Friday 14 September 2007

Be Wise, Like Unto The Monkey

Another tag, this time from Phish.

But those of you who fear the finger of fate, be glad.
The monkey came.

What's with the monkey, you ask.

Focus on the monkey.

Alexys was surprised recently that I gave a slightly tongue in cheek response to a comment from her.
I think she would be shocked by the reality that RL me, is a very UNserious, frivolous seeming person, someone who never seems to really take life seriously.
Hey, it's a game.

I play to win.
But I DO try follow the rules.
If you took it TOO seriously, you wouldn't bother setting rules for yourself.
That's how games work.

Focus on the monkey.

My work colleagues think I can be very surreal. They think I have a monkey obsession.
But no, it is the philosophy.

It is about getting in touch with your inner monkey.

We are primates.
We evolved from creatures like monkeys.

The monkey is closer to us, than the dog.
Closer as in, to YOU, a closer genetic COUSIN.

The monkey has our emotions more so than any other type of creature.
An animal like us.
But but without our reason.

Without the love we bear eachother as a collective, communicative species that the monkey is not- not to our degree.

But without that hate too.

Monkey just reacts. He loves those who make him feel good TODAY. Monkey rewards today's kindness.
Monkey shows love to his fellow monkey. He doesn't need to analyse it, he feels it, or he doesn't. It relies entirely on whether you make him feel good.

Monkey forgives, but never forgets.

He doesn't carry the dark side of our humanity, the desire to own things- and people.
Or the bizarre concept that you can rectify the past by your actions now.

That's blame.
No use crying over spilt milk.
It is nice if the person who spilt it,cleaned it up.
But if they don't, it still has to be cleaned up.

Blame is useful, in that it enables people to find out why something happened, and how it can be stopped happening again.

But ultimately, the responsibility for unpleasantness continuing is not the person who started it, but the person who won't end it.

The past is history.
It is irrevocable.
The future is there for the taking.

Monkey knows this.
So be wise, like unto the monkey.

Hear no evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil.

That's the real Monkey Magic.

So I'm tagging these people:

I tag anyone who feels that blame and revenge make them feel better.

The award? If you are in touch with your inner monkey, it's yours...


Anonymous said...

i get to go to iraq and kill people next year. revenge like that makes me feel better. and it is all nice and legal.

Anonymous said...

> Monkey just reacts. He loves those who make him feel good TODAY. Monkey rewards today's kindness.
Monkey shows love to his fellow monkey. He doesn't need to analyse it, he feels it, or he doesn't. It relies entirely on whether you make him feel good.
That doesn't seem very mature of monkey (which is why bf calls me immature). with monkey, one wrong deed can wipe out a history of being kind to him, in that case...'today' is too brief... so monkey is not farsighted... ;-)

> Monkey forgives, but never forgets.
I believe that to really forgive, you have to forget. Isn't it said that love 'keeps no record of wrongs'? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Two more monkey facts:

A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana.

The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of his behind. ;D

Anonymous said...

Revenge is a waste of energy and our inner monkey is wise.

As I have been saying all along - "The monkey made me do it.."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- And who are you avenging yourself on? The guilty parties?
Even if you were, does it make the world a happier one?

Eve- Monkey is mature- he reacts to the most recent reality, the closest point to the state of things as they are, he doesn't live in the past.
Carry on being good to Monkey, Monkey is good back.

Be like unto the Bonobo, and spread the love.
Eve, you have the inner monkey. Pick up an award.

Alexys- But Monkey is wise enough to know that there is nothing funny about his behind- he's pointing at it you, because he doesn't fear you.
Monkey reaches for the sky.

Alexys, you have inner monkey. Hve an award.

Josh- Inner Monkey is truly wise, inner monkey wants to love and be loved.
Inner monk says 'spread the love'.

Follow the inner monkey...
It seems, Josh, you found Inner Monkey too.

How long ago?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CBI! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hear no evil.
See no evil.
Speak no evil.

- If only we could.

Anonymous said...

A monkey got to go into space in a rocket, I only get to go in mu dreams.

Anonymous said...

Go, Monkey! Simian power forever.

Anonymous said...

Touch my monkey . . .

Love my monkey . . .

Hmmm, my monkey like . . .

Clear mind, clear monkey, don't know, life is good . . .

Paz y sonrisas . . .

Anonymous said...

Why has't anyone mentioned the obvious reference to "spanking the monkey?"

Anonymous said...

Eve- If we were Bonobos...

Welshcakes- Its tricky, but we can at least try.
Or try here, anyway, even if we fail elsewhere.

Goldenib- Did they ever bring it back doen though?
I was quite upset when I heard the Russians never brought the dog back.

Sir James- The monkey is the good you. The bad you is the reptile further in.
Don't worry if you are confused, it will be followed up.

Oceanshaman- This is what the inner monkey tells you. I think Love first evolved with the monkey.

Release the inner monkey.

Lucy- I suspected someone would.
As it happens, it was you!

Lucy, do you feel the inner monkey?

Anonymous said...

I am truly honored that I now have a monkey on my back.

Thanks. ;D

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, you're kidding. I had no idea they left them up there. That's terrible.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we aren't as hairy as our monkey cousins!

Anonymous said...

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil.

But blog whatever you want!

Anonymous said...

Alexys- He's not on your back, you are on his.
We further standing on the shoulders of giants- but the giant is a monkey.

Goldennib- I never thought about till I heard that Gagarin was the the first successful landing.
As in no rocket before got brought back.
Gargarin wasn't in fact the first man in space- he was the first they got back, so the first that was publicised.

Jenny- Well some are closer than others, my monkiness shows up in that department.

Phish- Blog whatever your Inner Monkey tells you too- he's probably right. Monkey is wise, Monkey is loving.
I think your inner monkey is strong.
Thanks for the tag, btw.