do have a cigarette fitst thing I do pretty much, though a cup of tea is more useful at seven o'clock than a meat pie.

Pommy- Done. I'm also making you this week's featured blogger, on the featured blog at he end of the page.

Harleyblues- Spicy Chicken slices are pastry slices containing spicy chicken. They often form my lunch.
KP Skips and Monster Munch are both corn snacks. Dairylea Dunkers are snacks with a cheese dip.
Mini Pork Pies are- Well, small pork pies.
Yes, I love Depeche Mode.
They occupy a whole shelf of my CDCase.

Alexys- You want more dirt? I'm not that interesting, really.

Phish- You didn't? That's good, I like surprising people.
Anyway, I knew you'd appreciate it!

Eve- That's your lot, I'm afraid Eve!
I don't want you to have too clear a picture of me! It's fun to keep you guessing!

Anonymous said...

*smile* Okay, I'm guessing a thin young be-spectacled guy.... but then you say your drink... a beer belly maybe? ;-) No, since you smoke, it keeps your weight down... So did I get the physical attributes right? ;-)

Anonymous said...

No dirt. Just the clean stuff. ;D

Anonymous said...

Eve- The internet can be misleading can't it?
I'm quite slim- 11 stone for 5ft7- but no, I'm not bespectacled.

Alexys- There has to be some mystery in life- but I can tell you, I hope I'm through the worst bits...

Anonymous said...

LOL! *grin* In my country, all nerds are... heheh. You're a thinker, so you'd qualify. Everyone else just sort of drifts around....;-)

Anonymous said...

Like your answers, Crushed. I don't want to rain on the parade but you might need a nappy or something similar when you are very old! We all put things off, btw.

Anonymous said...

Eve- I'm sure there are many people who'd be surprised to hear me described as a thinker :)
If you saw me and didn't know it was me, you'd probably be surprised that I read at all.

Welshcakes- Bronchitis will have come to fetch me first.
Or something will.
I'm the supreme example of never doing today what can be done tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Thanks. All I need now is something else to recap my depressing life. The Curse of the Broken Gina has struck again.

Anonymous said...

Then I'd be pleasantly surprised, CBI! If you don't look nerdy, what DO you look like? ;- ) Sporty? :-)

Anonymous said...

Phish- I really don't believe in that curse. I suspect it's a very nice one.
Take good care of it.

Eve- No, I'm quite- dainty, I suppose is a good word. I'll give you an idea, I was oftened compared to Dorian Grey as a student.

Anonymous said...

Dainty is the word indeed! A dainty morsel...mmmm....;-) Dorian Grey? That's one of my favourite books! You must look like an angel, then....a golden-haired boy...?:-)