Wednesday 12 September 2007

The Beautiful Game- One of Life's Pleasures

One thing I don't much post on, is football.
This would surprise the outside world, if it knew I blogged.

I don't blog on it, because I get to talk about to my heart's content in real life.
When I'm in the pub, I talk about football a LOT.
And I watch a lot of it.
I'm seen as being in the football obsessive group of males, and I admit, I am.

Football for me, is deeply satisfying.

For one thing, as a man, it helps me get in touch with my masculine side.
The game appeals, because it is the sport that most satisfies our warrior instincts.
The game is simple.
No silly rules, no touchdowns, conversations, strange point systems, sets, etc.

Just goals.
Ball in the back of the net= One Goal.

That's it.

Everyone knows the rules as well as the ref.
If you are actually there, watching it live, you know when he was wrong.
It's just it was his call, not yours.

Doesn't stop you joining in the ancient hymn;
'Who's the W**ker, Who's the w**ker, Who's the W**ker in the black?
Who's the W**KER IN THE BLACK?'

That's football. Wearing a shirt. Getting tribal. Being part of the crowd. Releasing you anger, your hatred, your bile, releasing your pent up male aggression on twenty two men and a ball.

The other reason I love it, is it appeals to my analytical side.
In a sense, it's a warlike game.
That's why I love to really get into team psychology. Football is about interpersonal dynamics.
For someone of my way of thinking, football is a great study of human passion, tactics, interaction, etc.

I love watching the game, making observations, making predictions and seeing how my estimates pan out.
Which is why I watch so much.
I take the entire World Cup as holiday and watch every match.
I want to experience the WHOLE World Cup.

Over the years, this long study has paid huge dividends. I know a lot about the game, the dynamics behind it, and enough to be a fairly accurate amateur pundit.

But here's a point.
I feel much the same about General Elections. I get very in to those as well.

Except I love my football team whereas I find the party I vote for morally and spiritually bankrupt.

I'm proud to wear a Birmingham City shirt.


Anonymous said...

England had a good game tonight . I begin to think there just isn`t a oplace for Rooney or Lampard. Not a starting place anyway.

Rugby is a better game of course but football`s nice for ther girls

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've been away, and this is all I get for "welcome back"???? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Please take Beckham back. He's worn out his welcome here. The natives are wrestless. Please take him back. Bring back George Best. Please. :D

Anonymous said...

It's a game I have come to appreciate greatly over the years. Brought up in a rugby nation and moving via a soccer nation to a gridiron (old fashioned word that) nation, I have finally settled down to being a soccer fan. Too bad they don't play it seriously here, although every boy in Vancouver played soccer for years and now so do the girls.
But thank goodness for TV so we do get the British league and the World cup.

Anonymous said...

Crushed! I love football. My British huzzie will tell anyone who listens that my keen interest in all things Arsenal that first caught his eye!

Anonymous said...

Newmania- Just when you had given up all hope, they start to look like they can play football.
Owen is unique, he's just a goal machne, thing is otherwise he doesn't do very much.

Rooney is overrated in my opinion- he is too much of a risk.
Goals, yes.
Red cards, yes.

Heart- Welcome back, you were sorely missed!
Surely you can allow the odd post on footie?

Alexys- I hate to say it, but I don't think it was thegreatest career move he ever made. Football is one area where the US isn't- er-a world leader.
It's the football equivalent of retiring to Vegas.

jmb- It's the simplicity of it- it's quick, the whole game can change in seconds, yet you are continuously involved, because everyone can follow it.
It truly is the paradigm of sports, all others are pale imitations.

The Premier League will always be the best to watch, I think, though the Italian league is good to watch.
South american football is quite fun to watch as well.

Kitty- Arsenal are looking slightly less French these days, which raises them a bit in my esteem.
I never much liked Arsene Wenger, thoroughly arrogant man- but they have had some great players over time.
Parlour was a great, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I knew Owen would come through last night. He's reliant on his own momentum which seems to be building up again nicely.

I don't know what's suddenly changed in the England camp but it's good and I hope it continues.

I still think McLaren should go though.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought football to be the best all around sport and there's so little waiting around for something to happen. And the uniforms allow you to see some great bodies; D

Anonymous said...

I think what changed in the England camp was pressure and keeness. In qualifying recently we have had an easy time of it and have not taken the process seriously.

The debacle at in Croatia and draw in put real pressure on our players to perform. In addition the new players in the team know if they don't play like their lives depend on it then they are out of team.

Seems to have worked well and little to do with Mclaren's genius as a coach.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. That was a good one. "The equivalent of retiring to Vegas." I knew you had a humorous side to all of that intellect.

Okay if you won't take David Bechkham back, please take his wife. She looks like she's lost in space and should be marked, "RETURN TO SENDER."

Anonymous said...

Rugby Union - swing low, sweet chariot.

Anonymous said...

Ed- It should have been Sam Allardyce.
If we qualify, I can't see us making it past the group stages.
This should be an EASY group.

Could you see us even beating Holland now?
Far cry from 2002...

Goldenib- This is why you get so worked up when you're actually there.
It is pure adrenalin.
Each game is like a little battle, and sometimes, sometimes nothing else in the world matters, excepts goals.

CityUn- Maclaren? Genius?
The man as much use as chocolate fireguard, when it comes to getting some of the world's best players to gel.
We're not out of the woods yet, by a long shot.

Alexys- :) I'm actually a notoriously non-serious person in RL- I get too tempted by chances to use a witty one liner in conversation.
Ah, Victoria Beckham.
I'd rather you kept her. We have enough 'celebs'.

Sir James- Rugby for me brings back memories of icy pitches and a sadistic Welsh games teacher @Now bous, obviously, if this was a REAL fixture, it would be cancelled, so just be careful with your dive tackling.'

The guy was evil.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much summed up my feelings for the game. No other sport can match the excitement at World/Euro Cups and of course during the English league seasons.

Wolves fan here by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't tell me there's ANOTHER world cup!!