Saturday 8 September 2007

Sixth and Seventh Sense- Our Evolving Psyche?

I'm resuming normal service here with a foray into the murky realms of what is classed as the paranormal.
I really don't like the term, any more than I like the term supernatural.
I think the universe works by cast iron laws- everything that happens is the result of normal, natural phenomena, or it doesn't happen at all.

That's my position, because I think ultimately everything is logical, and every thing is reducible.

So I'm going to attempt to explain how I think the possible workings of so called Psychic powers are driven.

Because, whilst there is a whole pseudoscience built on the premise of a sixth sense, there is also a genuine logic behind the concept.

Or, looking at it deeper, two separate senses- a sixth AND a seventh sense.

The first of these, the sixth sense if you like, is actually just a product of our own minds.
We forget how good a processor of information our brain is. We forget it works essentially by following patterns.

For example, your brain knows that when your alarm goes off, pevious experience of alarms going off, tells it that it is time to get out of bed.
Your brain knows that when it hears your name, then communication is being aimed at you.
Nothing hard about these, not difficult things to learn, even an animal can.
But our brains process a lot more information than any animal.

For example, if we saw a figure wondering towards in a sheet, our knowledge of the human form would easily tell us a person, not a camel, was underneath the sheet. The outline would tell us so.
So it is with more than we realise. Our brains pick up and process far more information than we realise.
After decades of experience in life, we tell so much more about people, the second the interaction starts, than we know we realise. This is intuition. On the basis of what we know about previous occasions we have processed similar information, X has been so of a person.

It's not hard for a Catholic, for example, to pick up that someone they have just met is probably a fellow Catholic, because their thought processes follow the same lines as everyone else you know who grew up being told the Virgin Mary was the embodiment of womanhood, that people should be forgiven, that sins needed to be confessed and that sex is a bit dirty.

It's just.... there.

They may not hold those views, but their thought processes were heavily shaped by those concepts.
It's why we know when the information we receive may be the truth, but not the whole truth. We can see where there appear to be gaps. The conversation just doesn't quite run in a stream, because bits are being jumped over.

Our brain is showing us the LIKELY reasons for the things we haven't been told or haven't been shown.

It fills in the blanks for us.
Which is why so often, we know all along.
Often of course, we didn't- our brain has taken two plus two and reached five. The missing bits turned out to be completely different to what our thought processes deduced.

Of course, we tend to forget these bits, and just remember all the occasions when we ascribe our correct judgement to something mystical, rather than being amazed and impressed by just how amazing that grey matter between yours ears really is.

For example, I wouldn't mind betting that fifty percent of the assumptions I make of bloggers on my blogroll are right. The other fifty couldn't be more wrong.

So sixth sense- the projection by your brain of the likely nature of the information it needs to form a judgement, or make a decision, but doesn't happen to possess.

Now we move to the more interesting one- the hypothetical seventh sense.
And yes, I think this might well be real as well.

I have stated before that in my opinion, the universe is conscious and intelligent by any meaningful use of those terms.
I think that the universe consistently transmits information.

Furthermore, I think we should expect that humanity is continuously evolving. I think it's logical to assume that whilst we are morphologically identical in most respect to Cro-Magnon man, there ARE actual organic differences in our brains, in our sensual capacities.

Firstly, because logically, human society MUST have speeded up certain evolutionary dynamics.
The fact is, ability to communicate, to receive and transmit information, is the most valuable of all human skills, and human society will consistently have rewarded the fittest in these respects.

I contend that in terms of what is classed as IQ, there probably was a qualitative difference between Cro-Magnon man and the Man on the Street today.
Over the last ten thousand years, those who were able to master literacy and vocabulary earliest, those who were able to process the more complex forms of sound communication (language) and symbolic representation (literacy), did best out of human society, and contributed far more to the wider gene pool than those who didn't.

We are able to conceptualise in a way Cro-Magnon couldn't because we all carry the genes of those who then were prodigies.
It will always be thus- better communicators, those who master the art of human interaction best, will breed most.
That's sexual selection, which is what drives evolution.

The charming rake passes his genes on, because he is good at understanding human interaction and good at showing the ladies he knows how to communicate with them.
And the ladies aren't being foolish in falling for his charms- they really are selecting a good choose of mate- one who passes on good interaction genes, genes that twig how we work.

So it stands to reason, if there was any tiny way that any one's brain had an extra-sensory capacity for picking up vibrations transmitted by the universe itself, that allowed a person to receive thoughts direct from others- thoughts transmitted by Electro-Magnetic impluse across the airwaves direct to theirs, evolution would favour the survival of such a trait.

It's not impossible to see how such a transmitter/receiver could exist in the complex nervous systems of our brain.
It's not hard to see why this would be so benefical, that had it emerged just once in human history, it would have spread through the gene pool like a forest fire.
The dynamics in favour of such a possibility are strong.

So strong in fact, that we might almost expect it to evolve. If it hasn't evolved yet, then seeing that it almost certainly COULD, and that it would be so favoured, that at some point it MUST evolve.

The only question is, has it already?

My opinion?
I think so.
I think sometimes, I do receive thoughts direct from people.
I think sometimes I transmit them as well.

And I think all of you do too.
Isn't that amazing?


Anonymous said...

You're in stimulating form, Mr Crushed.
In relation to your post, I started to think about telepathy. Telepathy, of course, goes against the understanding that the mind is totally the product of the neural processes within the brain. And yet there is some sort of telepathic experience in our lives. And we all have it. You're thinking of someone and suddenly they phone you. Coincidence, perhaps. Perhaps undiscovered energy fields, as Rupert Sheldrake, the Cambridge bio-chemist would say. I don't have a good explanation for any of that. But to think that there's some message going across is just most unlikely....

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is uncanny how sometimes you can think about something and then it happens. Like thinking about people you have not seen for a while, then they suddenly ring out of the blue.

Anonymous said...

hey, a post of yours which is as well writen and normal .A nd that I completely agree with.

Her was me thinking only last week that sooner of later CBI would write something I agreed with....

Anonymous said...

It would indeed be amazing if we could transmit our thoughts. Has it happened yet? I don't think so. Could it? Another story. It would indeed be useful on occasion but would we really care for this invasion?

However I do like your explanation for the "sixth" sense. Having a scientific background, I can accept this. The human brain is an amazing organ with capabilities which we do not fully use.

Interesting post as usual,Crushed.

Anonymous said...

I tend to forget that our brain "fills in the blanks for us." I forgot how powerful an organ it is.

I believe, like you state, that everyone is psychic and picking up these signals you mention. But most of us block it out.

I think the "collective consciousness" is there to be tapped. It'll happen--it's just a matter of time. Someone who is willing to defy conventional society and truly "break the code," will take us out of this primitive time we're living in and carry us all up to the next level.

I'm going to write about how the 7th sense and comedy/humor interrelate. But in the meantime, I think you should check out the author who brings this theory to the forefront. Her name is Jenna Catherine. She's a good person to reference for what will happen in the future. Granted, it's a theory. But it's nice to dream isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
I think the universe works by cast iron law for the most part, but there are also things that can't be explained, things that the human mind can't comprehend even if they were explained. I don't like the terms, 'paranormal', 'supernatural' or even 'new age', they are all limiting and are just titles for what doesn't fit into a fundamental category.

I don't believe that everything is logical as linear thinking would have you think. We can all delve into the universe and come up with a different explanation. The universe is too vast to have hard and fast rules because it is evolving. Just last year Pluto fell from the sky and no one could have predicted it.

I do agree that our brains pick up more information that we realize and stores it into our sense memory, but I don't believe that's where our sixth sense comes from. I think it comes more from intuition and senses rather than our brains recollecting experiences.

As far as sixth and seventh senses, we have many more unnamed and unnumbered senses. If we are infinite beings aren't our senses infinite too? Words are just manifestations of thoughts trying to sketch a purpose. Senses are purposes that don't have to explain what they are, they just are. They are beyond the scope of the brain.

I think the universe has a Soul; a Soul that communicates to our human Soul. It guides us through the murkiness and it does constantly transmit messages, even in our dreams.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is amazing. If everything is logical, though, how come there is faith? For faith, in our sad condition , is the most illogical thing of all. [I'm not belittling it or saying I wouldn't like to have it, though!] I agree that our experience is largely the basis for intuition. But anyone who has lived alone with a dog and observed their pet closely knows that there is a sense that humans have largely forgotten how to use: my dog knows if I am ill, upset or sad before I do! I don't understand all that about the seventh sense - sorry, Crushed - it's not that you haven't explained it well ; it's that I can't get my non-scientific head round it! This is one of your truly great posts, Crushed.

Anonymous said...

Stan- It actually accords with the deeper way in which thoughts work, as neural impulses are transmitted by Electro-Magnetism.

In theory, they could broadcast, and I suspect they are- but obviously there are limits to this.

Ellee- Blogging has its own version, the amount of times you comment at someone's blog whilst they are commenting at yours.
Could this be somehow transmitted?
Coincidence is a funny thing, it happens too often to be coincidental.

CityUn- So what you are saying is the rest are badly written and abnormal ;)

I'll probably be hanging round the whole universe energy subject for the next week or so, so you might find others to your taste.

jmb- It stands to reaso evolution would favour a sense which binds us, a communal species closer together, and also allowed us to receive information transmitted in the airwaves at large.

The human brain is, as you say, amazing. Sometimes I do follow my own deductions, and the complexity by which logic works is astonishing sometimes.
I'm amazed when I analyse how my own brain chooses which people at social functions get most time- the choices are uncannily correct.

Lucy- That will be an interesting post, I'm glad you like the idea of the seventh sense.
I think it is real, but as yet, only incipient. In centuries to come, it will be humanity's greatest asset.

Alexys- but intuition, surely, is our brain filling in the blanks, as in 'this guy has an unhappy home life, because I can see the appropriate data', or 'This person was bullied at school'.

It's life knowledge that tells us this.

I think we continue to process as we dream- I'm often amazed to see how we wake up knowing the answers to questions that puzzled us when our heads hit the pillow.

Welshcakes- I'm working on my assumption that the universe is conscious, that it consistently transmits.
Thus, when we think of something, we broadcast that thought, as does a radio transmitter.
Others can pick that thought up.

I think this does actually happen.
Not very much, it's like the early light receptors that later evolved into eyes- a sense that has just started to evolve.

Yes, dogs have a strange sense of knowing when theor owner is on their way home, or of knowing when their owner is going out soon.
This makes it all the more likely that we have some sense of this nature, but don't realise it.

Anonymous said...

If you believe in telepathy then it is axiomatic that you must believe that the pysiological 'device' within the brain is in an already advanced state of evolution.

In fact it would make more sense to assume that the 'device' is in a state of evolutionary regression.

Why ?

Because mammals so often seem to display a sixth sense whereas ours is rare.

There must me some point way back in our past where we disgarded this ability rather like moles have disgarded their sight.

What has changed in our habitat to make us throw off such a useful ability ? To answer this we need to find something of similar upheavel to the mole's decision to burrow away from light. I would say this happened before the primate stage.

That telepathy happens is undoubted in my mind. Our dog would know 1/2 hour before my Dad (a shift-worker) got home the he was on his way - he would get restless and only be satisfied when Dad set foot through the door ... to a doggy welcome only a doggy could provide.

Also I had an encounter with a street fortune teller which was spooky way beyond mere coincidence. She didn't want payment.

There's something in it, I'm convinced.

Rather than tapping into a universal intelligence I feel that it has more to do with the fact that distance (like time) is an illusion - and that our electro-magnetic waves and pulses are all overlapping each other.

Anonymous said...

Intuition is more than our brain filling in the blanks. It's our spiritual wherewithal to let ourselves be guided by the invisible, almost like faith.

I think you're speaking of past life memories, not intuition. We do continue to process and go through the same emotions as we do in our waking lives as we dream. The brain never sleeps when we do. I think dreaming fills in the blanks more so than anything.

Dreaming is an amazing spiritual classroom where intuition is cultivated.

Anonymous said...

I liked the discussion of the real life components of intuition and our brain's uncanny way of remembering coincedences and forgetting the significance of non-coincedences.

Anonymous said...

E-K- We can reactivate dormant organs, our ancestors did.

Most mammalians orders are colourblind- Primates aren't.
Nor are reptiles. We Primates reactivated sensory organs that had become dormant in their immediate forbears.
I think, we can pick up transmission that relates to us, much as we hear our name across a crowded room.

Do youknow why you feel so much more comfortable at some parties than others? It is your brain picking up the repeating of your name in other people's conversations.

Alexys- Dreams do fill in the blanks for me sometimes, I am often surprised by how often your ming carries on analysing a problem, when you think you have moved away from it.

We don't realise how other life experiences are continually impacting on running thought processes and guiding them.

Princess P- We are all thinking about a lot more than we realise at any one time- if the phone was to ring now, most of the calls it could possibly be, would not involve me having to search into my mind too far what the caller was calling for- because in most cases, they are related to ongoing thought processes.