Friday 28 September 2007

Net Fascism- Join Me in Fighting It?

If you are like me, you know why you blog.
To share your thoughts.

And if you are me, you feel the bloggosphere has become a morgue.

Where has the dynamism gone?
Where is the debate?

Where is the TRUST?

Where the bloggosphere has not slowed down, it has become nasty.

Here is one nasty example of NETPOL disguised as a blog, here an example of a blogger hurt by fear of the net.

Standing back, it is all bizarre.

But it is all happening in too narrow a time frame, with too much co-ordination, at too significant a time, for it to be chance.

Well, I'll state it point blank.


Tim Ireland
is gone. James Higham is next.

And no stunt is too low.

It all comes from the same source.
Do you think they haven't been reading us for ages?

They want us to shut up.
They hate this public discussion of our lives, because it interferes with what THE SUN SAYS.

They know who I am, they know who you are, they know where we live.

Well, I don't care.
They'll have to break my door down first.

And I'll say that until my door is broken down.

So let's all get blogging again.
Because it is the only way we will beat these bastards.

Tomorrow, I am visiting every blog on my blogroll, every blogger who has ever commented on this site, and I am going to find at least twenty new blogs.

Let's fight.
Let's fight because we're human.

I hope the rest of you feel the same.
Please people.

Let's breathe life into the bloggosphere.


Anonymous said...

Well having read that link to the highjacked blogger I am rather taken aback by the ease of it all.
You certainly are putting the cat among the pigeons today, Crushed, but I'll follow your example of visiting the my blogroll and exploring some new blogs.

Anonymous said...

finding new friends is always a good thing crush - and you will find the interesting souls out there. or, I will for you and then blog about it and do a matchmaking post :)

hey - check out john p wilkes on my blog link, he seems like a cool kinda guy as well.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Its possible that we are all being read by someone for their own purposes... but I think I visit quite enough blogs as it is.. you should organise a blog party Mr Ingsoc. I would come!

Anonymous said...

Jeez Crushed. you can have some of my blog friends. I have heaps already.

You can't make the sphere happy again until all of the psychos fuck off.

The smut is... is... is... uuuh coming!!!

Anonymous said...

right on

Anonymous said...

jmb- To be honest, I woke up this morning with a distinct suspicion, I had posted whilst drunk.
It turned out I was right, by the point still stands.

There is a fair bit of unpleasantness going on in this medium right now, but the rest of us can stand up to it.

I have already visited every BP blog today and commented on most of them.

I'm going to try do the rest before Birmingham play Man U (5:15 Kick off- shown at my local pub)

Betty- My plan is utilise this weekend- one of the first in a while I have to myself- to go exploring.
I have got into the bad habit of only bothering to read blogs I know.

Mutley- Well, you are much better than I have been of late at blog visiting.
But I think we need to do what we can.
You mentioned party. Well, there used to be a party feel round here, and it seems to be dieing.

Phish- It's not me I'm thinking of. People know I'm here.
I just want to get other people involved- I want EVERY voice to count.

Guthrum- And yours is a blog I apologise for not visiting more often.

Anonymous said...

Every voice does count. Even if you don't hear them saying anything.

Anonymous said...

I get around. And I try to get to as many Blog powering folk as I can....and many others beside.
But as for "TOTALITARIAN, EXPLOITATIVE, FASCIST POLICE STATE"...hmmmm. Overstating things there, Mr Crushed. The conventional media might want to shut down the blogosphere (and believe me, they would if they could), very few states give a rat's ass what is said or proclaimed in the blog universe. While Gordon Brown might be a colourless, secretive control freak of dubious sexual orientation, he's not exactly Kim Il-sung. Your door is in little danger of being broken down.

Anonymous said...

Yeah baby yeah! I with you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Em's Fighting words Mr Crushed. I think that it reflects some maturing in the medium and the setting a natural order. There are still many fine blogs and I assume nice people. I suspect that there is not too much you can do about surveillance and the like. I would just get on with what you like doing and writing about in the blog world.

Good to keep the issue in the public arena however.

Anonymous said...

Phish- Which is we should make more of an effort to listen.
I managed to do my entire blogroll yesterday before the football, and once I get back from the supermarket today, am going exploring across the bloggosphere.

Stan- Ok, slightly overstated, I concede.
But there is some nasty undertones at the moment, and they do seem to be part of some attempt to sabotage the principle of blogging.

As for the surveillance thing, they may not read the bloggosphere diligently, but simple logic says, they are aware of it.
I'm sure there is someone in Downing Street who's job it is to check blogs.
And they will flag some of those they come across.

I doubt they bother overmuch with you or me, but there are a couple of BP members, I'm sure they check regularly.

Alexys- :) I love a woman of passion.

Colin- Yes, I like to think this is just a transitional phase.

I think what really concerns me is how slow things have got. I go visit blogs these days and find posts on good blogs which have stayed put for days, with no fresh comments, and I think- Jesus, people, come read this stuff, where are you ?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Stan [to an extent] and CC. Brave post, Crushed.